Ad collaborative post // Moving in with a partner is quite a big step in your relationship and can be both scary and exciting. To ensure that things run smoothly, you’ll want to have everything planned out so that the process is easy. This is something that you shouldn’t rush – do it when it feels right and when you feel as though your relationship is ready to progress to the next stage. Whether it be your first time moving in with somebody else or if you have done it before, you should follow a couple of simple tips.

Get A Comfortable Bed For The Two Of You

Firstly, you will want to make your new place both nice and comfortable, so it feels like a home. One way of doing this is to make sure you have a really comfortable mattress. Once you have your mattress, you can decide on what kind of bedframe to get – whether it be wooden, metal, one with storage underneath, or whatever you fancy. Living together with someone can get pretty tiring – although you might be used to seeing them a lot, living with them is a whole different step. Therefore, you need to make sure you are getting a good quality of sleep so that both of you can go about your daily lives and can make the easy transition from living separately to living together. Here is the best mattress for new couples, which will make you never want to get out of bed!

Find A Good Location For Your House

Finding a good location can be a tough one to decide on, but it is best to hold off from buying somewhere unless you are both set on the location. If you originally lived in different places, which location will you move to, or will you find an entirely new one? Your location is also very dependent on both of your jobs and whether you are able to commute from there. Alternatively, is it possible for you to work remotely, or is this unrealistic? This is something important for you both to think about before making the move.

Another thing to consider location-wise is where both of your family and friends live – would you like to live nearby them or are you happy to make a fresh start and potentially be a bit further away? The debate between living in a city and living in the countryside is also one you could have – there are so many advantages to both so you should decide based on your personal preferences and what kind of lifestyle you lead.

Find Somewhere That Has Enough Space

Even though there will probably only be two of you, you want to ensure that you have enough space to do things separately if necessary. Even if you love a partner, there will probably be times when you want a little bit of time to yourself – or maybe you are both working from home and need your own separate rooms. Try and think about this before you move in, to avoid you getting in each other’s way. Furthermore, you will both have your own clothes and furniture that you will want to move into the new place, so make sure there is enough room for all of your belongings.

Moving in together is an adventure and is something that you should celebrate together as a couple. You will quickly feel like it has gone from a house to a home and you can decorate it however you please, just make sure you follow these useful tips to ensure no problems are had!


  1. Love this!! Space is so important for my husband and I! We went from studio to one bedroom to two bedroom and now a full townhouse. We each have our own offices and this helps so much with work/life balance. Thanks for sharing, Jenny! x

    Lynn |

  2. Totally agree with these tips – when I moved in with my boyfriend we didn’t really get to make many decisions because it was a panic lockdown moving in while we had to isolate. But hopefully one day we’ll be looking to joint-buy a place together and will definitely use these tips!

  3. These are useful tips! I have been living with my partner for years, but location was a big decision we had to make as we lived in different countries with our parents so we found somewhere new for us to live. Now we want to find somewhere bigger to live.

  4. This was such a great post! I know of a young couple contemplating moving in together, and one of the partners is struggling with the location aspect; i will share this post with her. Location is such a big decision. In addition to starting a new living arrangement with your significant other, the potential for moving away from friends and family is a huge consideration. You want to feel ‘at home’, but you may also be ‘leaving ‘home’ for the very first time. If you are moving far away, it is an even bigger decision.

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