I’m back with another post in my “tips for hobby bloggers” series today. I’ve had 3 of these posts out so far – I can’t believe I’m already on 4! – and they’ve all done really well and have had a fantastic response, which I’m so thrilled about. I’m so pleased people are finding them helpful and enjoyable!

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I wanted to start this series because I felt like all blogging advice posts were starting to be catered towards blogging as a job or for those who make money or WANT to make money from their blogs. As a full-time blogger myself, I think it’s amazing that so many people want to grow their blogs and try and take this gig full-time. It’s an extremely satisfying and enjoyable career and I wouldn’t change it for the world.

But let’s not forget, not everyone WANTS to. And that’s totally fine.

But those people who don’t want to blog for a job or make money from it might still want to grow their blog, build a community and share their content with a lot of people. But so much content is focused on the “making money” now, that hobby bloggers can’t see themselves represented in these posts anymore.

Of course I’m not fixing that with a couple of posts all by myself. But I do hope these are a good place to start. Before we go on, here are the previous posts from this series in case you missed them:

Now, let’s talk about establishing A VOICE.

Having an established and recognizable voice on your blog and social platforms can have a great benefit to your growth as a blogger. The way I like to look at this is; think about how many people have reviewed a particular eye-shadow palette. Nobody needs to read the same review 300 times over.

So what makes YOURS stand out?

In this post I want to talk about how you can establish your voice as a hobby blogger. This could be particularly useful for newer bloggers but perhaps you’ve been blogging a while and things are feeling a bit stagnant and you need to mix it up. This is great for you too.

So, here are 10 ways you can establish your voice as a hobby blogger:

How would others describe you?

The first few things on this list are going to be questions that you’re going to have to answer yourself. I think the main thing about finding YOUR voice, is that it’s YOUR VOICE. Not influenced by anyone else. Because then, well, what’s the point?

So the first thing that might come in handy when establishing your voice is thinking about (or asking them) how other people would describe you? Do they always say how funny you are? Or how kind? Would your friends describe you as outgoing? Or softly-spoken?

Think about all these little things and you’ll start to get a more clearer picture of your actual voice and personality and then you can transfer that to your blog.

What comes naturally to you?

What comes naturally to you when you’re writing or talking? Do you ever write in a way that feels forced or difficult? If so, then that’s probably not authentically you. And it notices, I’m afraid. If you’re trying to write the same way as everyone else and that’s not like you, then you’re not establishing your own voice.

Your establishing a copy of someone else’s voice.

What would you like people to know you for?

Another good question that can help you uncover your voice for your blog is what you want people to know you for. You might also want to take into account your niche here. Do you want to be known for your beautiful descriptions? Or your funny jokes? Or the way that people feel like they’re taking to the girl next door when they read your content?

Don’t copy anyone else

Back to the eye-shadow palette review example again. There’s just no point copying someone else and trying to copy how they write or how they portray themselves online. The fact that there’s only one of you is your superpower. You might as well use it!

Write about what you care about

There’s no better way to find out whether you’re using your unique voice than to think about the content you’re producing and asking yourself, “do I actually care about this?” If the answer is no then girl, what the heck you doing?

It can be tempting to write about things that you think will bring in those views, especially when you’re just getting started and want to attract some attention but if you don’t actually care about it then it’ll show.

Don’t be scared to use your own perspective

Establishing your voice also means USING your voice. You have this amazing platform to share your experiences, ideas and opinions. USE IT! Don’t be scared to get open and honest within your content. Not only will this help you establish your voice, it’ll also help others relate.

Think about your audience

Although your voice is yours, if you want to use that voice to build an audience then you’re going to want to actually think about that audience. For example, if your content is usually around serious topics then you’re probably not going to get much love from cracking jokes and being funny all the time when people want seriously information.

Think beyond the words

Establishing a voice doesn’t always have to mean words. It can also mean your branding and your general persona online. And branding ISN’T just for business bloggers!

Re-read your own content

A great practical tip that will help you get more insight into your own voice is to re-read your own content. If you’re re-reading it back and thinking, “what the f***?” then it might be time to re-evaluate. Does your content sound like YOU? Do you enjoy reading what you’ve written?

Research other bloggers you admire

And finally, sometimes it’s okay to research other bloggers and get some inspiration there. No, you don’t want to copy them but using others as inspiration is OKAY. Perhaps think about the kind of influencers you look up too, the sort of content they produce and how they hold themselves on social media.

Which tips do you need to take on board in order to establish your voice as a blogger? Would you add anything else to this list?

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  1. Hello, thinking of doing a personal blog as I have for many years now. Thank you for your posts on this – it is hard to find people who aren’t showing you how to make your first million.

  2. Yes! I started writing about the Backstreet Boy in part due to blogs that I have read about them. I started with one idea, but eventually they evolved into what I write about today especially my more anytalcal posts about the group. So don’t be afraid to look for others blogs to find inspiration especially when starting out as a hobby blogger. And if you are looking for a platform I recommend Livejournal.com with it bulti social promotion features and groups. POsting in those groups increased my visiblity on the plaform.

