Aff links | When you spend so long working on your blog content, it can be a hard pill to swallow when you see that not many people are reading it. And there are tons of personal reasons why I didn’t read your blog post which I guarantee are the same reasons many others don’t either. I’m not saying I’m special here obvs – but I’m also saying your blog post isn’t special either (soz). With SO MANY bloggers putting out content every single day, that’s what your blog post HAS to be… special.

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7 Reasons Why I Didn’t Read Your Blog Post

Now I’m not saying it has to have flashing lights, falling glitter and gives away a £10 Amazon voucher for every person that reads it. But you do need to put into practice some things in order to encourage people to both click on your blog post and continue reading your blog post once they’re there. It’s all very well writing a banging blog post but if nobody reads it, what’s the point?

All of the points mentioned in this post are very easy to change or fix – so if you find you are doing some of these things, don’t panic! But it’s certainly worth making the appropriate changes so you can boost your blog traffic and grow a dedicated blog following of readers who love reading your blog posts!

Here are 7 reasons why I didn’t read your blog post:

Why I Didn't Read Your Blog Post

You’re not selling it to me

So you’ve just written an incredible new blog post that provides a ton of helpful information to people. Yet you’re not getting many views? Perhaps it’s the way you’re selling it. Social media provides an excellent platform to really SELL your content and make it almost impossible for people not to click on your blog post. Consider how you’re doing that. If you came across your tweet, your pin, your Facebook post… would YOU click on it?

You have too many pop ups

This is something that puts a lot of people off and has many readers running for the hills. You’ve sold us on your blog post, we’re excited to read it, yet we can’t get further than 2 sentences before 4 different popups fly up and hit us in the face. Assess your popups – you could be putting people off reading your content because of something that’s very easily fixable.

You have no paragraphs breaking up your text

Did you know some people with learning difficulties or dyslexia literally can’t consume huge chunks of text that aren’t broken up? Even people without dyslexia just bloody HATE large chunks of text that aren’t broken up. Myself included. It’s really hard to read. It’s really hard to digest. And that’s one of the main reasons why I didn’t read your blog post.

The writing is too small

Look, I wear glasses. Sometimes, I forget to put my glasses on. So therefore, I can’t see. And it’s reaaaally hard for me to concentrate on teeny tiny writing. It might look cute but accessibility it more important here. Not for me but for a large portion of readers or content consumers who might have disabilities or additional needs. And this could be another easily fixable reason people are put off from reading your content.

There’s no images or graphics

Similarly to the large chunks of text point, not having anything visual in your blog post can be a huge turn-off. Not only do images and graphics help break up a lot of text, they’re also aesthetically pleasing and can add so much more to your content. I’m not saying you have to be like Ansel Adams here, just a couple of nice graphics to compliment your post.

Your title isn’t click-worthy

A catchy blog post title can have a huge impact on your views. So along with the selling your blog post point at the start, consider how your title sounds too. I don’t know about you but I wouldn’t click on a blog post titled, “My New Dress” but I WOULD click on a post titled, “The Head Turning Dress You Need This Summer!”

I can’t find your blog post

If you’re not selling your blog post at all, how do you expect people to find it? Of course if you’re clued up on SEO and keyword research (for more info on SEO and keyword research, check out these eBooks) then you could be getting traffic from search engines which is fantastic but social media is there for a reason – USE IT.

Why I Didn't Read Your Blog Post

Has this post helped you figure out why people aren’t reading your blog post? Are you going to change any of these things about your own content? As a consumer of blogs, do you find any of these things off putting too?


  1. I was just wondering how to better my blog posts and increase my views when I came across your post on Twitter!

    I think I definitely need to focus on social media promoting more, as well as using better images.

    Thanks, Jenny! 🙂 Xx

  2. Great points! I have conquered most, but am still working on click worthy titles, and the sell. As for ad pop ups? Nothing makes me back out of a post faster!

