press event // Although Halloween has been and gone, I need to tell you about the Eagle Heights Wildlife Foundation Blogger Event that my partner and I attended at the end of November. There’s no wrong time to visit Eagle Heights Wildlife Foundation – it’s an incredible place and I was thrilled to have been invited along to their event this Halloween.

Eagle Heights Wildlife Foundation

Eagle Heights Wildlife Foundation is in Kent, UK. I actually go past it a few times every year, when we’re on our way to Brands Hatch Circuit for race events. I also went there for a birthday party when I was like, 8? So, it’s safe to say I did not remember anything about it when we went for this event.

Who are Eagle Heights Wildlife Foundation?

Eagle Heights are a foundation home to many beautiful birds and mammals. They offer daily flying displays and an array of experiences, including VIP days, meeting the huskies, walking the alpacas and more.

Eagle Heights is working on wildlife conservation here in the UK and is a ‘not for profit’ organization meaning all funds raised go to the care of the animals. Many of their animals are rescues as well and their goal is to educate the public’s understanding for these animals and their environments.

The Eagle Heights Wildlife Foundation Halloween Blogger Event

On arrival we were able to spend some time getting a hot drink from their cafe and some nibbles from a great array of biscuits, doughnuts, crisps, hummus and veggies they put out for us until it was time for the flying display.

We were taken through to one of their display rooms which was decked out in candles (battery operated) and pumpkins for the Halloween theme.

Eagle Heights Wildlife Founation

We were treated to an absolutely wonderful display with 3 of their beautiful owls by handlers Paul and Emily. It was very informative, and we learned so much about each species as well as being able to get up close with each of them, as they were allowed to fly down to sit next to us (with the help of some food!) and right over the top of our heads.

The three beautiful owls in this display were:

  • Thelma, the Barn Owl
  • Atlas, the Long-Eared Owl
  • Yeti, the Siberian Eagle Owl

After the display, we were offered a photo opportunity with Atlas the Long-Eared Owl. Which was so lovely – she was SO light. And very cute up close and personal! We also got little goodie bags at the end of the evening too.

Eagle Heights Wildlife Foundation

This was such a lovely event and a great way to spend a random Thursday evening! I’m really keen to visit Eagle Heights Wildlife Foundation and do one of their experiences to get up close with some more of their wonderful animals – although it’s going to be very hard to choose which one!

The handlers were incredibly passionate about these animals, and it was obvious in the way that they interacted with them and the amount they knew. We were taught more about how the birds hunt, their individual characteristics and the habitat they live in – along with some of the threats to them currently.

If you fancy seeing some videos of these wonderful birds in action, check out this reel on Instagram I made for the event. Thank you to Eagle Heights Wildlife Foundation for the invite and for a wonderful evening!

Have you ever been here? Would you like to meet these beautiful birds and learn more about them and their habitat in the UK?


  1. It sounds like you had a great time at the Eagle Heights Wildlife Foundation blogger event! That’s awesome they had a display with 3 of their owls and I love the photos of you with Atlas!

  2. The connection trainers have with their animals is such a beautiful sight to see. Going to places like the Eagle Heights Wildlife Foundation sounds like a wonderful experience, especially during Halloween. It’s great to see that you got to visit it again and regain some childhood memories. Glad to see you had a nice day, at it’s good to share the great things a foundation like this does.

  3. This came at the right time as my partner loves owls and would love to have the experience you had. This may be a gift idea for Christmas. It looks like such a great experience. Thank you for sharing.


  4. What a phenomenal event opportunity! I absolutely love owls (especially after one particular book I read this year – Wild is the Witch) and I’d be thrilled to get the chance to be this up-close and personal with them. I’m so glad you got to do this!

  5. My husband loves owls and would enjoy something like this (I think I’m going to have to find something near us to visit). I like the idea that various events are held at a wildlife foundation — what a cool experience for bloggers!

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