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I’ve heard many positives things about CBD in the past. Many success stories about people who have used it to help de-stress or ease pain. It’s an extremely valid treatment for stress and anxiety now and even my aunt uses it for pain in her knees. CBD is long losing it’s taboo status and becoming a much more normal and common product to take for a variety of ailments. Today I want to share with you a success story of how using Hapi Hemp products helped changed Fiona’s life.

Fiona Henry’s life altered dramatically when she started to experience symptoms of fibromyalgia. As her world was turned upside down in so many ways by this debilitating condition, and as she battled to get through each agonizing day, she desperately sought help from anywhere she could find. Here, she shares her story; the struggles, the torment, the fears … and her gratitude for the eventual solace she discovered through taking CBD.

Here is Fiona’s story of fibriomyalgia and her experience of using CBD…

Before the onset of fibromyalgia, I was a fit person, always ‘on the go’, enjoying time at the gym and a keen runner, even participating in The Great Northern Run.

‘It felt like I had cement running through my veins.’

My husband had to come and carry me out of work as I could no longer lift my arms and legs, and I couldn’t speak. It felt like I had cement running through my veins and my eyelids felt like they had great big weights on them.

Once the illness took over, I initially endeavored to continue with my career as a senior beauty therapist, trying to push through it, yet this only made the symptoms worse and eventually, when I was so fatigued that I couldn’t move, I was forced to give up the job I loved.

I felt as though I was trapped in my own body. It was terrifying and incredibly isolating.’

The loss of my career was devastating. The impact on my life was immense as everything I knew and looked forward to before now had to change.

My husband became my carer, something he had to deal with on top of working in two jobs, taking on all the roles that I had always managed, like food shopping, cleaning and cooking. I couldn’t look after myself at all. At my worst, I was completely bed-bound, temporarily paralyzed, unable to tolerate the smallest amount of noise and light. I felt as though I was trapped in my own body. It was terrifying and incredibly isolating.

I could no longer go out dancing all night with my friends like I used to. I have gone from running half marathons to not being able to walk more than 100 yards, using a walking stick and recently needing a wheelchair to get around. I have two toy poodles who are my life, but the joyful walks together became a pleasure of the past. Instead, I would strive to just cross the road and sit on the bench so that I could watch them play.

I have always been the one busily looking after everyone else but now I had to rely on others for help, something that I struggled to adjust to and always found difficult to accept. It was heart-breaking for me, not being able to make a fuss of people like I used to, feeling guilty for not being able to help and do things in the way I used to.

When I was finally diagnosed it was a sense of relief. I had known deep down that I had fibro for a while, and this gave me the opportunity to be able to manage my symptoms properly.  I was diagnosed with M.E first and then I developed the pains and was also diagnosed with fibro.

I must rest as much as possible, between little bouts of activity, conserving the energy that I do have for managing my symptoms and trying to get better. I have learnt to listen to my body as trying to ignore it has only made things tougher. I am pacing myself and accepting this new norm, whilst still finding ways to enjoy myself.

After finding out that I had fibromyalgia, I joined a few support groups on Facebook and alternative therapies were often mentioned. Living with pain and fatigue is something I have sadly become accustomed to, and I was willing to try anything that might help me. I began to consider taking CBD.

Finding Hapi Hemp was a bizarre coincidence! My aunt was in Cambridgeshire visiting her son and his wife and through conversation, I discovered that she knew one of the Hapi Hemp business owners! I couldn’t believe it, as I had literally been looking at their website for the past week!

 ‘I couldn’t imagine life without Hapi Hemp CBD oil!’

CBD changed everything for me. It is not a miracle cure, but it really does make such a huge difference to my ability to manage the condition. I have become a CBD fan in every which way – taking oral drops and drinking the CBD tea, I also use the CBD bath salts and massage oil. And the CBD roller goes everywhere with me!

CBD oil helps with every single symptom I have; I sleep better and wake up more refreshed. It eases my pains, gets rid of tinnitus, helps lessen migraine attacks, calms me down, and got rid of restless leg syndrome.

Overall, I would say that I just feel more alive! I really cannot imagine life without Hapi Hemp CBD Oil!

Why does CBD help with fibromyalgia?

Fibromyalgia is a neurological condition where inappropriate nerve signals produced in the brain cause widespread pain, aching, tingling, burning, throbbing, and stabbing pains. Sufferers experience up to five times the pain of non-sufferers. Sometimes the slightest touch is agony. There are many other symptoms that come along with fibro including chronic fatigue, muscle spasms, blurred vision, ‘brain fog’, IBS, sleep problems, migraines, poor balance, shortness of breath, restless legs, etc.