  3. Ooh, the point about pop-ups and adverts, I can’t stand a website that’s riddled with them! Something flashing in the corner of my eye while I’m trying to read immediately puts me off. Another thing that people don’t seem to consider is that Google ads are personalized. So, they don’t know what ads I will see on their site and for some reason google is completely unable to decipher what sorts of ads to show me, which sometimes ends with me exiting a blog post because I saw an inappropriate ad (can be a pregnancy test, not porn sites or anything like that ;D) I’ve worked in marketing for yeas and badly places ads annoy me more than they should, haha.

  4. Ahhhh yes, some of these are big pet peeves of mine. I understand why people use pop-ups but if I get spammed with 2 or 3 within the first 10 seconds, I’m going to click straight off. Likewise, what you said about long text and small fonts. If it isn’t easily consumable, it’s a no from me. *shakes head like Simon Cowell*

    Thanks for sharing these Jenny! 🙂

  5. I agree with all of these points. The title can be tricky though because SEO prefers “searchworthy” titles (read: short and boring.) So I have to admit to being guilty of that one. My titles were a lot more exciting before I started paying attention to SEO

  6. I hate pop-ups, ads everywhere and messy post! It’s not just about content but appearance/layout 🙂 That’s why I find your blog post and layout are really awesome. Thanks for this great tips, Jen xxx

  7. I hate pop-ups, especially when they’re difficult to find the little X to close the tab. If I find a pop up, I usually click off the blog as it irritates me. Similarly, when people leave comments on my blog, I feel inclined to respond. Half the time I can’t even find their blog, let alone their most recent post to return the favour. Thanks for sharing!

    Em x

  8. I completely agree with you on the pop-ups thing. If there’s more than one I’m likely to just close the page and not even attempt, especially if I’m trying to read on my phone. I also wear glasses and I find it quite hard to read when a blog post has like a bright pink background or something. If it’s not made super simple for me, I just don’t bother!

    1. Same! More than 1 pop up drives me spare. I actually had that this morning, I was trying to comment on a blog post and the comment box writing was so light – I didn’t have my glasses on so literally couldn’t see what I was typing. God knows what that comment said hahaha

  9. I agree with all of these points! I definitely find it more difficult to read when there isn’t any paragraphs, it’s just too much for my eyes and brain to handle when there’s just a block of so much text! xx

  10. This is a great post to keep in mind! Thank you, and I don’t like pop ups either 😬 I worry sometimes that mine does it but I try to check it to make sure xx

  11. Good tips! Pop-ups are the most annoying things ever and always make me close down a website, regardless of how important the content is to me – I’ve come across sites before with sidebar ads, ads in the text, a mailing list pop-up, an ad bar running at the bottom of the screen, and those incredibly annoying video ads that cover the text that you can’t shut down! Makes me so angry, haha

  12. There are so many blogs lately that just post WORDS with no… meaning? Like I can read it and I literally close the browser not even knowing what I was supposed to learn/read/etc. I now avoid those blogs lol

  13. Thanks for these Jenny, some really valuable tips here! I try to make my posts varied and interesting but I guess it depends on my audience seeing as I don’t have much of a niche! I have no idea whether my layout is good enough or not but I wouldn’t blame someone for being put off by it straight away. I have a question regarding SEO – does it only really “matter” if you’re self-hosted?

  14. Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes. Going to be honest, if I click on a blog and instantly hate the layout, I almost immediately click off. If I’m returning a comment and feel like I have to read War & Peace just to find your latest post, I’m unlikely to return to your site. Simple layout changes can make a huge difference to how appealing your work looks. Which is a shame because it should be about the words…but they have to look inviting too x


  15. I’m with you on these points! I genuinely get so stressed out when a blog post has super tiny writing… and I don’t wear or need glasses! Paragraphs are also such a huge thing when it comes to readability. It’s so much easy to read and absorb a blog posts’ information when it’s split into smaller paragraphs x