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What I hope to gain from going to a Yoga retreat

In case you hadn’t heard me screaming about it on every social media platform I own… I’m going on a Yoga retreat! I’m still absolutely buzzing and I cannot wait – this is something I’ve never done before and something I’d never even considered doing. I’ve been really into my Yoga for about 2 years now; I practice daily, I work on different areas of Yoga and I’m always trying to expand my practice and work on my body. Not just to get fitter and trimmer – although that’s a bonus – but just learning about my own body, what feels good, what doesn’t and unlocking different areas and poses that I didn’t really know existed. Yoga has changed my life but I’ve never considered taking it further than the comfort of my living room before now. 

Booking this retreat was quite a spur of the moment decision. It wasn’t something I’ve been looking into at all nor had I set out to book a Yoga retreat that particular day when I turned on my laptop. I was bored actually, did a quick Google search of ‘UK Yoga Retreats’ and had a little look at what was on offer. And one instantly stood out to me and somehow, I knew I had to go to it.

The retreat I’m going on is run by a lady called Tiffany, who runs Nuture Works, at a renovated farm house in Norfolk (where I’ve been on my boat holidays twice before so I know I love it there!) I’m not going to talk too much about the retreat itself just yet because I’ll likely be blogging about it when I get back and share everything then (as I’m sure Hello Bexa will as well, who’s coming too!) but today, I wanted to share what I’m hoping to gain from going on a Yoga retreat.

Social media detox

Working as a self-employed blogger and small business owner, it’s very difficult to me to have any sort of social media detox. An odd day here or there but even when I’m on holiday I’m usually checking Twitter, replying to emails and a number of other small tasks which can be done through my phone. I want to really have a good go at a full on social media detox over the weekend that I’m at the retreat; no Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or emails. And I think it will do wonders for me on a mental level.


With the retreat being in November, quite near the end of the year, I think it’ll be a really great time to do a lot of reflecting over what’s happened in the last 10 months. I like that it’s a Winter retreat – not only because I love the colder months but because it seems like a nice way to semi-end the year. And as with the end of anything, comes a lot of reflection and I’m hoping to have a good sit down with myself and think about what I’ve learned and what I can take with me, going forward.

Meeting other strong women

This is a women’s only retreat, which I absolutely love and by going, I’m hoping I’m able to meet and connect with different types of women who are there for a number of reasons. I have no doubt that there will be a wide spectrum of ages there and reasons for attending and I’m hoping I can learn from the other women at the retreat. Also, as previous mentioned, Bexa from Hello Bexa is also attending this retreat with me so I’m looking forward to spending time with a fellow blogger and getting to know her better, too!


Not physical strength – mental strength. The impression I’m getting of this retreat from the website is that it’s very nurturing and restorative. For example, a lot of women who have had fertility problems go to this particular retreat as a way to regroup and reawaken after what may have been a tough year and on emailing the owner of the retreat, she told me it’s a great place for any woman with any type of women’s health / wellness issue to go and do what you need to do. Having anxiety, going to this retreat at all is a huge step for me so for that reason, I’m hoping to gain even more mental strength from doing something out of my comfort zone.

So there we are! Here’s what I’m hoping to gain from going on a Yoga retreat this year. I’m super excited and will definitely be blogging about it after it’s finished. Have you ever been to a Yoga retreat? If so, what did you think? Would you like to go to one? Let me know!



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  5. thehaverherd says:

    How was the retreat? Did you get to get a Social Media break? I also struggle to put down SM as I am launching my yoga business and want to be responsive.

    1. I haven’t been yet, it’s in November 🙂

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