Christmas is a time for giving. But how often do you include yourself in that? Not very often, I’d guess! I think especially as women, we’re very focused on ensuring Christmas is a wonderful time for our family and friends. Buying the perfect gifts, cooking quality food and arranging fun things to do that everyone will enjoy.

We spend our time, effort and a LOT of money on all these things, yet rarely do we stop and think about what WE actually want and need during this often-stressful time of year! 

Well, I hope this post will serve as a reminder for you to take into consideration what you want this time of year and no, not from other people. From yourself.

It’s no secret that this time of year can be stressful for a myriad of reasons. Money worries, family feuds, Seasonal Affective Disorder, pressure to make it perfect – the list is endless. 

And if we don’t step in and take care of ourselves during this time, then inevitably, it will get too much, and you’ll end up bubbling over.

Which isn’t what anyone wants during what is supposed to be one of the most joyful times of year.

It’s been an incredibly long 12 months. For me personally, 2022 has been pretty crap, with the loss of my dog, another loss in the family, incredibly low mental health and more.

So I’m really taking some time to consider what I need right now, as the nights get darker, the weather gets colder, and we hurtle towards the end of another year.

If you need a little helping hand to figure out what to gift yourself this year (both physical items and not!) then this is the list for you!

10 Things To Gift Yourself This Christmas:

The gift of alone time

There are tons of benefits of alone time, so this Christmas, if you’re able, give yourself the gift of just spending some damn time alone. Whether that’s taking yourself for a coffee or a solo cinema trip to see a cheesy film that nobody else wants to see.

I absolutely adore spending time alone and if I haven’t in a while, then I can really notice it in my energy. I can anxious and agitated and feel like I need to retreat. This is where the gift of alone time comes in perfectly.

The gift of food

Food is the best and it’s even better around Christmas! Good quality food can make Christmas even more special but don’t forget, amongst all the cooking for everyone else, treat yourself too!

Spend an evening cooking yourself your favourite meal or baking your favourite cake. Perhaps go out for dinner if you’re able to and order your favourite dish from the restaurant.

The gift of beauty

You’re already beautiful, exactly how you are. But most of us do love to get pampered and experience a beauty treatment every now and again and this can make us feel even more confident and boost our self-love even higher!

Take yourself to get your nails done (perhaps in a cute Christmassy style!), book that haircut you’ve been putting off or go for a eyelash tint.

The gift of literature

Books are one of life’s greatest and most precious gift. The words within pages have the power to transform, teach, complete and allow us to dream, understand, learn and more.

Whether you like medical non-fiction, are more of a Young Adult books kinda person or something else, just treat yourself to that book. It is NEVER a waste of money.

The gift of relaxation

We definitely all need a bit of relaxation this time of year and I will bet that you’ve not dedicated enough time to relaxation in the lead up to Christmas, have you?

Book yourself a massage or some reflexology. Or, if you’re able, take yourself on a full solo spa break. This will help you get in your alone time AND allow you to totally switch off and relax!

The gift of nature

Nature is one of our biggest teachers and although it’s cold out (and often damp), that’s no excuse not to get out there and embrace what the seasons have to offer us.

Using the seasons for your self care can be a gateway into being more in tune with yourself and the natural world around us, allowing us to feel more balance and serenity.

The gift of music

When was the last time you just put your favourite music on a danced around like a plonker to it? Well? Music can make us feel ALL THE FEELS and completely change our moods.

Give yourself the gift of music by making music a priority in your daily life. Songs that make you feel great; put them on in the morning when you’re getting ready or whilst going for your walk. Or maybe book tickets to see a band live!

The gift of nourishment

Nourishment can mean an array of different things and around Christmas where everything is super busy and stressful, we can definitely neglect the act of nourishing our bodies, minds and spirits.

For your body, take stock of what you’re eating and get in more veggies and water. For your mind, open up about how your feeling or journal it out. As for your spirit, try meditating or doing something that makes your soul sing.

The gift of kindness

Kindness to others AND to yourself. Don’t forget to be kind to yourself, too. Whilst being kind to others can really make our hearts feel full, be sure to extend that same amount of kindness to yourself.

Watch how you’re talking to yourself, give yourself a break when you need one, say no to something you don’t want to do.

The gift of friendship

Christmas is the time for friends and family and spending time with the people you love. And whilst this post is all about things to gift YOURSELF, sometimes, all we need is to spend time with those who love us.

Go out for drinks with a friend, kick your shoes off and dance and laugh and just be happy in the moment – you deserve it.

What will you be gifting to yourself this Christmas? What do you need?

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  2. Wow~ I wish to present myself with each of these gifts. This month, I’m trying to complete my work as quickly as possible so that I can enjoy some relaxation. I want to treat myself to extra beauty products or a spa day 🙂 Thanks for sharing this lovely post x

  3. What a great idea for a blog post and to think about this at Christmas. We are all so guilty of forgetting about ourselves because we are too busy buying for others. Thank you for sharing Jenny!


  4. What a lovely post and a great reminder to look after oirseleves during this season! It’s easy to get caught up in the stress Christmas can bring.

  5. May I reblog this, Jenny? This is beautiful, relevant, and touches my heart (as you put alone time at the top, included meditation, spa treatments, reading books, etc). Beautiful. I already ordered my own gifts so I don’t relay or expect any from anyone! Ha! Happy holidays!

  6. I love going on a date with myself and in those times while I am waiting for my coffee, I like to sketch whatever interests my observation on a thin tissue paper. I draw just the nose of a person or if I am sitting by a window then I like to draw the branches of a tree. I particularly like the texture of thin tissue paper that adds a subtle interesting background to the sketch. But during holiday season, I become conscious of people walking around with families and partners, so I avoid solo coffee dates. Instead I do a lot of baking.

    1. I think it can be empowering to go on coffee dates alone, even if you are surrounded by families. I wouldn’t let that stop you this time of year – especially as you enjoy going alone anyway and sketching whilst you’re there is a great idea as well x

  7. These are wonderful suggestions for gifts to give ourselves. I definitely want to gift myself some more Alice Oseman books and a solo spa break would be really nice!

  8. I love this post – it’s just what I needed to read this time of year. I’ve bought some physical gifts for myself (because why not?) but I agree that not every gift you give to yourself has to be something physical. Time alone, listening to music, getting outdoors all cost nothing yet mean so much. xx

  9. This is a beautiful post. I will be gifting myself books, relaxation and beautiful food. I love cooking but I also love having the occasional meal cooked for me so I’m looking forward to one or two meals out this year.
    I hope you have a wonderful Christmas.

  10. Books are the one thing I love to gift myself. They are perfect for so many reasons. Whether it’s to keep my anxiety at bay on public transport or because I’m feeling down and just want to climb back into bed. They never fail to pick me up.

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