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Periods come in all different shapes, sizes and flows. With different symptoms, different lengths and different just about everything. The only thing that’s the same for most people during their period is that it sucks a bit. They can be uncomfortable, painful and an inconvenience among other things.

But they’re also natural and normal. And there’s definitely no need for there to be a stigma around them. Why there still is, I’ll never know. So today we’re talking about periods. Because everyone who talks openly and honestly about them – regardless of how small your blog is – is helping to break down that stigma a little bit.

Harking back to the point about periods sucking a bit, I wanted to share a few different ways that we can make periods a bit more bearable. For some people, they can quite literally be unbearable. When I was a teenager, my cramps could get so bad that I wouldn’t be able to move off the sofa.

But there’s always something we can do – however small – to make the time of the month a little more bearable. Whether that’s physically, emotionally or mentally. Because everyone who has periods knows that it doesn’t just affect the body!

Invest in some quality period products

Now, before I start with this point, I just want to make a little PSA that sustainable period products aren’t for everyone and that’s okay. There’s NO SHAME here, periods suck at the best of times so you have to use what’s right for you. But there’s no harm in trying new things and *if you can*, making changes that positively impact the environment.

Which is where WUKA come in! WUKA are a fantastic female-led brand, specializing in leak-proof, reusable and sustainable period wear. WUKA products are great for the environment as well as being super comfortable and inclusive, with products catering for different sizes and flows.

Introducing WUKA Lingerie

I’m thrilled to be sharing WUKA’s brand new style of period pants with you today which have JUST been released and I’m honored to have been sent a pair before the release date. This new style combines comfort, protection AND sexiness with this beautiful lacey detailing around the side. 

We often think that in order to be and feel sexy in underwear, they need to be small and skimpy but these show that that’s absolutely not the case. You can feel comfortable and incredible simultaneously as well as not worrying about leaks from your period.

I absolutely ADORE these pants. I’ve started wearing them on regular days because the comfort level is incredible. They’re tight enough that they provide a lot of safety and projection but they’re super wearable and don’t feel like you’re wearing period pads at ALL.

The lace detailing that wraps about the hips is stunning, I adore that. It’s so flattering and turns them into something super wearable and sexy – that help you FEEL sexy, even when you’re on your period. 

The actual period catching part of the pants (I had literally no idea how to describe that) doesn’t feel bulky either – which you’d kinda think it would, considering it’s going to be catching blood all day bit honestly, it’s the softest and doesn’t even feel like you’re wearing a pad. Which is good because pads can start to feel a bit gross!

Comfort is KING 

As I’ve just mentioned, WUKA pants also provide the ultimate comfort level. And comfort is SO IMPORTANT on your period. Our definition of what we find comfortable will differ but we all need products that fit us perfectly. Which is why I’m also thrilled to tell you that WUKA…

...has recently introduced a size extension to their products, meaning that you can now purchase WUKA period pants from sizes 2XS to 6XL – which is a UK size 26. Their period pants, which come in a range of different styles and flows from light, medium and heavy now seemingly cover all clientele, regardless of size, flow or preference!

Comfort is SO important when it comes to periods; whether that’s wearing loose fitting trousers or a baggy jumper for that extra comfort factor. It’s also mega important in the underwear that you wear too. I wouldn’t want to be wearing a thong on my period (but if you do, crack on!)

And now due to this incredible size extension from WUKA, they seem to have covered ALL basis with a product range that will work for almost everyone who bleeds!

Hot water bottles are your best friend

I use hot water bottles all the time, all year around basically. And for periods, they can be a literal godsend. Especially if you want to try and avoid taking paracetamol for the pain, a nice hot water bottle can seriously ease cramps and lower back pain.

Learn to say no

No is not a dirty word. And it’s okay to put your health first – yes, even on your period. Periods affect everyone differently and if yours is too bad and you need to turn down some plans, then DO IT. Learn to say no when you need to.

Give yourself a break

We always put pressure on ourselves to get the sh*t done but sometimes we need to give ourselves a little bit more TLC. Periods can be one of those times, so make yours a bit more bearable by cutting yourself some slack.

Have a McDonald’s if you want a McDonald’s

Okay this is a personal experience type point here but sometimes the only thing that cheers me up or that makes me feel some comfort is a dirty takeaway. If you don’t want to stick to vegetables and green juice on your period then just get a goddamn McDonalds.

Take vitamins 

Liquid Iron has always been incredibly helpful for me when it comes to periods. Especially when I used to have quite a heavy flow. It stopped me feeling so tired and wobbly. But vitamins are a great thing to stock up on for your period (consult your GP first).

Drink plenty of water

I do literally put this on every list I make but water is everything and even if you feel like absolute crap, you always need to drink enough water. So keep yourself hydrated baby!

Go for walks or practice some gentle Yoga

As much as you might not want to, a little gentle exercise really does help on your period. It can relieve cramps and benefit your mental health too. Here are some restorative at home Yoga practices to try!

I would love to hear your tips on how you make your periods more bearable! Do you do any of these things too? Have you checked out WUKA? Let me know!


  1. I’ve always been interested in these period underwear. I finally opened up (read: STOPPED resisting) trying the menstrual cup and it’s absolutely life changing I have to say. I think we tend to get used to one thing but I will try to branch out to these too sometime 🙂

    Also, totally agree on the: Just eat the McDonalds you have to be nice to yourself. I generally just eat a bag of salt and vinegar kettle chips to feel better 😀

  2. Periods SUCK! So anything that can help make them easier, I’m willing to try! Using a hot water bottle made everything so much better! Thanks for sharing a great post. Alicia

  3. These are really pretty.
    If I could, I’d have a hot water bottle surgically attached to me during my period 😂 tens machine helps a lot too – since coming off the pill my cramps and back pain have been horrendous, as has the fatigue, insomnia and every other symptom going but I kinda like being more in tune with my body and cycle – even if it’s a pain the arse….
    Also, bananas, all the bananas for cramps 😂

  4. These look so pretty! If I didn’t know, I would never have guessed they are period pants. It’s great that we have so many options these days, we’re not just limited to tampons or pads. I really must give something like these a try, as I love the idea of comfort and being more eco-friendly xx

  5. Ooh I love the sound of these! Plus they look amazing! I will literally curl up with my hot water bottle and feel sorry for myself, so anything that helps with that is a win in my mind! Thanks for sharing – never heard of this company before so one to check out!

  6. Oh this would definitely make your period more manageable! Thanks so much for sharing this. I haven’t heard of this brand before

  7. Ohh, these seem amazing! I don’t have periods at the moment so I don’t have to worry about this. I’m dreading the return of periods though as its been almost two years without! I’ve had the change to review a few similar products but declined as I cant, now wondering if I should have accepted for the comfort!

    Corinne x

  8. Period pants are so comfortable and come in so many great styles. Staying hydrated, taking vitamins, and resting when I need to are things that I do to help make my periods more bearable. Thanks for sharing your take on Wuka!

  9. Switching over to a menstrual cup made my period much more bearable. I feel like my periods are shorter and I’m not running to the bathroom every 3-4 hours to switch out my icky pad. Menstrual cups are a game changer!

  10. Great article! Wow these pants do look lovely. I’ve been looking at investing in some period pants, as reducing my carbon foot print where possible is very important to me, so these sound awesome. I totally agree with the McDonalds point. Sometimes the only way I can feel better on my period, is to have something really naughty. But one failsafe for me is chocolate 🙂 I must have it on my period. Thanks for sharing such a great article 🙂

  11. These look amazing and also loving the comfort level. Defo something I would purchase to make life a little more comfortable ❤️

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