Ad collaborative post // As the vaccines roll out and the stores, restaurants and bars reopen we cannot wait to get back to our lifestyles as we feel comfortable with them.

Whilst people are changing their lifestyle over the last year, some see their homes as something that also needs change, especially when it comes to design. One of the key areas is in the flooring, with people craving something more stylish and yet more time-saving.

You’ve hoovered or swept that floor every single day for a year and it has seen more footsteps than any time previously. You both need the change – and that may just be Karndean click vinyl flooring.

Kick Out the Myth

We know what you are rolling your eyes at; you are remembering your grandmother’s kitchen floor and its truly horrifying design that looked cheap. Vinyl flooring is indeed a very cheap alternative to carpet, laminate, wood or stone options but that does not mean the product is cheap in manufacture or style. In fact, over the past two decades, it has become the number choice for homes looking to perfectly replicate hardwood or stone flooring at a chip of the price.

For one, luxury vinyl flooring does not require a professional body to install, whether it’s planks or tile. Simple use of adhesives for tiles or clicking together planks within minutes saves you time and money on professional fitters first and foremost. You can do it within a day quite simply.

Reduce That Cleaning Time

When it comes down to cleaning your floor, we wish that any household mop, sponge and sweep would be enough to keep everything as it should. We have to usually deal with food spillages, water seeping through the boards and deep scratches ruining a perfectly good and expensive floor. Karndean click vinyl flooring however has all of these considerations in hand.

With more and more people choosing to spend more time at home, including working from home, regular flooring can take a beating from excessive daily traffic. Thankfully, those investing in Karndean click vinyl flooring such as Karndean Da Vinci have found that the cushioned durability has meant that the flooring has remained strong and not come apart from frequent footfall.

Can Design Be That Good with Vinyl?

When it comes to the sheer wealth of designs, textures and palettes, Karndean brings a premium product to the market that has your floor covered in more ways than one.

What most people want from luxury vinyl is to have it indistinguishable from the real thing. So if it is light or dark hardwoods, stones, ceramics or slates, you can be sure you are getting a perfect resemblance to its real-life counterpart.

As your world starts to get back to normal, you can have the option to make your home look better than normal, providing joy and relaxation whether you choose to stay in or not. For that option, we recommend you look into Karndean click vinyl flooring.


  1. At my parents old house they had vinyl flooring in the kitchen/dining area & it looked so nice! It was also so easy to clean which was great because we had 3 dogs, a guinea pig, chinchilla & doves.

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