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Improve Your Confidence When You Suffer From Low Self Esteem (& discount code!)

GIFTED | Ever since I can remember, I’ve suffered from low self esteem. It never stemmed from anywhere, really. No-one was mean to me in school. Nothing ever happened to trigger it. It just was. I’ve considered it a personality trait. Hi I’m Jenny, extremely organised, kinda funny and no self esteem. Nice to meet you. I’m 26 now and for years I’ve been experimenting with how to improve your confidence when you suffer from low self esteem.

Improve Your Confidence: White and pink sheer bra

If you want to read more about my horrible self esteem issues then I have a more detailed post here but for anyone who cba to read that (no offence taken), my self esteem issues started in my teens – unsurprisingly. I’ve always had mild body dysmorphia but it really hit me hard when I was 18.

It was before I went on holiday to Bulgaria with my friends and boyfriend and the time. I was going to the gym twice a day. Eating no more than 1,000 calories. Just because I was desperate to look better than my friends in a bikini. I know how awful that sounds. But my mind was utterly warped.

Then a few years later, my anxiety started. My weight went down. Then way up. And now at 26, I’m still not happy with the way I look, the way I am, the way I present myself and just generally everything about myself. But I’m definitely learning to be a bit kinder to myself as I continually look for ways to improve my confidence.

So here are some ways you can improve your confidence if you suffer from low self esteem, like me!

Unfollow people who make you feel bad about yourself

I’ve started doing this and not feeling guilty about it. Because you should never feel guilty about doing something which positively impacts your mental health. Social media is full of the “perfect” body. Perfectly toned, perfectly poses and perfectly edited bodies and faces. If this triggers you… unfollow them!

Treat yourself to something pretty – you deserve it!

I’ve never been someone to treat myself to much. There’s always a voice in my head saying that I don’t deserve it. Or it’s a waste of money. But if it makes you happy, makes you feel better or is something that will improve your confidence if you suffer with low self esteem – then it’s always, always, always worth it.

Introducing… Blush Atelier

And this is the perfect time to mention Blush Atelier, who kindly sent me these two gorgeous bras for review and I thought this would be the ideal post to feature them in. Blush Atelier produce French inspired lingerie for smaller busted Women (helloooo!) and here are the two stunning bralettes I was sent.

Ebony – £12.00

The Ebony bralette is a simple design but sophisticated and incredibly comfy. You almost can’t feel you’ve got anything on! It’s supportive enough (even if you have smaller boobs!) but also leaves the girls feeling really comfortable too. This design would be ideal for the Summer, when you want to wear as little as possible!

Ella – £14.00

I got a bit chicken with the photos with this one as it’s so sheer (forgive me, I tried my best) but the Ella bralette is super pretty. Look at the gorgeous detailing around the edges! This is definitely a saucier design however it’s just as comfortable and leaves you feeling GREAT. Like for someone with relatively small boobs, they looked fab in this bra.

If you fancy treating yourself to anything from the Blush Atelier website, use the code JENNY15 for 15% off your order!

Remind yourself of your good qualities

God, we’re so hard on ourselves aren’t we? Have someone ask us what we like about them and we could roll out 10 or so different things. But have someone ask us what we like about ourselves and we’re stumped. So in any way you feel comfortable, always remind yourself of your good qualities. Anything; big or small!

Don’t look at old photos of yourself if they make you feel bad

This applies mostly to those who like me, suffer with body / appearance related low self esteem. But as much as I love reminiscing, I’ve also learnt that until my self esteem is in a more stable place, there’s no point in me looking back at old photos of myself and coming away feeling terrible.

Find an outlet and something you love

For me, that’s blogging. And you have no idea how grateful I am to have found an outlet that not only do I love with all my heart but have also been able to build a career out of. I’ve finally found something I’m good at. And that’s a great feeling! Find yours, experiment, express yourself. It’s out there.

Make yourself a priority

No matter how low your self esteem is, you’re still worth being taken care of. Especially by yourself. So make yourself a priority. Treat yourself to a massage. Buy some new skincare. Do more exercise. Meditate. Whatever it is, do more of it and take as much care of yourself as you would for someone you love.

If you suffer from low self esteem, do any of these things help you? Do you have any other methods?

* Items in this post were gifted. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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  1. world of happiness_x says:

    True I don’t suffer from low self esteem just confidence if I can achieve stuff like passing my driving test etc

  2. This is a really good post! I love the idea of buying myself something to make me feel good. That’s something I want to start implementing. Things that help me is writing down how I feel and taking social media breaks. Great post 💜

    1. Writing down how I feel really helps me too!

  3. Great post! I think the unfollowing people is a big one. I have done much of this is the last year… it’s just about protecting your own feelings. If you it makes you feel bad you don’t need it in your life. I feel sorry for teens these days with all the pressures social media brings. Also remembering that most people only show you their best bits. I love to treat myself when my self esteem is low. New things always make you feel a bit fabulous 💕 x

    1. All very valid points!

  4. Those bras are so pretty, especially the blush one! 😀 I’ve always had low self esteem too. It’s hard to get yourself out of that way of thinking but not impossible. 🙂

    Sarah 🌺 || Boxnip

  5. It’s taken me a while but accepting myself will always be a journey and I’ll get there one day. The Ella is stunning and matching underwear always makes me feel good!

    Jessica & James |

    1. I’m so glad you’re on that journey though 💛

  6. Life as The Lonsdales says:

    As someone else who has also suffered with anxiety from a young age, I could really relate to what you wrote. And thanks for sharing some great tips too!

    1. You’re welcome x

  7. Sarah says:

    The bras are so pretty! I love new underwear xx

    1. They sure are x

  8. Wow you look great and I love the style! x

    1. Thank you x

  9. Jenny this post made me so happy! I suffer from low self-esteem too. I’m on a journey of appreciating my worth. I’m learning it’s ok to give myself compliments, it’s ok to think highly of myself. I’m letting go of past mistakes and turning them into miracles to becoming a better person. Thanks for sharing! O btw, you look fantastic in your bralets, super FLATTERING ❤️🙌🏾

    Natonya |

    1. Thank you so much!

  10. Really great blog post darling, I love how honest you have been in it. 💜

    With love, Alisha Valerie x |

    1. Thank you x

  11. After I had my daughter, my self-esteem dropped b/c my body changed so much, but I’m slowly learning to love myself again.
    Buying new clothes & doing my makeup makes me feel better & blogging does too!

    Tales of Belle

    1. Your body has done something amazing x

  12. I have definitely suffered from low self esteem when it comes to the way I look but this is going to sound odd but getting tattooed has definitely helped x

    1. Doesn’t sound odd at all! Tattoos are a great way of expression!

  13. Nazish says:

    I suffer from low self-esteem as well. It’s like no matter how much I try i am back to sqaure one. Still trying though. Great tips and such pretty bralettes. 😍. Loved them. Sending love from India. Take care.

    1. Oh same, I feel you!

  14. thewildflowerhippienl says:

    Still improving my self-esteem but I am getting there. Unfollowing people who make you feel bad is a big one. That helped a lot for me.

    And I love the bralette.

    1. It works wonders that one and it’s SO simple and easy to do!

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