Simple steps to boost personal fulfillment *

We all face stress and pressure throughout our lives, ranging from the pressure to get good grades at school right through to the pressure to get a ‘good’ job when we get older. Although stress is sadly an unavoidable part of life, when you are faced with a high amount of pressure, it can be all too easy to feel as though you are stuck or have somehow failed. Of course, deep down you know that this is simply not true, yet when you are faced with the pressure of what you feel is expected of you, any slight deviation from this path can lead to additional stress and worry.

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Tips for a better nights sleep, introducing Leesa! + discount code *

I love my sleep and I always have done and although I love getting up early, a quality night’s sleep is really important to me to be able to function. The days of going to bed at 4am and waking up at noon are long gone (so has my carefree, fun attitude but there you go!) but I definitely put an even bigger importance on my bed and my sleeping routine now that I’m a bit older. For years now, I’ve not slept through the night without waking up multiple times. I can’t remember the last time that ever happened and I’ve just learnt to accept that my body just doesn’t allow me to sleep straight through anymore. What hasn’t helped over the last few years is my mattress which at the time of throwing it away, literally had springs sticking out of it. It’s a surprise I didn’t impale myself in my sleep.

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5 health risks migraines can cause if not treated *

Migraines are severe, painful and recurring headaches that are usually accompanied or preceded by sensory warning signs and other symptoms. The threat of a migraine attack is constant and frustrating. But, the worst thing about migraine is that it has been linked with several other health issues.

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Normalising the conversation: Safe sex & STD checks *

September is sexual health awareness month and to honor the importance to sexual health awareness and in a bid to normalise the conversation and help end the stigma around sex, sexual health and STD’s, I’m going to be talking about safe sex and the importance of looking after your sexual health – which is something I’ve never spoken about on my blog before. Arguably, I could be one of those people contributing towards the stigma by never talking about it before on my platform that has reaches over 10,000 people a month so I think that’s all the more reason to step out of my comfort zone and actually contribute towards a more healthy attitude towards safe sex and sexual health. Phew that was a bit of a mouthful of an opening *pun intended*

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What I hope to gain from going to a Yoga retreat

In case you hadn’t heard me screaming about it on every social media platform I own… I’m going on a Yoga retreat! I’m still absolutely buzzing and I cannot wait – this is something I’ve never done before and something I’d never even considered doing. I’ve been really into my Yoga for about 2 years now; I practice daily, I work on different areas of Yoga and I’m always trying to expand my practice and work on my body. Not just to get fitter and trimmer – although that’s a bonus – but just learning about my own body, what feels good, what doesn’t and unlocking different areas and poses that I didn’t really know existed. Yoga has changed my life but I’ve never considered taking it further than the comfort of my living room before now. 

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10 Yoga With Adriene practices I’d recommend

If I have a chance to talk about Yoga, I will. People I know who don’t care about Yoga are probably sick to death of me talking about it but hey, guess what? I’m not going to stop. In fact, I’m one click away from booking myself into a Yoga retreat in November so that’ll give me another excuse to talk about it even more! Wheyy! Anyway, Yoga is a big part of my life. I practice it every single day (unless I really can’t like being ill or on holiday) and over the last year or so, it really has changed my life. 

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6 tiny things which will improve your every day well-being

In a society where self-care has become such a huge focus in the recent years and months, we’re often told that “these are the things we need to do when we’re feeling down / ill / depressed, in order to improve ourselves” and well, make ourselves feel that little bit better. And whilst that’s great; we all need these coping mechanisms for our down days – we often think only about self care in times of “need”. Boyfriend break up with you? Self care day. Rough day at work? Self care evening. Having a bad time with your mental health? Self bloody care. And again, this is brilliant and we totally should focus on our self care when we’re having a rough time but what about all the other time? You know, all the other days of the year when we’re not having a bad day, our boyfriends haven’t just broken up with us and our mental health is on a pretty good keel. What then? 

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