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Lower Back Pain: Yoga Poses & Other Tips For Pain Management

AD | I’ve suffered with lower back pain for years. Which I believe has been triggered by awful posture for so long, a bad mattress and working from my bed (I know, cardinal sin), among other things. Lower back pain can be a (almost quite literally) pain in the arse. Aside from massages, pain killers and hot water bottles, I also find Yoga an amazing tool. And there are lots of yoga poses for lower back pain to help ease and sooth!

Best Yoga Poses For Lower Back Pain

Photo by Patrick Malleret on Unsplash

We all know how much I love Yoga – I literally couldn’t be without it. Every morning when I wake up, I look forward to jumping on my mat. But also knowing that every time lower back pain flares up, I’m only seconds away from rolling out my mat and getting some relief from it.

I’ve not quite built up the courage to take photos of myself doing these poses just yet. Yoga is a very private thing for me, plus I suffer with horrendous self esteem issues. But one day! So I’ve tried my best to explain the poses below or link to a relevant photo or video to help demonstrate further!

Here are 8 of the best yoga poses for lower back pain which I do almost daily:

Standing forward fold

Quite possibly the simplest pose you can do and one you can do literally anywhere – at work, at school, at the supermarket. But never underestimate a simple standing forward fold as one of the most effective yoga poses for lower back pain and relief.

Yogi squat

This is one of my favourite all-time Yoga poses. Not just for lower back relief but it’s just one of the most restorative poses there is. If you need a pose that will challenge you and make you focus on your breath then this is it. But it’s also amazing for lower back relief, especially during or after a more intense Yoga practice. Plus there are plenty of options if you can’t quite get your heels on the floor.

Cat cow

Oh I just love a cat cow (what a weird sentence out of context haha!) For this one, you’re going to want to establish a good table top position before you move into the cat cow to reap the benefits the most. But I love the focus on the spine with this one – it can really help un-crumple you if you feel a bit like a tin man!

Pigeon pose

This is a super yummy pose that gets right into the lower back and the hips too – so handy if you have a bit of pain or tightness in both. And you can feel the effects on both sides. The pigeon pose is also one of the best yoga poses for lower back pain but definitely one to be mindful of and not to push into.

Lizard pose

Lizard is great because there’s so many variations you can do depending on how deep you want the stretch. And again, this is a great one for lower back relief and hip relief. Which often go hand in hand anyway! If you want a good, deep stretch that you’re going to feel all over the body as well, this one is for you.

Bridge pose

It’s pretty obvious why this pose is so good for the lower back. Slow it down and imagine your spine serpent like as it touches back down to the floor vertebra by vertebra then you’ve got yourself a super scrummy pose for your lower (and upper!) back.

Fish pose

A fish pose feels amazing if you have pain right down at your sciatic joint but it’s definitely a pose you should be careful with and perhaps try a supported fish pose with a block or a blanket if you’re not quite there yet. You definitely don’t want to go cranking your head back when your body isn’t ready for it!

Sphinx pose

A sphinx pose isn’t too hard to imagine how to do if you’re familiar with the Sphinx in Egypt but can be a super easy but effective pose for lower back relief. This pose is handy, whatever your age and can even be done laying in front of the telly!

Other pain management tools for lower back pain:

Photo by Patrick Malleret on Unsplash

Pathways Pain Management App

If you pay attention to just 1 thing in this post, make it this. Because the Pathways Pain Management App could be an absolute game changer for those experiencing chronic pain. The app contains over 70 session, which not only allows you to track your pain but also provides the scientific insight into what pain actually IS so you can start to really understand how your brain and body are working when you experience pain.

The first 10 sessions are free, which will allow you to get a good enough insight into the app and the training to decide whether it’s right for you and your specific condition. But you’re also provided with a TON of other helpful tools, such as meditation and mindfulness sessions, relaxation sessions and motivation and inspiration for when you need that bit of a boost.

I loved the easy to listen to sessions. The woman’s voice is clear and she breaks everything down into easy to understand sections. No session is too long either – so they’re easy to slot in to your day-to-day. I particularly loved the beautiful guided meditation. Honestly, I haven’t felt that grounded to the Earth in a very long time, so I’ll definitely be going back to that again and again.

If you experience chronic pain and are interested in the science and biology of what pain is as well as management techniques to back that up, then the Pathways App is definitely for you.


Providing they’re safe for you to have and your GP has agreed, then a massage is an amazing way to experience some lower back (and full back) relief. Not to mention, get you hella relaxed at the same time! I go for semi-regular massages and she often asks if there’s any areas which are particularly bothersome and focuses on those.

Hot water bottles

Perhaps not in the 38 degree heat we had last month but I love using a hot water bottle to sooth my lower back pain. Something so simple really can make a lot of difference and also be really comforting too. If you don’t have a hot water bottle, you can also buy heat pads!

Pain killers or medication

And of course, if your lower back pain is really extreme, pain killers or medication depending on the specific issue might be the way to go. And a combination of the above (if they’re safe for you) should offer some effective relief.

Those are my top yoga poses for lower back pain and relief. If you’re after full Yoga practices aimed at the lower back, I’d recommend this one from Yoga With Adriene (one of my absolute FAVES). And of course, if you’re experiencing extreme lower back pain, contact your GP before doing any of these poses or taking on any of the advice in this post. What are your favourite ways to manage lower back pain?

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  1. […] also incredibly helpful with my muscles and my back, consider I have pretty bad posture and back pain from not having a proper desk to work on. I can’t wait for that first massage back after […]

  2. Bethany Jane says:

    I don’t have chronic pain or anything, but my laptop is so broken that I can’t actually move it, which means I’m usually curved over a desk for hours. Not ideal! These yoga poses look really helpful, I’ll definitely be giving them a shot (maybe not the fish pose for a while haha!)

    1. Oh crikey that’s definitely not ideal!

  3. I often really suffer with lower back pain and so much advice has pointed me toward yoga! I am loving your yoga advice posts so this one is my new fave!

    1. If you need any suggestions, you know where I am!

  4. Where has this post been all my life?! The muscles around my back have been pulling a little more recently (not that old yet!) and I need some extra help. That app sounds great too!

    1. Hope this helps!

  5. I really wish you’d included some photos of some of those yoga positions because some of the images my brain came up with imagining them are hilarious. I’ve started to get a little bit of back pain here and there which I think is probably down to my mattress too. I’ll try some of these and see if it helps! x


    1. Haha I did link to Pinterest images showing the poses!

  6. I have a lot of issues with my back and yoga helps a little!

    Love, Amie ❤
    The Curvaceous Vegan

    1. Glad to hear that x

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