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Yoga with Adriene practices for every mood

2018 taught me more about my own personal Yoga journey than I ever expected or anticipated. I’ve been an avid lover of Yoga for the last year and a half (ish) and it’s something that I’ve spoken about on this blog on a number of occasions. Last year, I went to a Yoga retreat for the first time – which was a huge step out of my comfort zone but ultimately, I learnt a bloody lot from that experience and I’ve learned more and more about what works for me, what doesn’t and what I can quite frankly kiss goodbye to in terms of Yoga and it’s teachings.

The thing I love about Yoga is that it’s so versatile and not every type of Yoga will suit everyone and we don’t all need or want the same things out of it. I use Yoga With Adriene on a regular basis and she’s the only teacher I use because I jive with her attitude and everything she says sits well with me.

I did a post last year about Yoga With Adriene practices I’d recommend but today I wanted to share a larger number of her practices in easy to follow categories so depending on your mood, you know where to go. On all of my Yoga related posts, I always have someone commenting saying that they’d love to do Yoga but don’t know where to start.

But even with a solid recommendation like Yoga With Adriene, she has hundreds and hundreds of videos to choose from, so understandably, it can be a bit daunting. I’ve worked my way through a fair amount of her videos, so I’ve grouped them together depending on how you’re feeling and your mood! I hope this helps!

Lower energy practices

Yoga For Healing and Meditation (28 minutes)
TRUE DAY 11 – Soften (17 minutes)
TRUE DAY 8 – Salve (29 minutes)
Cozy Yoga (38 minutes)
Slow and Gentle Yoga (28 minutes)
Yoga for Beginners – The  Basics (41 minutes)
Yoga for Bedtime (20 minutes)
Gentle Yoga (25 minutes)

Practices for when you’re feeling anxious / stressed / low

Yoga for Depression (15 minutes)
Meditation for Humility (12 minutes)
Movement Medicine – Calming Practice (17 minutes)
Yoga for Stress Management (32 minutes)
Yoga for Relaxation (33 minutes)

Practices for when you need a decent stretch

Yoga Morning Fresh (36 minutes)
TRUE DAY 3 – Stretch (34 minutes)
Total Body Yoga – Deep Stretch (45 minutes)
Yoga Stretch (21 minutes)

Practices for aches and pains

Yoga for Lower Back Pain (15 minutes)
Yoga for Hips and Lower Back Release (23 minutes)
Yoga for Your Upper Back Pain (12 minutes)
Yoga for Tired Legs (26 minutes)
Yoga for Neck and Shoulder Relief (17 minutes)

Practices for good energy

Yoga + Pranayama For the Spine (28 minutes)
TRUE DAY 30 – Be You (31 minutes)
Peaceful Warrior Yoga (28 minutes)
Heart and Hips Practice – Hands Free Yoga (26 minutes)
Yoga for Self Respect (20 minutes)

Practices for when you want to sweat

Movement Medicine – Energy Practice (17 minutes)
Yoga for Weight Loss – Love Yoga Flow (35 minutes)
Detox Yoga – Yoga Flow for Detox and Digestion (20 minutes)
Balancing Ocean Flow (25 minutes)
Yoga for Weight Loss – Hips and Core Vinyasa (12 minutes)

If you’re a complete beginner when it comes to Yoga, it’s so important to go at your own pace and find what works for you. I started with the very basics, the Yoga for beginners practices and anything with the word “gentle” in the title and gradually worked my way up from there.

But even now, a year and a half later, there’s always days where the thought of doing anything strenuous seems like the worst thing in the world and I’ll opt for a slower, gentle practices instead. I find it serves me much more than just pushing through a difficult practice that I don’t really want to be doing.

Of course I’m not a medical professional or a qualified Yoga teacher either, so although these are my recommendations, if you have any health concerns before starting Yoga or during, always see your doc!

If you have any other questions regarding any Yoga with Adriene practices, I’m happy to answer them the best I can! Do you do Yoga? What type of Yoga do you enjoy? Anything you’d recommend?



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  3. Meditate to Liberate says:

    It really is a great tool to help deal with life. In the studio I practice in, there are so many different styles of yoga taught. This, coupled with each individual teachers style really makes for great choices depending on how my mood is. In the morning during the week I really enjoy a strong, challenging vinyasa practice, sometimes made more difficult with the heat turned up. On the weekends after hitting the gym, some yin just fits in beautifully. Nice post

    1. Sounds good! I don’t go to classes but I feel the same with YWA as she has a practice for almost everything!

  4. Thank you for the post! I love Yoga with Adriene and this is very helpful. Some of the videos you recommended I’ve never noticed. 😀

    1. Ah thank you! She’s amazing x

  5. This is such a useful, helpful post – thank you so much for posting it! I’ve recently started a new exercise regime and I wanted more flexibility in it so getting into yoga has been a big thing. I’m excited to try some of these out as I hear nothing but great things about Adriene!
    Beth x

    1. She really is an Angel on Earth. My flexibility has improved ten fold since using her videos even though I wasn’t even focused on it! And I was SERIOUSLY not flexible before!

