6 Amazing Things Technology Has Given Us

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As someone who works online every day, you’d be surprised to know that I have a funny relationship with technology. Truthfully… I’m not a huge fan. I don’t know what the latest gadgets are. I’m never up to date with the latest technology. And I’m ALWAYS last to the party when there’s something cool to discover. Oh and not to mention the countless times I have to beg someone to help me fix something because I’m so not technologically minded. It’s quite laughable, when I think about it!

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BUT, that being said, on the same token, I absolutely LOVE technology. And I’m grateful for it every single day. Without it, I wouldn’t have the job I do. My favourite sport in the world wouldn’t be what it is. I wouldn’t have had 99% of the opportunities I’ve had. Without it, so many other people who have established highly successful online businesses wouldn’t have the opportunities they have. But I’m kinda getting into the point of the post too early here.

So what I’m saying is on the one hand, the opportunities that technology has given us totally outweigh the negatives. But I do kinda miss being young and not being reliant on technology. I do miss the time of not being attached to my phone or feeling the need to post everything I do online. Technology has come so far for businesses, engineering – including RNA automation robotic systems, medically and for our own personal use but ultimately, we still have that control over how we use it.

So I ain’t getting too deep in this post. I think we’ve established I don’t know enough about technology to do that! But I do want to pay homage to 6 amazing things that technology, in any form, has given us:

The ability to stay connected

I think the COVID situation really solidified this one, didn’t it? I think this situation we’ve been living in this year REALLY opened people’s eyes to the value of technology – specifically older people who might not have really used it before. It was an incredibly difficult time for so many but that opportunity to stay connected to loved ones, albeit just through a screen, has had momentously positive effects.

More accessible learning opportunities

This is such a huge positive from technology for so many reasons. From remote learning (which again, the recently coronavirus has show us can be done), to free courses and resources for those who might want to learn more but can’t necessarily afford it (Coursera have some great courses!) and so much more. The internet and technology provides us with a lifetime of education.

Incredible medical advances

I mean, this has probably got to be one of the most incredible things that technology has given us, hasn’t it? The amazing medical advances like certain surgeries which are done much more easily and safely now thanks to the wonderful world of technology. I’m particularly grateful for this one as my Dad had a heart attack and surgery in 2019, so this one sits particularly close to home.

The opportunity to make a change

Again, something else that’s been VERY apparent lately with the Black Lives Matter movement and that’s the ability to make a change. Christ, the IMPACT people have had on that movement because technology has given us the space and the chance to do that. The message got further and wider than ever before, all thanks to social media and technology.

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The chance to help others

And following on from the point above, technology has also made it much easier for us to help others. We can raise money online, sign petitions online, educate people online and make a huge bloody difference online. Technology has given us a bigger opportunity than ever to actually help each other and look out for each other. Even if we’re half a world away. Which is bloody incredible.

Unlimited entertainment

And finally, arguably not the most important point on the list but still a pretty good one to say the least and that’s the extensive range of entertainment that technology has provided us. Although saying that, I AM glad that I was a kid and I grew up in a time before being online and using technology all the time was (I sound proper old, I’m only 27 so that just goes to show how new so much of our technological advances are) a normal thing to do. But as an adult, I’m certainly grateful for all the options we now have!

What’s the biggest thing that technology has given you? Are you a technophobe or do you LOVE technology?


  1. I personally love technology. As someone with bad anxiety, it’s been a life saver to be able to connect with people from around the world. I’m living with someone who hates it though, and can’t see the point of it – so thank you for these examples that I can point out next time he grumbles, haha!

    1. Haha oh really? So is your husband not online on anything?

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  4. sellingscope.com says:

    Technology always reminds us that there is a new possibility. ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. I also have a love and hate relationship with social media. On one hand, It’s my job and I love the connections but on the other hand I often need a detox.

    1. I’m exactly the same!

  6. Yes yes yes.
    It’s helped me so much in recent years as my accessibility needs have changed, things like auto captions on YouTube are great.
    Cora | https://www.teapartyprincess.co.uk/

    1. It’s helped so much with accessibility hasn’t it!

  7. It’s mad how much we rely on technology and how many amazing things we can do with it all!

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