ad in collaboration with Marwell Zoo // I love animals and for me, a perfect day out is something that involves animals. I feel so calm and relaxed when I’m in the presence of animals – big or small, I find them fascinating and an animal-based activity can provide the perfect day out for the whole family.

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Of course you’re going to want to be careful with what establishments you give your money to and a little research might be needed before you choose a new place to take your family. For the most part, zoos and wildlife sanctuaries I’ve been to throughout my life have done a lot of great work for the animals – which I always love learning more about.

Animal-based days out are great for the whole family. Kids love animals and it’s great to introduce them to new animals of all different shapes and sizes. And even as adults, it’s nice to get out and about and do something different for a change. You’re never too old for a fun day out at a zoo or a farm, in my opinion!

So if you’re looking for some animal-based days out ideas for the new year for your whole family, here are some suggestions:

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Visit the zoo

Of course the first one is probably the most obvious and that’s to visit a zoo. Like I said, do your research when it comes to which zoo to attend. And whilst you’re there, you might want to consider donating some money to the charities that the zoo works and collaborates with – as most of them do.

Another great way to support a zoo is to adopt a animal. Adoption packs from zoos usually contain entrance tickets and other perks, along with information and updates about the animal you’re adopting. They make excellent gifts for animal lovers!

Book an animal experience 

Whilst we’re on the subject of zoos, you can book plenty of animal experiences with zoos which would be an absolutely fantastic day out for the family, particularly for a special occasion like a birthday. Could there be anything better than getting up close and personal with your favourite animal?

Walk an alpaca 

I did this around a decade ago now (I literally can’t believe it’s been that long) and it was such a cool and unique experience. I think it’s gained popularity loads since then, so there’s probably plenty more places that offer this fun experience now. Walks usually last for an hour and you get to walk your own alpaca – so cute!

Go to an aquarium

Another nice option for a full family day out is an aquarium. There are plenty of aquariums around the UK – the best probably being the London Aquarium however the SeaLife Centre in Birmingham is good and there are smaller options in Great Yarmouth and Southend.


Trying to save some money but still want to incorporate animals into your day? How about bird-watching? You could head to a local park or nature reserve on a warm day – even take a picnic – and spend an afternoon bird-watching. If you have kids in tow, you could even make a competition or a game out of it.

Go to a farm

I think farms are a great option especially for younger children as they’re often not as big or busy and can hold a child’s attention. You can also typically get quite close with the animals at a farm which is great too.

Go horse riding

A bit of a niche option for an animal-based day out and not something that I would ever do because as much as I love horses, I’m pretty terrified of them and their power. But if you’re not a big baby like me and have a child who loves horses, then this could be a really special day out for them.

Animal photography workshop

And finally, an animal photography workshop could also make a really cool and different animal-based day out. Some zoos offer this type of experience, which I think is really cool. You could join a local class or even just go it solo and head out into the parks or forests near you and see what you can find!

As with all animal-based activities and days out, it’s so important to be respectful and do your research. If you’re attending an establishment like a zoo, read some reviews first and check out their websites to see which initiatives they work with.

If you’re going to a farm, bird-watching or horse-riding (something that’s going to see you getting close to the animals), ensure your children know how to act around them. Not screaming or touching them unless they’re given permission.

Which of these animal-based days out would you choose for your family?


  1. I’ve been looking for more animal based things for my husband and I to do. We’ve decided to volunteer in the new year, and have arranged to walk Alpacas back at home!

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