  3. Love this series. 😁 It’s perfect for me, a hobby blogger. I joined alot of blogging groups and there’s always so much discussion about writing full time and ways to make money, which never applies to me. So thank you for this , its very helpful. 😁 Now I need to go back and read the first part of this series 😁😁

  4. I just came across your series on hobby blogging and I love that you are sharing about it! Because you’re right, it seems like so much is catered towards “making money.” I love writing with no pressure and it’s something I enjoy doing as a hobby, but of course I want to grow my community as well–so awesome tips, thank you for sharing!

  5. Thanks for sharing, these tips, I think engaging with your audience is a good as well into researching into what types of posts they want to see, which I need to do as I’m finding some posts of mine the audience don’t interact with a lot 🙂

  6. I am loving these blogging tips, so very helpful to a newbie blogger haha 🖤 Thank you for sharing ❤️
    Zinelr, xx

  7. This is a really useful blog post for hobby bloggers. There is always so much info on making money and successful but that isn’t everyone’s goal. When I first started I wasn’t even bothered about stats, I just really enjoyed writing. Thank you for sharing this tips.

    Lauren bournemouthgirl.com

  8. Love this post. As you know I have two blogs. One is solely dedicated to cooking, GiangisKitchen.com, and then I have my let it pour out of me blog, GiangiTownsend.com. You are so right, remain tru to yourself and keep your voice alive. I steered away because of fear of other’s criticism and finally going back to me, my voice and it feels wonderful.
    Thank you for this grat post.

  9. Gosh the parroting … when I started blogging, I was very much authentic in how I wrote. Then came a period of trying to be like everyone else. Now I’m torn between writing in my own voice while still trying to be SEO friendly. That’s part of the reason why I’m going through your posts actually 😅 finding the inspiration!

  10. I wholly agree with rereading your content. Sometimes what I’m thinking doesn’t translate to words properly. When I get Word Online to read my posts out loud to me I find I write things that make no sense sometimes 😅

  11. Your suggestions are very helpful and a great overall reminder about things to remember as a hobby blogger. I love that you’ve included writing what you’re passionate about – blogging is labour intensive and you have to enjoy what you do. Thanks for sharing!

  12. This is a great reminder, I’m trying to find my voice again after taking a little break. I must say it’ll change a bit. I’m use to writing copy and it sort of shows in my blog posts. Great Read!

  13. Good tips, Jenny! I’m happy that your blog now has a series for hobby bloggers. I’m now a hobby blogger but I want to migrate myself as a professional & full-time blogger. I want to make money from my passion. So I need to learn from an expert
    like you. It’s great that I just subscribed to your blog. Hope I will learn more and accomplish my dreams. Thanx!

  14. Thank you so much for the tips Jen! I used to scare to use my own perspective, I’m afraid I’ll hurt someone or people will think me differently. I have no idea about it until I decide to get out from it step by step. Honestly I want to make blogging as my full time job, let’s hope I’ll get there someday x

    1. Ah I totally understand how you feel, especially being worried that someone will think of you differently BUT if they’re your people, who love your content, then even if they disagree, they’ll still accept you 🙂 You’ll get there one day!

  15. Wow I love this post, it’s so important to find your voice and I think it can take time to decide what you enjoy talking about, and where your blogging strengths lie. It’s so great to do a series especially for hobby bloggers x

  16. This has been a hugely helpful series for me (I can’t let one pass me by!) I think it did help me establish my place in the community which in turn has allowed me to take this much needed break.

    This is great advice about finding your voice. I think I have just about got there with mine and I have been using my now ‘free time’ to look back through my content and clean up SEO etc and I have to say for the first time, I am able to really appreciate some of my content and feel really proud of it. There is no way I would have done that while still living and breathing my blog. I was too consumed by it to actually appreciate it.

    Thank you for continuing to inspire me x

  17. These are some really great tips Jenny! Thank you so much. I have been constantly posting, but I feel the tags are not working out or what — But yes, here are some great suggestions! ♥️

  18. Love this serie and i am sure it will be truly helpful for hobby bloggers! I think that talking about what you love and speak about your perspective are a must! I never thought about how others would describe. I would only add to enjoy the process too x

  19. I’m loving this series from you, it’s super helpful and not just for hobby bloggers. I can’t stress enough how important proof reading is. Read, re-read and re-read what you’ve written!


  20. Really love this series! So many great tips 💚 Realistically, I can’t make this a full time thing but I am enjoying diving into new opportunities 🙂 xx

  21. I honestly LOVE your hobby blogger series, it just is great for someone like me! Although I have just done an ad (my first one) I don’t have the ambition of going full time with my blog. I definitely agree that with your blog it should be writing about things you love/enjoy and just creating your own voice xx

  22. I’ve definitely been thinking lately that I want to change up my graphics for Twitter to give it more consistency compared to what I’ve got at the moment. Wow, this one has stumped me a bit – I have NO idea what my voice is, or how others would describe me. Possibly need to do some thinking on that one… Great post!

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