  6. I keep promising myself I’ll get back into yoga again but I’ve been unsuccessful so far.

  7. Yessss I have been waiting for this post! *bookmarks*
    Definitely going to give a few of these a go, I love the way you’ve split them into groups.
    Cora |

    1. Thank you! Hope you find it helpful. If you have any other questions or want any other recommendations from her that I haven’t listed, do message me 😌

  8. Macey Gloria says:

    I’ve never really tried yoga before, but I’m thinking that I will do sometime this year! One of my personal fitness goals is to be flexible again, and I think after I’ve hit a flexibility milestone that I’m proud of, I’ll have to give yoga a go xx

    1. Yoga is a great tool to improve your flexibility itself x

      1. Macey Gloria says:

        I’m just scared I’m going to try it and be so awfully inflexible that I won’t have the desire to push on :’) hence why I want to work on it on my own first! x

      2. You don’t need to be flexible to do yoga, that’s a complete myth 😌

      3. Macey Gloria says:

        maybe i shall give it a go sooner then! thanks for teaching me something new 😉 x

  9. Kirstie says:

    I never knew there were so many types of Yoga! I have always envisioned it as stretching and bending in tonnes of almost impossible ways. I would love to give it a try one day… though my house is small, so maybe that one day won’t be just yet, haha!

    I am so glad that you are having fun with it!


    1. Nope, absolutely not! There’s so much more too it than that!

  10. Bookmarking this page because when I’m feeling a bit better, I really want to try some yoga. I keep hearing that it does the world of good for mental health issues and stress x

    Melanie ||

    1. It really does. I started it as a way to try and help my anxiety and it really has helped since I’ve started using Adriene. The mat is the only place I feel safe sometimes x

  11. So many people I know do yoga but I have never tried it xx

    1. Maybe you should give it a go x

  12. I’ve tried Yoga a couple of times but I can’t seem to find a class that suits me. They always mix up abilities and I feel like I can’t mix with them so seeing that link to beginner videos is great! I really want to try again to help with my Fibromyalgia!

    Daisy xoxo

    1. Personally I don’t enjoy classes. I think they can be really hit and miss. But Adriene is just fantastic! And her beginner videos are brilliant! Xxx

  13. Sara Venemore says:

    Absolutely love this blog post, I love Yoga with Adriene and this post is such a great list of yoga for every mood which everyone definitely needs in their life!

    Sara |

    1. Thank you 😌 She’s amazing isn’t she!

  14. this is such a helpful post, i absolutely adore the yoga with adriene. the video for hips and lower back release is one of my personal favorites. i’ve been very much slacking on my yoga practices and I can totally feel it in my hips. this post actually really makes me want to work through some of the videos you suggested because while i’ve done a good bit of them I haven’t done them all. i’ll have to save this post to come back too so i can find the perfect video for what i’m feeling. x

    mich /

    1. Thank you, glad you found it helpful 😀 xx

  15. This sounds incredible and I’m definitely going to look into this myself.

    1. Hope you find it helpful!

  16. Thanks for this! I’m travelling at the moment and today I’ve been struggling along with some aches and pains. I haven’t had a good stretch in so long! This is just what I need 😊

    1. These would be perfect 😚

  17. I like to rotate between doing my own sequence and practicing with Adriene. Her Yoga for Sciatica was great for when I injured my back but was ready to start moving again. She really has such a versatile library of videos!

    1. She really does! You can find Yoga for everything on her channel!

  18. This is a really helpful and useful post, Jenny! One of my resolutions or ‘goals’ this year was to make more time for yoga – predominantly classes – but this would be a great place to start as I’m a total yoga newbie. Love how you’ve sectioned off appropriate methods for various moods and situations!

    Charlene McElhinney

    1. This would be a great place to start for sure to get the basics and the foundations 😌

  19. I love the subcategories you used to divide this one up, it’s really helpful! I’ve always wanted to be a yoga girl but I’ve never quite found a style that suits me I tried a class once but it was very very slow, more meditative, and didn’t really feel like a workout. Maybe I should try some at home ones from the make you sweat category and see if I find that more enjoyable x


    1. The sweat ones would be perfect for you! Not all yoga is slow and stretchy 😌

  20. Thank you so much for this. My classes start again this week and I can’t wait. I’m not great at practicing much at home, the dog usually tries to join in! X

    1. Haha aww bless that’s the beauty of home practicing!

  21. I love how you’ve gone out of your way to categorise everything because you’re right, if I saw that massive list I would not have any idea where to start! I love the section for stress because I stress a hell of a lot so it’ll come in handy!

    1. Haha they’re really great videos for sure 😌

  22. Taylor says:

    I used to do Yoga pretty much every day while I was at uni, but it’s something that I fell out of the routine of when I had to enter the big wide world! I definitely want to get back into it though, is there anything you’d recommend for someone who wants to ease back into it? Also, I think it’s so awesome that you went to a yoga retreat, the idea of that has always really appealed to me, maybe that’s my way of getting back into it this year?! 😁

    Taylor x

    1. Any of the slow / stretchy / beginner practices would be perfect. She also had a practice called “Yoga for Beginners Mind” which might be a good place to start too 😌 I personally found the retreat too spiritually intense so if you haven’t done yoga in ages I probably wouldn’t recommend!

  23. I’m definitely someone who doesn’t know where to start. I’ve never quite worked out if I want to start or not but just reading the titles of these makes that a definite yes. Great post!

    1. Giving it a go definitely won’t hurt! 😌

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