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Who doesn’t love a pamper night? I’ve loved treating myself to a weekly or fortnightly pamper night for as long as I can remember and really indulging in all the self care, beautiful products and relaxation that they have to offer. I think we all need that special time that’s just for us, to decompress and unwind during a busy week.

Aromantic At Home Pamper Kit

My pamper nights have changed over the years and I incorporate a lot more mindful activities into them now (and a lot less fake tanning!) but it’s important to find what works for you at any given time in your life. Your pamper night doesn’t have to be cliché – you can make it your own!

And with how stressful everything has been over the last 18 months (and continues to be), I think we need our pamper nights more than ever. We all deserve that time to be wholly focused on us, taking care of ourselves, our skin, our hair and most importantly, our spirit.

Today I wanted to share some things I like to incorporate into my pamper nights to make them the absolute perfect, indulgent and relaxing evenings, as well as share an exciting brand and product with you to add an extra layer of excitement to your pamper nights!

Create your own products

Let’s start with this one as this is where Aromantic come in and I’m really excited to share this amazing brand and their products with you because I’ve loved using them and making them myself. I was sent their At Home Pamper Kit to try, so let’s take a look at it and the products in the kit.

This kit includes:

  • 100ml Cleansing Lotion (ready to use)
  • 100ml Base Lotion (ready to use)
  • 100ml Organic Rose Hydrolat (ready to use)
  • 30g Sachet of Peel Off Olive Mask
  • 100ml Lumorol K
  • 50ml Apricot Kernel Oil
  • 50g Himalayan Salt
  • 50g Organic Coconut Butter
  • 5ml Essential Oil (of your choice)
  • Plus: 30ml plastic measuring beaker, 2ml plastic measuring spoon, 2x 120ml containers

It comes with 3 products that are ready to use, as well as everything you need to make the others yourself, including measuring cups, containers and a small spoon. You can also choose which essential oil scent you’d like in your kit – I chose Blood Orange. I’m a sucker for citrus.

This kit retails at £46.20 (including VAT) and I think it’s 100% worth it. I mentioned on my Instagram story that I thought it would make an amazing gift as well; especially for a friend or someone who’s into their self care. Or perhaps someone who’s had a tough year and needs some extra love and care during their next pamper night. This would be a really sweet and thoughtful gift.

I used the kit myself (because heck, I deserve it too) and had a really lovely little afternoon with myself, playing some music and making a couple of pamper products. I definitely felt like I was in a potions class whilst measuring out ingredients and mixing oils and things together. I definitely channeled my inner Slytherin a little bit.

The products themselves are really lovely. I used the salt scrub in the shower the day after I made it and it smelt delicious and left my skin feeling super silky and soft. I also used the massage oil on my shoulders and my feet during a Yoga practice shortly after making them too and that was a lovely little extra treat and the perfect addition to my pamper evening!

This kit contains high-quality natural ingredients, which are cruelty free as well. Most of Aromantic’s products are Vegan too and you can read more about their ethics as a brand here. I’ve been really impressed with this kit, the quality of products, the ease of making them and the amount you get in it. A perfect gift – for someone you love OR for yourself – to seriously boost your pamper nights!

Eliminate distractions 

Okay so continuing on with having the perfect pamper night. My pampers nights need to be during a time where I’m not going to be disturbed. I tend to get really agitated if there’s too much noise around me or people keep interrupting me when I’m trying to relax. So choose a night where everyone else is out. Or just let them know that you need a few hours to yourself and to not disturb you!

Get out your most luxurious candles 

All those extra little additions are great for your pamper night; so treat yourself by lighting your most expensive or luxurious candles to really set the scene and promote a relaxing evening for yourself!

Don’t skimp on yourself 

As well as the expensive candles, this is YOUR pamper night to enjoy, so don’t skimp on yourself. Use your expensive products, take your time and focus on yourself. You deserve this time to yourself, so make the most of it and don’t feel guilty for it, either!

Quality over quantity

Sometimes I find that during a pamper night, I want to do ALL THE THINGS. I give myself a big long to-do list of pamper related activities I want to get done and just like that, I’ve turned it into a chore. I urge you NOT to do that. It doesn’t matter if you end up doing just one thing – like washing your hair or shaving your legs – it’s all about the quality.

Quality of the products you’re using and the quality of time and attention you’re spending on yourself. If you spend two whole hours just tending to your hair, then that’s amazing!

Incorporate activities you love 

I love to make a whole event of my pamper nights so as well as the actual pampering, I also like to listen to some music, read a book or practice some soft and stretchy Yoga to enhance my night!

Food is always a good addition!

And finally, you can’t have a self care pamper evening without food. With this being your evening for YOU, then eat whateverrrrr the heck you want. Something you’ll enjoy 100%. My food of choice for pamper evenings is usually sushi!

I hope these suggestions help you incorporate some new things into your next pamper night! If you really want to up your pamper night routine, definitely check out Aromantic and their amazing products!

What do you like to do on your pamper nights? Do you have anything else to add to this list? Let me know!

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  1. I haven’t heard of Aromantic before, but their pamper kit sounds amazing! I also love that there’s the DIY element for some of the products & you can choose your essential oil.
    These are great tips on how to have a great pamper night!

  2. Thank you for this post and the reminders of self-love and self-care in our lives.
    Creating our own aromatherapy products can be a fun and relaxing activity. And also using them in our self-care practice.
    In order to prevent stress from building up, we need daily micro habits to keep us strong and contribute to our well being. Things as simple as a healthy breakfast, 30 minutes of walking, a good night sleep or a bath with essential oils can make us happier and more productive.

  3. This kit looks awesome! I love the idea of having products ready to go but being able to create others is such a fun activity to do. I love how much more relaxed I feel when I have participated even a small part of pampering. I haven’t heard of this brand before. Thank you for sharing your experience.

    Lauren –

  4. I love having a bit of a pamper although I don’t often have the time for it. My go to is a face mask in the bath with a yum bubble bath and/or a scented candle. I love relaxing in the water and especially in the winter when the weather is so cold outside!

  5. I love a pamper night! It’s been so long since I had one. I have heard a thing or two about aromatic and I think it’s high time I give it a try. I love candles a lot and they always make me relaxed. Also, you can never go wrong with good food. Thank you for this Jenny. It’s such a great reminder to just relax and take care of me.

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