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My experience with Yoga *

Ever since I was diagnosed with anxiety, I’ve been super interested in yoga. I was made aware that it can help with your mental health and I was keen to try anything that might have an impact. Luckily for me, yoga did have an impact and I still practice it today, regardless of my mental state. I would recommend yoga to anyone and there are so many different types which benefit so many different elements of health and wellbeing. I wanted to talk about my own personal experience with yoga and the benefits I’ve found its made to my life.

It’s taught me how to breathe properly: Breathing is important… Obviously. But it’s amazing how often we actually don’t breathe properly which can have a negative impact on us. Yoga has taught me to breathe deeper, slower and in a more correct rhythm.

It got me into exercise again: I was put off exercise completely when I got anxiety, unfortunately. I was terrified of getting hot and sweaty and passing out. You name it, I was scared of it happening! But yoga eased me back into light exercise which I am so grateful for.

It made me more aware of my body: It made me realise what areas I needed to work on it terms of flexibilty and which areas of my body are tighter and painful in certain positions. It helps you tune in to you. And its an incredible feeling when you do so.

It helps me tune out: When I say tune out, I mean tune out of the outside world and tune in to me and the present moment. There’s nothing like blocking out everything else in your life and just focusing on your breathing, your positions and how your body is feeling.

Its made me more grateful: This is a funny one and I don’t know how it’s done so, but yoga has made me more grateful for health for my own body and for having the ability to move it freely each day. It’s made me more in tune with the earth and everything in it.

There are so many different ways to practice yoga. Through books, podcasts, YouTube videos or DVD’s. And so many different types of yoga to practice. Everyone is different when it comes to yoga. Everyone needs different things from it and needs to focus on different parts of their body and mind to get the most out of it. One of the best ways to do that, is by going to a class or a yoga lesson with a qualified, professional teacher who understand your needs and can extract the most from your lesson to benefit you. It can be daunting finding qualified yoga teachers which will fit in with your personal needs but Bidvine is a great way to do just that!

How Bidvine Works

It’s super quick and easy; you simply sign up and answer some questions about what you’re looking for. Taking this post as an example, you mention that you’re looking for yoga lessons or a yoga teacher and then Bidvine sends your request to locals in the area, who, providing they can help in your area, will get back to you with a bid for your class and/or lesson. You then contact the professionals directly, find one you like who wants to work with you and voila! You contact the professional directly through Bidvine, so it’s all safe and secure. Yu can also leave the teacher / class a review afterwards and recommend them to others! Bidvine offers a huge range of services from professionals such as photographers, personal trainers, and hair and make up artists.

* This post was sponsored by Bidvine in exchange for payment and/or products. All words and opinions here are my own.



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