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I write a lot of content around productivity and personal development. Two subjects I adore and work on regularly in my own life so not only can I improve myself but also teach others through my blog too. I’ve touched on the subject of toxic productivity before and how damaging it can be, especially in light of a pandemic.

So today I wanted to talk about some cheap entertainment ideas for when you’re bored at home. Perhaps it’s one of those slow work days. Perhaps you’re sick and stuck in bed; not tired enough to sleep but not well enough to do much else either. Or maybe it’s just…

One of those days.

We all know them. We’ve all had them. I’ve had quite a few, fairly recently and they suuuuuuck. The thought of doing something even remotely productive or something that was going to allow me to “better myself” was like asking me to eat puke. It wasn’t going to happen.

It was one of those days. I didn’t want to do anything. I was bored. I was in a funk. So I needed some entertainment to get me through the day. And you know what? We all need those days from time to time. We all need a wake up call to freaking sit down, relax, stop tweeting or blogging or hustling.

So for whatever reason you find yourself bored at home, here are some low-key ideas to help keep you entertained (especially if you’re on a budget):

Play free online games

I absolutely love gaming. But it’s no secret that games cost a LOT of money. With games being £50 a pop sometimes, you could find yourself spending hundreds and hundreds a year on new game releases for PlayStations and your laptop. And whilst it’s always great to save up for a game you want, you’ll probably want something to play in the meantime.

There are a ton of great free games online that can be played. I’ve been playing a selection from recently and really enjoying them so they’re definitely worth checking out if you want to find some new free games to play! They have everything from simulation to arcade to base defense and more.

Personally, I’m a sucker for simulation games. I’ve spent hours in the past building up my own restaurants and bakeries and don’t get me STARTED with how much I love The Sims. But for something that isn’t quite so immersive but addicted enough to take up a good 45 minutes of boredom time, the simulation games on are great fun.

I particularly liked Tap Supermarket. Good gosh that game gets stressful! It’s a basic game and the premise is you need to keep the supermarket operating smoothly. You have to ensure customers are seen to at the checkout on time, that shelves are re-stocked, stock is available as well as using your money to open new counters to make your supermarket rating go up.

As the game goes on, the shop gets more and more busy so you have more to do and it’s a bit frantic but definitely a fun game! It can be played on desktop or mobile which is great for commutes and things as well! I also enjoyed Open Restaurant which had a similar premise, except you’re running a restaurant, seating customers, taking orders etc. and have to reach a certain income for the end of the day, otherwise the game is over.

Get books from the library

You can’t get much cheaper that library books! I think libraries are such underrated resources and services and if you’re on a budget or need to seriously save some pennies, then the library should be your first port of call for anything you might need. Arguably reading could come under the “personal growth” category but sometimes you just need to delve into a good fiction and float away.

Listen to podcasts on Spotify

I love Spotify and I can’t believe so many podcasts are completely free to listen to considering the time and effort it takes to create them! So they’re definitely something you need to think about utilizing when you’re bored AND on a budget! Whatever you fancy listening to, you’re bound to find it on Spotify.

Try a free home workout on YouTube

I used to watch a lot of YouTube, a handful of years ago when I wasn’t as busy with work and in a pretty bad place mentally. And although there are still a handful of creators on YouTube that I love and watch, I mostly use the platform for home workouts now. Which, again, is amazing considering the time and effort it takes to create them.

If you’ve been here long enough, you’ll know how much I love Yoga With Adriene. However for more hardcore workouts, I also use Holly Dolke and Lily Sabri. I’ve also recently discovered Sharona’s Hill who does AMAZING workouts to Disney music, musicals (such as Mamma Mia) and Queen! She’s great if you want something a bit more fun and her Disney workouts would be great for kids to join in with as well.

Do something crafty with whatever you can find

If you prefer to do something with your hands (rather than watching a screen or reading) then these next two suggestions will be perfect for you. Why not try getting crafty (if you’re crafty) with anything you can find? See what joys you can make with what you can find in your craft cupboard.

Experiment in the kitchen

Or if you enjoy cooking, like I do, then maybe experiment in the kitchen to curb the boredom with whatever you can find in the cupboard! See if you can create a gourmet meal for 2 with limited resources!

What do you like to do at home when you’re bored which doesn’t require money? Let me know in the comments!


  1. I’ve always been a big “take care of myself” type of person, but throughout this pandemic I’ve been really tested, and have had to cycle through these options often. These are great options for everyone, and hopefully this helps someone else think of something else to do to help relieve some tension! Great post 🙂 xx

    Melina |

  2. I think it is so important that we all come to appreciate spare time and simply enjoy it. Thanks for sharing your top recommendations for iddle time.

  3. Oooh that game definitely sounds like a me kind of thing – I’ve rediscovered my Sims love over lockdown – with you all the way on loving simulation kind of games. Gonna have to check that one out for sure. Great ideas here – nothing beats picking up a book!

  4. These are some great suggestions. Perfect for a third COVID lockdown 😒. I have found myself playing a lot more online or mobile games lately. I’ll have to try some of these suggestions.

  5. I know, I know, it’s productive, but I LOVE cleaning and/or organizing when I’m bored and don’t feel like doing something too productive. I throw on an audiobook or a podcast and just check things off the forever list of chores. For me, this is very relaxing, but I realize it wouldn’t be for everyone! If I’m sick in bed, sometimes I’ll do some digital cleaning (organizing photos, cleaning Facebook photos, organizing folders etc…). It really is therapeutic for me!

  6. Love this post, Jenny! I feel you 100%. I lacked motivation the past two weeks and honestly, I’ve just been watching shows that make me laugh and a little baking. Sometimes we need to just do nothing for a bit to feel like ourselves again. Thanks so much for sharing! xx

    Lynn |

  7. Great tips! I like the comment above about board games…so much fun! Crafting things is wonderful and you can always learn something new. Years ago I make an owl hook rug and I still love that wall hanging. Crafting anything with photos is great because you preserve so many memories…scrapbooks, photo albums, etc. Crafting in the kitchen is fun this time of year because you can use your own garden veggies and fresh herbs.

  8. All good tips. I would add boardgames! I started playing them for the first time in years because of the pandemic. Forgot how much fun they are! Thanks Jenny 🙏

  9. I definitely have those moments too. Often is listening to an audiobook or reading a book. Being at home much of the time I love picking up the phone and chatting with a friend or family member. Thanks for sharing some other great ideas.

  10. Some neat ideas here! I have been in a funk too and I have just been crocheting and colouring in this amazing app I found for my iPad.

  11. Love these ideas! I used to pass afternoons playing free games online when i was younger, now i spend most of my free time reading and writing. Love the idea of a crafting project and listening to podcasts x

  12. Except for playing games, I already do the other things from the list and I love them! I only feel like I listen to podcasts the least, but I love them, so I’d like to find more time for that. Thanks xx

  13. So many lovely tips. I love being at home, working from home means I’m here all the time. I’m never really bored, there’s always so much to do. When I’ve got a spare five minutes I love a blast of my Spotify playlist – on full blast. A kitchen dance break is good for the soul


  14. Great tips :- ) I rarely play games but recently I started playing Scrabble online for free and that’s definitely something that can provide entertainment for hours :- ) Thanks for the workout channel tips, saving that for when I feel up to it :- ))


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