collaborative post // Giving a thoughtful gift to a family member or friend can help build a stronger connection between you and the receiver, as it shows you have taken the time to really understand their needs and wants. This can help build their self-esteem and confidence, as they feel more loved and appreciated by you.

Not only can it benefit them – but you also! You are bound to get some good karma your way, and it can make you feel happier within yourself. Here are our top tips to find the perfect thoughtful gift for your loved one:

Think about what they value

A thoughtful gift should reflect the personality of the person that you know and love. For example, if they are an animal lover why not adopt an animal on their behalf, or visit an animal rescue and volunteer with them. If they are big fans of travelling and have been mentioning a destination to you for years, why not surprise them with a trip!

You could even get them a diamond ring with their birth stone, to show how much you appreciate them. Thoughtful gifts don’t need to be expensive, their favourite bunch of flowers with a thoughtful letter will mean so much to them.

Homemade options

A great option if you’re shopping on a budget, or if it’s a present to someone from your kids, is to get creative and make something yourself. Not only does this require time, thought and effort – it can make the person feel extra special and appreciated. Why not try to think outside the box, this could be anything from a photo frame and a picture of them and their pet inside, or even try to bake them a birthday cake and make a homemade card!

Think long term

If you want your gift to have a lasting positive impact on your friend or family member, then try to think of something they’ll want or use regularly – but would never buy themselves. This could be anything from an upgraded phone, a new kitchen appliance or even a kindle if they are a book lover, to store all their books on.

Try to have a chat with them and see if you can subtly work out if there is anything that they have been needing, and try to find the item within your budget! If they have a partner or close friend, it can be good to speak to them and see if they have any ideas – as you may be able to split the cost of a gift if it is out of your price range!

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