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As someone who works online every day, you’d be surprised to know that I have a funny relationship with technology. Truthfully… I’m not a huge fan. I don’t know what the latest gadgets are. I’m never up to date with the latest technology. And I’m ALWAYS last to the party when there’s something cool to discover. Oh and not to mention the countless times I have to beg someone to help me fix something because I’m so not technologically minded. It’s quite laughable, when I think about it!

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BUT, that being said, on the same token, I absolutely LOVE technology. And I’m grateful for it every single day. Without it, I wouldn’t have the job I do. My favourite sport in the world wouldn’t be what it is. I wouldn’t have had 99% of the opportunities I’ve had. Without it, so many other people who have established highly successful online businesses wouldn’t have the opportunities they have. But I’m kinda getting into the point of the post too early here.

So what I’m saying is on the one hand, the opportunities that technology has given us totally outweigh the negatives. But I do kinda miss being young and not being reliant on technology. I do miss the time of not being attached to my phone or feeling the need to post everything I do online. Technology has come so far for businesses, engineering – including RNA automation robotic systems, medically and for our own personal use but ultimately, we still have that control over how we use it.

So I ain’t getting too deep in this post. I think we’ve established I don’t know enough about technology to do that! But I do want to pay homage to 6 amazing things that technology, in any form, has given us:

The ability to stay connected

I think the COVID situation really solidified this one, didn’t it? I think this situation we’ve been living in this year REALLY opened people’s eyes to the value of technology – specifically older people who might not have really used it before. It was an incredibly difficult time for so many but that opportunity to stay connected to loved ones, albeit just through a screen, has had momentously positive effects.

More accessible learning opportunities

This is such a huge positive from technology for so many reasons. From remote learning (which again, the recently coronavirus has show us can be done), to free courses and resources for those who might want to learn more but can’t necessarily afford it (Coursera have some great courses!) and so much more. The internet and technology provides us with a lifetime of education.

Incredible medical advances

I mean, this has probably got to be one of the most incredible things that technology has given us, hasn’t it? The amazing medical advances like certain surgeries which are done much more easily and safely now thanks to the wonderful world of technology. I’m particularly grateful for this one as my Dad had a heart attack and surgery in 2019, so this one sits particularly close to home.

The opportunity to make a change

Again, something else that’s been VERY apparent lately with the Black Lives Matter movement and that’s the ability to make a change. Christ, the IMPACT people have had on that movement because technology has given us the space and the chance to do that. The message got further and wider than ever before, all thanks to social media and technology.

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The chance to help others

And following on from the point above, technology has also made it much easier for us to help others. We can raise money online, sign petitions online, educate people online and make a huge bloody difference online. Technology has given us a bigger opportunity than ever to actually help each other and look out for each other. Even if we’re half a world away. Which is bloody incredible.

Unlimited entertainment

And finally, arguably not the most important point on the list but still a pretty good one to say the least and that’s the extensive range of entertainment that technology has provided us. Although saying that, I AM glad that I was a kid and I grew up in a time before being online and using technology all the time was (I sound proper old, I’m only 27 so that just goes to show how new so much of our technological advances are) a normal thing to do. But as an adult, I’m certainly grateful for all the options we now have!

What’s the biggest thing that technology has given you? Are you a technophobe or do you LOVE technology?


  1. I personally love technology. As someone with bad anxiety, it’s been a life saver to be able to connect with people from around the world. I’m living with someone who hates it though, and can’t see the point of it – so thank you for these examples that I can point out next time he grumbles, haha!

  2. I also have a love and hate relationship with social media. On one hand, It’s my job and I love the connections but on the other hand I often need a detox.

  3. I think my favourite things around technology are all focused on gaming, as it’s such a big hobby of mine. I think it’s incredible that we can now experience things in VR (even if it does make you feel a bit sick) and that technology has enabled such incredible, emotional storylines to be experienced by playing them and interacting with them, rather than just watching or reading them from the sidelines. And the fact that you can play them with other people all over the world!

  4. I love how advanced technology has become. My favorite thing has to be getting to learn about places I probably will never experience in real life!

  5. I LOVE technology too but I too am always last to the party. I am the last to get the latest phone, etc…

  6. Technology has come so far in my lifetime. I remember dial up as a child and not being able to use a phone and internet at the same time and not having wifi! xx

  7. I’m so with you on this. Technology scares me a bit in terms of the future of communication and social skill, and how crazy smart some of it is. But, now more than ever, I’ve been really appreciative of the amazing things it can do to us. The ability to lean, stay entertained across multiple mediums, and work is incredible. So thankful we’re going through this at a time we’re so developed to be able to do all of that stuff x


  8. I have a love/hate relationship with technology. I am more old school and sometimes I think I am being forced into using technology as otherwise I am missing out. I prefer to use pen and paper and everyone around me uses OneNote on their laptops 🙂 And OMG if things do not work it makes me sooo mad. But I love the ease of things, being able to do my hobbies, staying connected to people and so on.

  9. I really enjoyed reading this – honestly, I feel like very few people understand how I can live a life that’s based on the internet and online marketing but really be annoyed with technology more often than not! I’m lucky, my husband’s best friend is an IT guy and he’s SOOOO patient with my ‘it’s broken’ messages hahaha

  10. without technology I would not have an online coaching business…lol….I love the ease of “advertising” vs the old school guerilla marketing back in the day! Because lord knows i don’t like to talk on the phone all day…what about you?

  11. Great points! During this lockdown without technology we would have befome just some couch potatoes! Really grateful for technology today. Love this article.

  12. You make so excellent points. And honestly the last two are my favorite. I love having the ability to communicate with others online. It allows you to seek knowledge and spread beyond the confines of your immediate community. Most of all, I love helping people. One of my goals in life is to have a large platform so that I can reach hundreds/thousands of people and make a positive impact on the world. Great post.

