AD // Self care should be a part of all of our lives and daily routines but we have to remember that self care looks different for everyone. Whilst someone might consider a relaxing bubble bath with candles and a book a valid form of self care, someone else would rather go for a run or head to the gym for a banging workout. Which is also valid. In this post, I’m going to be sharing things to do for self care that will fit effortlessly into your day!

things to do for self care

Basic self care is just as important as the big things too, for example, attending your cervical screenings when you’re invited and any other procedures we might need in order to maintain our self care. I’ve always had problems with my ears, ever since I was a kid, so attending an Auris Ear Care clinic in London would be beneficial to me in that regard.

Self care doesn’t always have to be something big and elaborate. Whilst every now and again, a full-on spa weekend is what we need, realistically, it’s not something most of us can just drop everything and go and do whenever we feel like it.

So we need to find those small pockets of self care throughout the day which help to keep us grounded and stable. These will look differently to everyone, depending on your job, routine and responsibilities. So here are some things to do for self care that you can fit effortlessly into your day!

Here are 12 things to do for self care that you can effortlessly fit into your day!

things to do for self care

Drinking enough water

I drink a lot of water, which started when I started suffering from anxiety. I found that water was calming me, so it’s a habit I picked up and am really glad I did. This is a vital act of physical self care, don’t neglect it!

Keeping a journal

Journalling doesn’t have to be long and elaborate either. This is something I always struggled with because I assumed I wasn’t doing it “right”. Well that’s 100% BS. However you journal, is fine. Writing down a couple of things each morning or night is still beneficial.

Wake up earlier

This is obviously one that will depend on your circumstances but if you CAN, then waking up just a LITTLE earlier than you already do can be a great way to improve your self care because it will give you time to stretch, breath, journal or just sit in silence.


I don’t care what you read. Just read. And as for things to do for self care, this is high on my list as an avid reader. This can be slipped easily into your day by reading before bed, on the train, in the bath, on the toilet – you name it!

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Honestly it takes 30 second every morning. Stretchhhh girl. We can’t all fit in half an hour Yoga sessions in the morning before work. Great if we can but if not, a little stretching session will help.

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Take moments to breathe

Throughout the day, I’ll just stop and take a huge deep breath and it feels amazing. We all need to do this throughout our busy days. Learn how to breathe properly from your diaphragm and stop and breathe once in a while.

Get outside (or as close to it as possible)

Greenery and nature is so beneficial for our mental health and a lot of things to do for self care can come from being outside. Even if it’s a 10 minute walk on your lunch break. Do something to get some fresh air.

Do one thing you love each day

Read on the train. Use your favourite moisturizer. Watch half an episode of a TV series. Spend time in the garden when you get home from work. Get your favourite Starbucks drink. Whatever it is, make time to slot in one thing you love every day for self care.

Up your skincare routine

Most of us have skincare routines anyway. We do them in the morning before we start our day and in the evening before bed. If you’ve felt like you’ve neglected yours, then this is a great point to help boost your daily self care.

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Drink a cup of your favourite hot drink

In the morning before work is a great time to do this. Just spend a couple of minutes to make your perfect drink and savour it (if you have time). This one is pretty simple but effective!

Tidy up as you go

Whether that’s when you make dinner or if you’re working at your desk, a great thing to do during the day which I find helps with mental clarity, is ensuring the space I’m occupying isn’t super messy!

Text a friend or family member

After the year we’ve had, it’s important to stay in touch. Sending a nice message or having a quick conversation with a loved one is a great, small but effective act of self care to add into your day!

things to do for self care

Do you do any of these things every day? What would you add to this list? Let me know!

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  1. It just naturally fits in at this point. Sometimes it’s talking with a friend, sometimes it’s watching some YouTube videos I like or listening to music I like, sometimes it’s writing (honestly).

