Affiliate links | Back in October of 2018, I released my very first eBook. In April 2019, came the second. I realise I’m talking about them as if they’re children but to me, they are my babies. I put a LOT of time and effort into them, not only in the creation and writing process but also every day thereafter in terms of promotion. The promotional aspects of having your own online products can take a LOT of energy. But as business owners, you want to make money, right? So today I’m talking about why you should use affiliates for your products!

Why You Should Use Affiliates For Your Products

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Up until this year, my eBooks were available to buy on the ecommerce site, Payhip. I enjoyed using Payhip, it was easy and straightforward but the only downside for me was their affiliate scheme. You can sign people up as affiliate but then YOU have to organise their % of payment yourself. As someone who’s notoriously bad at math… you can see why this wasn’t an option for me.

You can find both of my eBooks here!

So this year, I moved over to Gumroad to sell my eBooks, as Gumroad offers a straightforward affiliate programme in which you can sign affiliates up, assign them products to sell and a % of the income and voila. Gumroad does the rest for you! I’m not trying to pit one site against another but for me, Gumroad was the way forward.

So, why should you use affiliates for your products?

It wasn’t until this year that I actively started using affiliates for my eBooks. Partially due to the platform I was on, partially because I hadn’t really thought about it. Hindsight is a wonderful thing because of course I’m kicking myself now for not using affiliates for my products sooner. I now have 7 affiliates on my books, who receive 30% commission for every sale. One of my affiliate has earned me $95!

There are a ton of benefits to having affiliates. So let’s look at some reasons why you should use affiliates for your products!

Your products are promoted to a new audience

Of course a lot of bloggers have similar followers, specially if their in similar niches but there’s always going to be SOMEONE that isn’t following you. By using affiliates for your products, you’re potentially opening up your products to a whole new audience. Which is absolutely what you want. You can’t keep pushing the same products to the same people.

Because either 1) they’ve already bought it or 2) they don’t need it and aren’t going to buy it. Therefore, you’re not making any extra money. This is way it’s always important to continue to grow your blog following and your work on your blog views.

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You’re supporting another blogger by allowing them to make money

Most bloggers want to make money in some way. When we find out that making money from our blogs is an OPTION and that so many people out there are doing it, it’s almost impossible to not want a piece of the pie. And that’s okay. Nothing wrong with making a bit of extra wedge, is there?

And by offering an affiliate programme to other bloggers, that’s a great way to support them by them supporting you. Not only are you 1) introducing your product to a new audience you’re also 2) potentially earning more money and 3) allowing another blogger to make extra cash too.

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Another blogger is supporting you by promoting your products

And of course the support goes both ways. By having affiliates, it definitely shows support of you and your blog AND your products. For me personally, I won’t become an affiliate for something I haven’t already read or taken part in. I don’t want to promote something I don’t know is valuable.

Which is why I’m very selective about the affiliate programmes I join and the products I promote but the ones I DO promote, I wholeheartedly believe in and want to share and share and share because I know how much value they provide. I think the two-way support element is such a great reason why you should use affiliates for your products.

Some products I’m affiliates for and would recommend to you are:

  • Blog To Business: Your Pitching Toolkit (use code JENNY for 10% off!)
  • Keyword Research for Bloggers – an include guide on how to effectively search for ranking keywords
  • Pinterest With Ell – a course on everything you need to know about Pinterest

You have the chance at making more sales and more money

More affiliates = more potential audiences = more potential sales = more money. And I assume you’re selling products because 1) you’ve got something to say and something to teach and 2) you want to make money from them. Agree with me because there’s no shame it in either.

Ultimately, we want our products to be successful. And for digital products like eBooks or courses or printables, success = sales. And sales = money. That chance gets much higher when you have a number of affiliates working in your favor to help you get those sales and that money! Which brings me on nicely to…

You won’t have to spend so long on promotion

This is a BIG one for me because I find promo incredibly boring. I hate scheduling tweets but of course self promotion is VITAL for selling your products. So by getting affiliates on board, they’re going to be doing a lot of promotion for you. In that case, you can either keep up the amount of self promo you was doing before or cut back a bit.

Which is what I’ve done, since having affiliates promoting my eBooks. Of course they can promote as much or as little as they like. The more they promote, the more likely they are to make money but they’re under no obligation to post X amount of times a day. But because I do have so many affiliates onboard, I’m cutting down on the amount of promo I’m doing myself so I can spend time doing other important things!

If you have your own digital products, do you use affiliates for them? Are you considering using affiliates for your products in the future? Do you have any affiliate marketing success stories?


