ad – gifted items // After 2.5 years, I finally caught COVID in April 2022. My whole household did. I literally can’t believe it took us that long, consider two people were heading into London regularly when the pandemic was rife. But alas, we were not immune. We are all vaccinated and boosted, so it wasn’t *too* bad on us but it still reaaaally sucked.

My Mum experienced just a bad cold, however she did have a lingering cough for quite a while afterwards. My Dad, even though he’s had the most health issues of all of us, actually got away the lightest. 

My boyfriend has asthma, so I was quite worried about him. He started off feeling okay but after 3/4 days, he developed a severe sore throat and breathlessness. He felt absolutely terrible but we stocked up on inhalers, flu tablets and throat spray, not knowing whether any of it was actually going to work against COVID.

Similarly to my Mum, I also experienced a really bad cold. Nothing worse than I’ve had before but the main thing I noticed with myself was my energy levels and fatigue. I was just SO tired and knackered from doing, well, nothing.

Prior to us all getting COVID, I was really focused on my health and exercise. I had worked with a fitness coach since December and whilst I wasn’t working with her anymore, the tips and habits she introduced to me helped me continue a more healthy lifestyle.

COVID knocked me, so my exercise went out of the window whilst I was ill but even when I was no longer positive, I noticed my energy was still through the floor.

I started to get a bit nervous about long COVID at this point, having heard so many horror stories about it. I desperately wanted to get back into my exercise routine but I was still coughing, phlegmy and also getting constant heart palpitations, so I was incredibly nervous about doing anything strenuous.

I knew I needed to start somewhere and I did make a few mistakes early on, like doing a workout that was far harder than I should have done and subsequently feeling awful afterwards. I was just really shocked at how long it took to get back into some sort of “normal” routine, after my bout of COVID.

So today, with the help of adidas, I wanted to share some basic tips for getting back into exercise safely after COVID. Of course, everyone is different and will have experienced the virus in different ways but here are some things I found that helped me.

Listen to your OWN body

Everyone is different so what works for someone, might not work for you. It’s great to get tips and advice but at the end of the day, you need to listen to what your own body is telling you. Before working out and during a work out. If you don’t have the energy for a HIIT, try a restorative Yoga practice. Or if you’re halfway through a workout and finding it too difficult, tune it down a notch.


And speaking of Yoga, Yoga is a GREAT practice, especially for when you’re not at your fittest or you’re trying to regain your fitness. There are so many different types of Yoga to try and even a slow and gentle practice will do your body the world of good if it’s been in a crumpled state for so long with COVID.

adidas have helped me with my Yoga practices recently with these two gorgeous sets from their Yoga 4 Elements range. I heard of this range because Adriene Mischler – Yoga with Adriene Extraordinaire – is an ambassador, so I just had to try some for myself.

I really love these two sets from adidas. I feel really good in both of them and they’re absolutely perfect for Yoga practices, as well as general exercise. The leggings are super comfortable so I’d probably wear them throughout the day if I was having a cozy day!

My own issue was the sizing. The sizes they suggested for me, based on my height and weight etc on the website were FAR out. The leggings were far too big and the sports bras were far too small. So I did have to send them back and get different sizes, which was fine, the returns process was easy enough.

But just something to consider if you’re thinking of purchasing some Yoga-wear from the site; take their size recommendations with a pinch of salt. Other than that, these sets are pretty much perfect!

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Walk, walk, walk

Walking is one of the best activities you can do for your body, heart, lungs and mind. Don’t forget, they’re all connected. Your spirit too! And if they’re all feeling good in unison, then you’ll be healing a lot quicker and more effectively. Walking is great because it can be done anywhere, is low impact but SO good for you!

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Try a low-impact activity

If you want to try another low impact activity, swimming might be a great option. My Mum and I were going swimming regularly before we both got COVID. Obviously we stopped going when we were both sick but when we were negative, we were both quite nervous about going back. Turns out, swimming was a GREAT option, as it’s so low impact.

Do something every day (even if it’s only small)

Little and often is a great rule of thumb when it comes to getting your energy, strength and fitness back after a bout of COVID. Going head on into the gym for a 2 hour workout probably won’t do you much good. So perhaps try and switch things up daily. Perhaps some Yoga in the morning and a walk in the afternoon.

