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It’s fair to say that just about all aspects of life have changed over the last half a year. And are likely to still continue to change going forwards. With face masks becoming mandatory for the foreseeable future, social distancing measures in shops and limited availability in restaurants, everyone is going to have to get used to this “new normal” that we’re facing. Honestly, who would have ever predicted THIS for 2020?

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Another area of life that’s going to change is the dating scene. Particularly in relation to those social distancing measures in restaurants, bars and shops like I mentioned. Casual dating for a lot of people certainly won’t be as easy and carefree anymore and will likely entail some extra planning and organisation. We haven’t been able to go and see our own Grandparents for 4 months, let alone meet up with people and go on dates.

So as we see the UK and other countries around the world ease out of lockdown and back into our new normal every day life, how is casual dating going to change for single people?

Much more emphasis on online dating

The COVID situation really has shown us the power of technology and how beneficial it can be for our every day lives. For those that use an adult dating site such as no strings dating, they’ll be familiar with the benefits of dating sites and I think that will be pushed even further now that we’re in this weird phase of COVID where things are edging back to normal but a second wave could still happen.

Long distance video chats

For those in long distance relationships, you’ll already be well used to this point. But those who are casually dating might not consider a video chat to be an effective hook up. But I can definitely see dating sites adopting something like this in the future to give that option to single people who want to take extra safety measures or who perhaps have an underlying condition which could make catching COVID more dangerous for them.

Extra planning and organisation in meeting up

For single people who are still happy to meet up in person with their dates, I think some extra planning and organisation would go a long way in your date ideas. Some popular date spots might not be open at present. Or they might only be limiting access to a certain number of people. Most restaurants require you to book in advance, as do a variety of other places. So extra planning might be involved when meeting people for dates post-covid. Even speed dating events like those with Naturally Dating are likely to be planned even more!

Establishing safety measures

And finally, safety measures. As well as the actual location you’re going to meet it, I think single people will need to have a conversation with each other about their own safety measures. If you’re just meeting up for a drink to see if you like each other, are you going to stay socially distant? Are you both going to wear masks? Are you comfortable if the other person isn’t wearing a mask? These are all valid questions and a conversations people will need to start having going forward.

Are you single and planning to go on dates again soon? What measures are you going to take to ensure that you’re safe?


  1. I’ve heard that video chatting takes away some of the pressures/expectations of meeting in person. However, I’m sure it has its downsides. (Luckily I’m in a relationship so no awkward video chat dates for me 😂)

  2. There’s nothing I’d want to do less than dating right now! I think that stage can be awkward enough without all of the added complications that this year has thrown into the mix. I’d definitely rather wait until things are a little bit more normal. But video chats could be a good idea anyway. At least you’re getting to know someone (safely) in the comfort of your own home x


  3. So many good tips in here! While not dating, I can’t wait to go for date night with my man. Getting dressed up, getting in a taxi and sitting down in a restaurant to eat dinner!

  4. Honestly, every day I am more and more grateful to already be in a relationship. Dating during Covid sounds like a minefield, and there are so many new, extra things to consider! My heart is going out to those who are in long-distance relationships or just starting to date, it must be so hard!

  5. I haven’t needed to date in such a long time but I found this a really interesting post to read. Dating can be so difficult usually let alone in this new normal.

  6. Since I’m recently on the market this is actually something I’ll need to think about. I think online dating is something I’ll try to miss and I’ll just wait until regular interactions/dates are back on the books without measures x

  7. Omg I didn’t even think about dating after Covid – I mean I won’t be but it’s gonna be such a mindful going forward! xx

  8. You got me at the long distance relationship bit! 😂 been about 7 months since I saw my boyfriend and I’m thinking it’s gonna be many more months but video calling twice a week is getting us through it. The time zones don’t help! Thank you for sharing this post x

  9. It’s odd to think that talking about safety measures now is OUTSIDE of talking about sex, isn’t it? I do like the idea of more video chats though!

  10. Its mad isn’t it! Covid has affected every aspect of our lives and the most important thing that we as humans rely on – to physically see and touch those that we like and love. Video chats are always great as we have seen with relationships and family and friends. Seeing some one makes all the difference. We just hope it all gets back to normal soon. We are missing proper hugs and caresses xxx

  11. It’s going to be a very strange time. I am quite lucky to already be in a relationship but things are still a lot harder, like eating out. It’s going to be difficult, but at least we have technology to help us through these times and provide an alternative measure! This was an interesting read

    Em |

  12. Virtual zoom dates are a real thing! This post was interesting in looking at how relationships are built post COVID. Love the advice!

  13. This is literally me! I’ve been using bumble lately and they have this new feature that allows you choose how you would like to date with the options being socially distanced, socially distanced with masks, and virtually. I love that bumble included this, it just makes everything so much more clear. Though I do still having a conversation about it is super important. These are all things we will have to think about going forward, but I also think it allows us a chance to get creative with dating and I think a lot of really great and memorable first dates could come out of it.

  14. You know I didn’t even think about how it would effect new relationships lol! Wow that is going to be tough to navigate, I am grateful I am in a relationship! Although tbh I think I would struggle enough anyway without the covid barriers haha! Thank you for sharing 🙂 x

  15. Hopefully I won’t have to worry about this 😂 I found it stressful enough and was terrible at it in “normal” times.

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