  1. I have wanted to create my own products with affiliate links for a while but having a travel and mental health blog makes it hard to think of ideas that would actually sell. Brilliant post though and it’s definitely given me some food for thought x

    Melanie || melaniewithanie

  2. I really want to learn more about how I can use aff links for my channels!

  3. I think affiliates are a great idea, I’ve definitely been swayed by a couple of them who do it so well (Mariam and Kayleigh for instance!). I love that it encourages bloggers to support each other, and it must be so beneficial for you to be able to spend time on other things. I hope one day I can be an affiliate for things I truly believe in, although at the moment I just don’t feel confident in myself as a salesperson haha!

    1. It definitely takes some time and practice. Personally, I prefer being the one with the products than the one pushing the affiliate links because the reason I got affiliates for my products was because I find all the promotion boring and time consuming haha!

  4. This is a really great post I’m really looking forward to having affiliates inboard for my first e-products launch! I definitely think that to some extent you get what you put in with affiliate marketing although this is not always the cause/ accurate if the affiliate hasn’t hit it off yet x

  5. These are some great tips! I think if I do ever decide to share guides, or any other digital products, I will go this route! I do think it’s important too to find the right bloggers for your product.

  6. Thanks for this post, Jen! I’m considering launch my 1st ebook next month (hopefully) and plan to use affiliates as well! I learn a lot from this post. Can’t wait for it! xxx

  7. Thank you for this! We’ve been thinking about affiliate links for a while now so this is a very helpful and vital resource. We started blogging as just a bit of a pastime and to part with some wisdom on life and dispell other myths. Making money wasnt and really isnt part of the plan…purely because all three of us who run the blog are busy with other work. But its an option available to us so we would do well to learn about it and make it beneficial for us as well as other bloggers. There isn’t an affiliate link page for charities is there? Hehe

    Thanks for sharing x

  8. I am a newbie to all this, and there is so much affiliates can do. I don’t have any products, but your post was super helpful information to know for the future. Thank you so much for sharing!

  9. This was a very helpful post. Even though I don’t have any products out, if I ever do in the future I’d definitely consider using Affiliates to advertise.

  10. I have been thinking of some digital product ideas but I never thought about using affiliates before. All of your reasons for using them are brilliant you are supporting someone else, and they are supporting you! It is defiantly something I will consider when I finally launch my digital products.

  11. I love that some of your affiliates have been so successful for you. I’m kinda disappointed mine have never come to anything because I love shouting about your products and hoping that others can find them useful because I know they’ve really inspired me. Maybe one day I’ll manage to get it to work. But it’s great to hear that they are being successful for you and it works for time efficiency as well!

  12. This was so so helpful. I guess I never really thought about the other side of affiliates, the side where you have a product that you want others to promote. It’s genius really! This was very insightful and has me thinking about a few things. Thank you for sharing!

  13. I think affiliates are a great way to promote products etc – I’ve certainly learnt about, and bought products I wouldn’t have done without them! Thanks for sharing.

    Paige // Paige Eades

  14. This is a great post! I dont currently have any of my own products but I would defo want to use affiliates if I did. I always try to use a blogger affiliate code when buying something too to support them as well!

  15. Great post! It’s definitely interesting to see how being an affiliate for someone else’s product can be good for both people. I have been seeing it a lot lately on Twitter but never really knew much about it so definitely good to know. Thanks for sharing!

    Chloe xx

  16. This is such a great post and so informative! I’ve seen affiliate links and partnerships around in the blogging world but it’s great to see the the impact it can have and how helpful they really can be – definitely something to keep in mind for the future! Thanks for sharing xx

  17. Great information! I’m looking forward to one day having a product to sell, and this really helped me see the benefits of having an affiliate program for whatever that product might one day be!

  18. Really interesting. Some time ago I thought on starting my own shop for selling my products. If I ever decide to start it, I’ll be following your tips for sure!

  19. Hello! This is a great post I wanted to ask is it worth publishing a book as an ebook? I’m writing a story now and wondering if I should publish it when I’m finished and I was thinking of publishing as an ebook? How did you go about doing that for your books? 🥰

  20. Writing an autism related ebook is a major ambition of mine. (I’m a long way off being good enough to write the blogging advice ones) I’ve just not decided the direction I want the book to go yet. I’d definitely want to use affiliates when the time comes.

  21. Affiliate links are great – I don’t have a product to sell but it gives me the chance to test my selling skills and make some money. I don’t think I have the experience or ground breaking knowledge to sell an eBook. Even after 4 years, I’d rather affiliate than sell my own. Thank you for these tips, maybe one day I’ll have my own army of affiliates!

    Em |

  22. Brilliant post Jenny. I was kind of clueless about affiliates until recently.

    It actually seems like a really simple but brilliant idea for both parties.

    Especially when it is a great product that people really believe in x

  23. I’ve just started signing up for affiliate schemes after seeing how successful it’s been for others. And if I ever release my own ebook I’ll definitely be embracing affiliates to boost sales.

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