I love goal setting and I love self care. So what’s better than combining the two? Self care goals are a great way to not only stay on top of your self care but also really get clear on what’s working, what’s not and what you need from your self care. We need to be mindful when practicing self care because so often we can follow the crowd without considering whether what we’re doing is right for us.

self care goals

There are different areas of self care that you can focus on but to keep it simple, I’m going to to stick with the 4 areas of self care that I mentioned previously in this post about the 4 areas of self care you shouldn’t overlook.

Self care and the different domains of self care is a hugely deeper subject than just these 4 but it’s no secret that these 4 areas are the ones that we’re either going to be focused on the most – or neglecting the most!

As with anything else that you would set goals for, it’s important to first understand that the goals you set yourself need to be:

  • Personal to you and not influenced by anyone else
  • Manageable and not overwhelming
  • Realistic to you

For example, you wouldn’t set yourself a self care goal right now of running every day if you’d just broken your leg like, be smart. 

Self care goals should be personal to you and your needs. And whilst it’s amazing to use blog posts like this one to get inspiration and ideas from, if something doesn’t resonate with you then you absolutely shouldn’t set it as a goal.

I think that’s even more important when it comes to self care goals.

Physical self care goals:

physical self care goals

Physical self care goals are important because this is where our basic needs lie. Eating when we’re hungry, drinking water to stay hydrated and resting when we’re exhausted. There’s no getting away from these goals as they make sure you stay alive and well!

But that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun with them and mix it up along the way. These types of goals will all be very much dependent on the individual, any conditions or disabilities you have, your age and your health among other factors.

If going for a massage isn’t an option for you, perhaps set yourself a goal of giving yourself a massage and investing in some lovely massage oils for it!

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Emotional goals:


Emotional self care is so important, especially in this post-pandemic world we’re living in right now. We can all relate to this one on a deep level. We all have days where we feel down or mentally fragile. So emotional self care REALLY isn’t something you should ignore.

This isn’t about the baths and the candles. Lighting a candle isn’t going to help us go inwards and really figure out what our inner true self needs in order to feel balance and stable emotionally. Although these goals are simple, they can be incredibly effective and get into that deeper level sh*t.

Spiritual self care goals:

spiritual self care

Spiritual self care is very much where my priorities have been over the last 6 months or so and finding a spiritual balance has been really important to me. I think this one the easiest to fall off the bandwagon with but also one of the most rewarding when I keep up with my spiritual self care practices.

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These goals will be different for everyone, depending on your belief systems. Whatever you believe, you make these goals fit around those beliefs.

Intellectual goal ideas:

Keeping your brain healthy and stimulated is another incredible form of self care but probably the one we think about the least. I can really tell when I’m lacking in this area of self care. I feel stuck. I feel like I’m going through the motions.

And whilst I might still be loving what I’m doing, that lack of stimulation of learning something new can reaaally damped my spirits! Don’t neglect your beautiful brain when it comes to self care either!

Just as you would with your blog or your business or your hobbies, self care is a great area of life to set goals for. We’re all after that optimum self care where we feel our best most of the time and when we don’t, we know EXACTLY what to do to rectify it.

Setting goals can really help with that. It keeps you motivated to focus on YOURSELF more often too!

Which area of self care will you be setting goals for? Which goals are you drawn to? Let me know!

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  1. Lovely post, Jenny! I really love how you broke it down. I do admit to really neglecting my self care lately and it’s caught up with me this week for sure! I need to break down my goals they way you do and realign myself this month. Thanks so much for sharing! x

    Lynn | https://www.lynnmumbingmejia.com

  2. I’m always drawn to creative and intellectual goals which allow me to upskill while also having fun but I really should concentrate more on physical! My bullet journal keeps me up emotionally so I think that’s enough for now haha. Great post, Jenny!

  3. These are some great goals. I would love to do more reading, that’s something that I’m trying to make a priority this summer. It’s hammock weather, which makes it the PERFECT time to curl up with a good book, whether it’s a self-development book for me/the business, or just something that’s fun to read. I’m working my way through SEO The Easy Way right now, but I think I need to pick something fun to enjoy as well!

  4. I love that you mention setting real goals. I can have all kinds of good intentions to exercise & volunteer this summer, but if I don’t make measurable goals, I’ll never create a new routine for myself

  5. These are brilliant! Feels good to know I am already able to tick a fair few of these off! In fact I am just planning a walk with a pal tonight after I’ve been to the gym!

    Love the intellectual ones x

  6. Another great post. My own self care is often the final thing on my to do list and gets forgotten but it is so so important. Thank you for sharing these tips and goals


  7. This is such a great list and totally need to keep it near because the last couple of months have not been the best and self-care has been almost a mirage! Reading and taking time to learn a new language have been consistently helping these days x

    1. Lovely post! I will be referring to this as I continue my own self care journey and consistency. I really like how you divided it clearly.