The cause of fibromyalgia is unknown. It is believed that people who have this condition process pain differently, and that the way their brains recognize pain signals makes them overly sensitive to touch and other stimuli.

Some people believe fibromyalgia is a new condition, but it’s existed for centuries. The disease can affect anyone, including children, but it’s more common in adults. Women are diagnosed with fibromyalgia more often than men.

There is no cure for fibromyalgia, but medication, some lifestyle changes, and natural remedies can help people manage the symptoms. Research is ongoing, nonetheless, CBD remains a popular choice and there is little doubt that an increasing number of people are turning to CBD oil to help symptoms of fibromyalgia.

The pain-relieving effects of CBD may be explained by the ways that this substance affects the brain. It may interrupt the nerve pathways that send signals of pain between the brain and the body.

The anti-inflammatory action of CBD appears to reduce heat and swelling around injury or disease which, in turn. would reduce pain.  It is suggested that a lack of endocannabinoids — neurotransmitters that bind to cannabinoid receptors — may be at the root of chronic pain syndromes, including migraines and fibromyalgia. Taking CBD may correct this deficiency, explaining the compound’s success in alleviating chronic pain.

Do you use CBD oil? Would you recommend it? Do you feel like it’s gaining popularity for treating every day ailments? Check out Hapi Hemp for a range of hemp products!


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  2. The information you provide was great. You have done a great research on CBD for fibromyalgia. I am myself gonna try CBD and Fiona experience just shown me the results of taking CBD.

  3. Your article about CBD for fibromyalgia is great. You have done quite a research about this topic. The way you explained how cbd oil can help in fibromyalgia makes me tempted to try it too. CBD oil has turned out to be a magical potion for pain.

  4. Fibromyalgia sounds honestly horrific and my heart goes out to Fiona and all other sufferers. I have noticed CBD oil is becoming a lot more popular for symptoms like this. I think it’s great that it’s helping people, especially in under-researched diagnoses like fibro!

  5. CBD oil is great! Definitely helps with migraines. This was a really interesting read, and was unaware of some of the other ways that you can take CBD (like the roller). I do like the sound of the tea, too!

  6. I’m so glad you are finding some relief with cbd oil. Fibromyalgia is an awful disease. I know someone who swears by cbd oil for her rheumatoid arthritis too.

  7. This was such a great read. I’m very happy that Fiona has seen incredible benefits using CBD oil.

  8. I have fibromyalgia (sounds like I don’t suffer as badly as Fiona bless her) but I’ve never considered trying CBD oil, maybe it is something I will consider in the future. 🙂

  9. Thank you Fiona for sharing your story. I am so glad to see that CBD oil is starting to be accepted more in mainstream society. I have a number of friends who have used it as part of a bigger plan for their treatment and pain management during chemo/radiation. While the lack of regulation is a little concerning, I think that the shift in acceptance will lead to a better understanding and, in turn, the development of some sort of requirements in terms of quality, etc.

  10. I have heard so much about the good benefits of CBD from my friends, though I have never had need of it. I loved reading Fiona’s story and am so glad she found a way to feel better and begin to get back to her healthy self. It is amazing the little things we find that help us when we go looking.

  11. This was such an interesting read, thank you for sharing it. It’s one of those things that I’ve heard about but never really understood what it is due to the associations and implications surrounding it. This has definitely taught me something new and been an informative eye-opner.

  12. Thank you for sharing. This was a very interesting post and it was good to see that CBD has helped Fiona. I didn’t realise it could make such a difference and it’s certainly opened my eyes to the good it is doing for others.

  13. This was such an interesting post to read. It just goes to show how your health can suddenly change, even if you Class yourself as fit and healthy. It’s great the CBD has worked for you Fiona.

  14. I keep reading about how great CBD oil is but I haven’t taken the plunge yet but I’m sure it would help my chronic illness. You pretty much have me convinced now

  15. That is awesome that CBD works so well for you!
    I’m lucky to live in an area where many of us grow hemp and create our own CBD tinctures and such. I have found it helpful for some migraines.

  16. Wow, the lack of regulation around CBD makes me a bit weary about ever trying it for myself but stories like this are absolutely incredible. It’s amazing some of the things that people say it’s helped them with. This is such an incredible story! x

  17. Thank you for sharing this interesting post! I have heard of CBD oil but am afraid to use it due to it’s associations. I think after reading this, I have seen how beneficial and life changing it can be for people! Thank you for sharing this post, I think it was really eye-opening!

    Em x

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