  13. I think we’re all extra grateful of being able to stay in touch via technology right now! Social media, video calls, texts etc. are the only way to see loved ones right now so I’m definitely appreciative of them all. Medical advancements are the biggest one for me, it’s incredible to think of how far we’ve come in such a short amount of time x

  14. For my household, video chat is the greatest thing technology has given us. It has opened up those communications barriers, not just so we can talk over long distances, but how we communicate as an English and British Sign Language-using household. If we’re apart from my sister for whatever reason and there is a problem, it is a lot easier opening the video chat and signing away – albeit one-handed – instead of speaking or writing and either one of us misunderstanding or ignorant of whatever is being said.

    It’s fantastic.

  15. There is so much we can do now that we could not do before! I love that I can stay connected with friends that live so far apart. I love that we can learn almost anything with the press of a key on the keyboard. And, I love blogging! 🙂 Great post!

  16. I am of an age where I can remember when life was free of technology that could fit in our hands, but I am young enough to still be in awe of the technology that fits so comfortably in my hand.

    It is really mad to think how things have changed. As you said F1 is a completely different sport now compared to the one I watched 30 years ago with my Dad. It makes it so exciting.

    Technology really has changed everything.

    I think without the tech we have now, Lockdown would have been near impossible, We would not have been able to work from home so easily and we would have far less things to keep us occupied.

    It still blows my mind while opening up the world to me in a way it couldn’t before.

    Thank you for reminding me how lucky we are to live in this ‘New world’

    1. Awh thanks for such a great comment! I’m younger than you but even I remember the days of dial up and having to get off the internet if someone wanted to use the phone! It’s amazing how far it’s come in such a short space of time.

  17. I love technology and I’m so happy finally someone spoke about its benefits!
    With technology I got connected to a bigger world and learned so many things that I probably couldn’t learn around me. It also opened my eyes about the beauties of the earth and people and so many other things.

  18. Great post. I wrote a post a couple of months ago about how technology has been helping us stay connected. The current lockdown would be so much more difficult without Zoom, Facetime, Netflix and Disney+.

  19. I’m a software developer by profession, so I’m deeply involved in the technology industry and I’m surprised how quickly we are advancing on that stage. I do have a love-hate relationship with it but I’m truly grateful for how it has reduced the distances between all of us and how convenient it made our lives.

  20. These are some great things! Technology has allowed me to FaceTime family far away and see their faces which has been amazing especially during this lockdown. I have had some great opportunities through technology I wouldn’t have had. Thank you for sharing Jenny xxx

  21. I’m always just so amazed at the opportunities that technology and the internet have created for people ! So many creative are able to live out their dreams nowadays. Loved this post !

  22. Technology can be a real pain, but it is so amazing too! I love how it can keep us connected with people from all over the world.

  23. I’m somwere in between I must say- I like technology and fully agree with you how we could not live the lives we do without it, yet I wish I knew so much more and have chosen to study IT science as opposed to accounts! I guess it’s never too late to learn new things- thank you Jenny

  24. Staying connected has been so important to me for the the past few years, before covid, as I’m in a long distance relationship. weekly video calls are a must and I’m so thankful I have that ❤️

  25. Technology has changed so much over the years, and what you can do has really opened up what can be done from home, hasn’t it? Definitely been so useful during all of this crazt situation, from connecting with other and allow us to stream /watch various bits and bobs to keep us entertained. I love how technology can be used to enhance people’s lives as well, such as in healthcare and supporting those who need help at home, to remain at home instead of needing 24 hour care etc.
    Obviously, technology does have it’s drawbacks too, but I think it is great!

    Aimsy xoxo
    Aimsy’s Antics

    1. I completely get where your coming from. I have a love/had relationship with technology too. As much as I hate it at times, it also has so many advantages. Being able to connect with family and friends from around the world is definitely a highlight for me.

  26. I love technology, the idea to connect to other people far away without feeling they are miles away is amazing. It has done more good than harm to the society

  27. I quite like technology, and sing its praises all the time. Thing is, it hates me! If a thing can malfunction, go wrong or simply refuse to work, it will when I get my hands on it!

  28. Great post! Technology can be appreciated and used for the benefit of community and connection ❤️ it’s also important to take a time-out and appreciate nature for what it is 🌿

  29. You’re spot on here, people complain about it but we wouldn’t be where we are today without advances in Technology! I’ve been so grateful to connect with more people during this difficult time and all because I’ve got a mobile phone 📱

  30. Great points! I have a definite love/hate relationship with technology, can never figure out what I’m doing but definitely love the opportunities it’s given us, great post 💖

  31. I have a love-hate relationship with technology. On one hand, it does make life easier. On the other, it rots our brains. It radiates. And with the emergence of robots, I can’t begin to imagine what 250 years from now will look like. Conquered by the machine or man destroyed his conquerer.

    Lovely post. 👌

  32. These are all really great points! I’m the same when it comes to a technical issue. I’m always asking my brother or dad for help. I love that point about connectivity. Especially now with COVID. I don’t think I’ve made so many video calls in the course of 5 months than I’ve done this year.

  33. Great post, I like yourself love technology and all the wonderful opportunities it gives us, but I’m also a bit of a technophobe, I often have to call on others to help because it all gets a little confusing. I do wish I wasn’t so reliant on it though because I feel it sometimes sucks you in and moments pass by without you even noticing. I am very aware of this now and try to make sure that I allocate time where phones, iPads, laptops and televisions are off so that family time can be enjoyed and everyone is fully engaged in these precious moments 💚

  34. I love technology, I definitely don’t know a lot about it either but I don’t think I could live without it. I love that we can stay connected with people all over the world and our family that we wouldn’t be able to otherwise! X

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