  2. […] via How I fit self care into my day — Jenny in Neverland […]

  3. I’m trying to get into yoga at the moment. I usually just do workouts which work for me, but they’re not massively calming and I feel that yoga can help to calm down in the evening and de-stress x

  4. I try to spend a little time outdoors each day. Even if the weather is not brilliant, the fresh air blows away my cobwebs. Being in natural light and hearing sounds like birds singing or leaves fluttering is good for my soul.

  5. I’ve been looking into self-care as it is an area i seem to have neglected over the years. I tried yoga but wasn’t feeling it until i tried one of Adrienes videos, which i enjoyed….. i’ve never heard of a bullet Journal could you explain what that is? 🙂

  6. I actually do a lot of the same things that you do for my self-care! I’m working on incorporating yoga into my daily routine and I have started using a bullet journal (although, like you, I’m not artistic or patient enough to make it insanely pretty). I fill mine with graphs and colors and it’s pretty enough for me 🙂

  7. My self-care involves taking a pause and walking while contemplating about life. It relaxes me. Also, I started drinking tons of water too! I agree that it really makes a difference.

  8. These are excellent tips, as always! For me, I’ve started incorporating an hour in the mornings and evenings to self care. I usually use it to do a full skincare routine, as it helps me feel so much more human (and also cause I’m turning 30 next year haha!) Looking after yourself is so important, and there are so many different ways to do it!
    Beth x

  9. Why not turning off our phone for a couple of hours so you don’t get bumbarded with notifications? That’s one form of self care and this is something I do but not often. I think taking a break from your phone is excellent for taking care of yourself. Your friends on the other side can wait, and they’re probably busy too. It’s good for your mental health to stay away from social media during the day if you don’t work.

  10. self care is so imporant and always over looked! even something simple as making your bed every day can have such a huge impact on a day

  11. Good tips ☺️ Though I drink a lot of water and my dietician told me off 😂😂😂 I try and do at least 5 minutes of yoga and always watching series especially friends 👌🏻
    Abi xx

  12. Self-care is so important & I think people can forget that just incorporating small things into their day can really help.

  13. I love these “small” things that you do to incorporate self care into your everyday life! I’m still working on the ‘drink more water’ part, but so far I’ve started getting up earlier and it really does help. I’m trying out bullet journals, too, but mine aren’t quite so decorative as the ones I see on pinterest. Still, it does help keep me in check!

  14. this is like a reminder to me, that I should really start making time for self care more often.thankyou for this!great post, and I agree with the journaling!

  15. I’m also not into all the “fussy” stuff in a bullet journal. But I started an art journal this month and so far, I’m doing really well! I tried to keep it simple with only three parts in it instead of all those spreads a bullet journal typically have. I’m also aiming to drink more water 😊 Awesome post!

    Kate | All The Trinkets

  16. I agree with your statement about self care 200%!!!!!!!! It is so important to incorporate this however we can, whether we’re having alone time or doing the things we live (maybe both). Water is so important, being dehydrated is no joke and your skin depends on it! I am with you about waking up earlier. I do it so much that I am used to it, even during the weekends. Yoga is a great way to practice self-care. Keep it up!

    Nancy ♥

  17. These are excellent self-care methods! I always wanted to start a journal but found it to be so daunting what with all of this bullet journaling and such. I think I will try again though because it can be quite stress relieving!

  18. Such a lovely post Jenny and great suggestions 💖. It’s fantastic you found something to help with anxiety that’s so healthy at the same time. I also try and keep a bottle of water next to me and it reminds me to sip it often. Yay for yoga. I love watching a series to relax and switch off too. At the moment, Shaun & I are watching all the Coach Trip’s on catch up, it’s so fun 😄 xx

    Bexa |

  19. As I have been concentrating on my writing so much recently I found my reading was suffering. I then noticed so was my mental health. Since carving out at least an hour at the end of everyday to read I have started feeling better again.

    I love the tip about water as well I could certainly do with drinking more. Thanks for the article.

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