  8. I had same goals in 2017 luckily I followed and got results, but as 2018 started I’m losing in motivation need something to keep my self on track. What would you suggest for that

  9. Love these goals 🙂 I’m also trying to do more of what makes me happy as life is too short not to!

  10. Great post! Definitely time to take better care of myself. I love the idea and want to take the time to create a daily gratitude journal.

  11. It’s shocking really that we now have to plan ahead to look after ourselves. When did we get so busy that self-care became something we had to plan for? I plan to read more, have more Lush baths because I freakin’ love them, and not be made to feel guilty for liking things like Nintendogs!

    1. You are SO right Aimee. It’s pretty awful isn’t it? But at least we’re realising that now. They sound like great goals. You should never feel guilty for liking those silly little things that make you happy. I absolutely adore playing Playstation 1 games like Spyro and Crash. Nothing beats it!

  12. I really love these goals and relate to them so much! Honestly, the basics are what I struggle with most… When I was still in college, I would sometimes take a day off (call in sick) to take care of my mental health, but since I’ve graduated I’ve been quite hard on myself. I’m definitely going to try and take better care of myself in 2018. Good luck! <3

  13. Funnily enough I decided today that self-care is going to be something I will make time for next year. By which I mean pamper time: painting my nails, masking, having baths (I shower, don’t worry, I’m not dirty 😉) I spend so much time running around after Flora and Alan that I kind of forget I need a bit of TLC too. Great post, Jenny, brilliant timing for me! Xx

    Lisa | http://www.lisasnotebook.com

  14. I really need to adopt some self care methods because on days like today it’s been absolutely awful. I’m exhausted, and because of this I haven’t the energy to get out of bed to eat so I just stay in bed and starve which makes me even more exhausted. So one of the first things I’d like to do is each better! I’d also love to spend more time reading books as I used to love doing that. It’s just hard finding the time to do so…

    1. Although doing what your body needs is also important in self care. I try and remember the basics often too so if I’m tired, I’ll nap. And if I feel absolutely dreadful for whatever reason, just making sure I get up to get a glass of water is vital xxx

  15. I am embracing self-care in my life in 2018 because I’ve neglected it a lot in my life in general, I read a lot this year so I’m going to try and top my amount next year. I wish you all the best for 2018!

  16. This is such a fabulous list! Yoga, reading and massages are definitely my favourite things 💕. I treated myself to a hot stone massage last week and it was incredible. Self care is so important, I love that you are focusing on this for 2018 💖 xx

    Bexa | http://www.hellobexa.com

    1. Oh wow I haven’t had one of those! I just tend to go for a back, neck and head de-stress massage and I’m going to book one for the first week of the new year to get it off to a good start! xxx

  17. What a great post! I love these goals and reading and yoga is definitely on my 2018 Goals list aswell!

  18. I’m so pleased to hear that you’re focusing on self-care for 2018. I truly believe it’s just as important to be kind to yourself as it is to others. Definitely go for more massages – they really are the best!
    Anna xx

  19. This is such a lovely post and I totally agree, self care is so important and we should take more time for ourselves! Lovely blog hun, followed xxx

  20. My theory is that we have to feel the urge to the basics the same way we have for the games or traveling or maybe talking to others. Try starting with a book full of analogies and short stories that you can relate to as well and just start it first thing tomorrow. The book will do the rest. Once u start a good book that you can form a connection with, it wouldn’t be much different than a human being with whom you want to talk for hours.

  21. Reading for me (instead for uni) is also a big one on my list! And the basics *deep sigh* they can do so much for you if only you actually do them and not just, like me, think about them. I think I need a stern talk with myself and make a list or something to make the basics a real and regular thing instead of something I think about. Which is also another thing for me. Not necessarily less thinking but, you know, less thinking would be nice (so I can 1. do more of what makes me happy and 2. be more appreciative and grateful). Let’s make 2018 a good year! 😉



  22. I completely agree with the reading part. I didn’t even wait for the new year, just started with “How to Influence people and make friends” By Dale Carnegie. It is really good, Reading is so much better than audio books and video tutorials. It lets us use the most powerful graphics card ever built, “Imagination”. Nice post!

  23. EDIT: Apologies if this comes up twice!

    These are good goals to have! You’ve actually inspired me to come up with my own self-care goals. I’ve never had a massage before, so that’s something that I’d like to save up for and experience semi-regularly in 2018. Also, I should probably start a gratitude diary because I’m always focusing on the negatives and not appreciating what it is that I do have. And, of course, lile you, I’ll be spending a lot of time on my blog! Let’s hope 2018 is a good year for all of us. I really hope it is. x


    1. Didn’t appear twice, don’t worry!

      Awh I’m so glad to hear that I’ve inspired you to make your own. I did a gratitude journal for a year every day from November 2015 to November 2016 but it didn’t really work for me but it does for many people and is a great thing to try (: xxx

  24. This is great! I think self care gets so neglected when really it should be more of a priority. Yoga and Reading is definitely something I will be focusing on while also focusing on doing more stuff I enjoy. Hope you had a lovely Christmas and a great new year!

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