ad // In December last year, I signed up to work with an online fitness instructor. Lovely Lauren, who I’ve known online for sometime through blogging and social media. She’s a qualified fitness instructor and was running a deal for her fitness coaching program in December that was FAR too good for me to pass up.

3 months later, I’m still working with her and I absolutely love it. It’s an extremely affordable program (for me) and she incorporates a lot of lifestyle based elements to it as well, to help you live a GENERALLY more healthier lifestyle, rather than just micro-focusing on losing weight or toning your body.

Since starting her program, I’ve been able to move up to a heavier weight during my arm workouts, I’ve continuously smashed my lengths at swimming due to increased strength and stamina and I’ve MAJORITY improved the amount of steps I’m taking per day. Prior to this program, I was probably averaging about 1,000 a day. Not even than sometimes.

She’s helped me become more conscious of what I’m eating, taught me how to meal prep and been an all round great cheerleader. When I was in school, sports and fitness was a huge love of mine. But then my anxiety disorder started and it went completely out of the window. I’ve known for some time that I wanted to become more active and this was the perfect boost I needed.

There are a TON of programs out there. From 1:1 training, group sessions, online fitness programs, apps and more. With varying price points and focuses, there’s usually something for everyone. So in this post, I wanted to share some of my own tips and things I’ve learned from my time doing a fitness program. It doesn’t really matter what one it is, I feel like this tips can apply to most people!

Here are 8 tips for starting a new fitness program:

Make sure you trust the instructor / program 

Like I said, there are a LOT of programs out there for you to join. So it’s incredibly important to find one that resonates with you, with an instructor that you trust and can show you credentials and real results.

If you’re looking to start your search for a personal trainer, a good place to begin is by visiting Gym Near Me. This online resource can help you find and compare qualified personal trainers in your area, allowing you to choose one that fits your specific needs and goals.

Be honest about where you’re starting

Without someone to guide us – especially if we’re not that clued up on fitness – it’s sometimes a bit misleading where we actually are in our fitness journey. I thought I was fitter than I was. When I started my program, I had a bit of a reality check. If you’re using equipment like a set of dumbbell weights, make sure you’re using an appropriate weight for you!

Consult a doctor or medical professional if necessary

If you have any pre-existing health conditions which might affect you during a new workout or fitness program, then it’s ALWAYS  good idea to speak to your doctor beforehand. Whether that’s a condition you’ve had from birth or perhaps an injury which Physiotherapy Sale or another clinic near you might be able to help with.

Build it up slowly 

And continuing on with the point about being honest about where you’re starting, it’s always good to build up slowly. When you start a new program, you do kinda just wanna go full pelt from the get go but sometimes that’s not the most beneficial thing to do.

Remember that hard and heavy isn’t always the most beneficial

Something I’ve learned during my program is that a hard and heavy workout definitely isn’t always the right thing for me every day. I need to focus on my mental health as well, so some days, a really long walk with some gentle Yoga benefits me much more.

Focus on your self care outside of workouts 

When you start a new workout program it’s easy to think about exercise and ONLY exercise. But remember additional self care still needs practicing too. Go for that massage, have your nails done or a soak in a bubble bath.

Make time for other things

Similarly to above, don’t let your new program take over your life. Yes, you want results. But life is more than just exercise, healthy eating and potentially weight loss. Don’t skip out on dinner with friends just because you’ve started this program.

Don’t overdo it

And finally, don’t overdo it. Even 3 months in I’m learning this, after just the other day I severely overdid it and the next day I was dead to the world! Pace is everything.

Those are my tips from someone who’s recently started a workout program and is learning every week from it! There are so many important things to do consider but just put your health first and build from there.

Are you a member of a workout or fitness program? What tips would you give to someone that’s going to start one? Let me know!


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  2. These are great tips for anyone starting out. The secret is in starting small and finding a trainer/coach whose values you align with.

  3. Great post! We know how hard it can be to get into a new fitness program, but we have one more tip: figure out how it will enhance your life. All fitness programs are not created equal, so it is paramount to find one that fits best into your life.

  4. This came at just the right time Jenny! I started back on the treadmill this week, slowly, but prior to this I had less than 1000 steps a day. I’d love to work with an online coach as I find it easier to work out from home. My issue is medical problems and so many food intolerances. I’m hopeful to get back at it soon though! Thanks for your helpful tips 🙂

  5. These are all such great tips for starting a new fitness program. I need to start a new one this year too. Thanks so much for sharing!

  6. Trust is underrated. It’s important that we learn from people who INDIVIDUALLY speak to us, so who I’d want as a coach might differ from someone else’s needs. Great tips here. Thanks for sharing!

    1. I agree with it all too. I’ve tried exercising over the years but would always go too hard too soon. I always thought that one hour of strenuous exercise was enough for the week, but since I never kept it consistent and only remembered about how tired I was, I never got back into it. (Until now.)

  7. We are currently doing online yoga. It’s been close to 8-9 months since we started and it feels so good. Earlier we were very regular in Gym which stopped due to COVID.

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