There are plenty of fitness challenge ideas online if you’re struggling to work out what to do in order to keep fit. These workouts can be based in the gym, at home or outdoors, so take advantage of these ideas, no matter how many or how little you do.

Obviously following these tips won’t stop you getting long COVID. If you’re going to get it, you will. I sincerely hope you don’t but like I said, it’s SO important to listen to your own body but also take proactive steps in healing yourself through movement. Movement is medicine after all!

Over to you! Have you had COVID and how did you find getting back into exercise afterwards?

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  1. Damn, COVID is a b*tch!

    I had some serious bout of COVID like illnesses back in 2019 then in 2020 and thankfully I’ve been triple jabbed so that vile Miss Rona won’t be coming for me again! Well, she better not!

    Love the positive outcome at the end of this blog with your manageable tips for getting back into exercise… I am gyming it for the win, both in the gym and pool because 2022 needs to be a healthier year with more exercise!

    Great blog and best wishes!


  2. First off, you look great!! I had COVID in April too and I had a similar situation to you, was very grateful it was somewhat mild. For months I have been saying “I’m going to get back into yoga.” While I love it, it’s hard. Life seems to be knocking me on the ass… but these tips are great. Hoping I can get to it soon and maybe stick with it for longer than a summer! xx

  3. I’m sorry about how Covid just got everyone in your home but I’m happy everyone is doing well. I like to walk on days when I don’t feel like running, keeping fit is important for me. It may be time to get back out there. The set looks really good on you!

  4. I loved this post as it reminded me of another way to squeeze ‘movement’ into my day. I started walking to places that were nearby instead of driving. I may only burn 20 calories but I am more aware of my environment and actually enjoy the journey instead of rushing around. Love the outfits you selected as well!

    Crystal |

  5. One part of being a dog owner to 3 high-energy dogs that I’m grateful for is that they force me to be active even when I don’t want to. I took a couple of days off when I had COVID but it wasn’t long before they were getting antsy and begging to get outside again. It’s like having my own furry personal trainers.

  6. What an awesome post! I have been looking for comfortable, confidence-boosting workout clothes for a while now, and I’m just loving the look of these two sets. It is honestly so nice to see clothing modeled by someone who mirrors my body type, so thank you so much for sharing this!

  7. This is a great post, and we are definitely sorry that you got COVID. This post is very inspiring regarding doing the hard work and getting back to exercise. Thank you for sharing!

  8. I have finally been allowed to go into the gym after 5 years of my knee accident at work. I have been given a routine to start small, but excited to get back into a routine and try and be as healthy as I can despite my chronic pain and illness. I love the outfits! I love the red/purple one, it’s such a gorgeous colour. Luckily I haven’t had covid (touch wood, everyone in my house has had it, except me!) but I know I moved even less during covid months. Thank you for sharing your experience Jenny.

    Lauren xx

  9. I mean yes to this, such an important topic and such great advices! You look absolutely STUNNING in all of the sets and so glad to hear that you found your best way back to exercising! I had COVID during the first lockdown and even if in a mild thing apart from continuous headache I still can’t smell much after a year and a half. Tiredness was another issue, but having that much time in hand walks really helped. So glad that you are all better now! x

  10. Beautiful! Yes, healthy body leads a healthy mind and vice versa. Love it! Every tip and encouraging word helps! I am back to doing yoga and qigong (after I had quit in 2020 for a time when I had depressed thoughts during the lockdown). I get it. Nothing will get me down again! ❤️🦋🌀

  11. So true! Since the world is now on endemic, it’s high time we get back to exercise. I’m also getting back to exercise and physical activities again. I need to be fit again.

  12. First of all you look stunning and I LOVE these pieces!! Secondly I can agree with you on the post covid thing. I got it end of March this year (again like you after the whole pandemic not catching it and I was in a school back in 2020 where it was rife). I was actually quite lucky in that I had 2 days of just a bad cold and then by day 4 I was negative! I also didn’t take any time off work which I should have done and that is my fault! But afterwards like you I found it really hard to workout and I run and gym regularly and I was so out of breath, still having heart palpitations it was crazy! I definitely took it easy but it was hard at first. So these tips are helpful for others that might be going through the same, thank you xx

    1. Glad you didn’t have such a bad time of covid apart from the aftermath. I’m surprised to hear of a few others having such bad heart palpitations; I thought it was just me. It was HORRIBLE.

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