GIFTED | I’ve said it many times but I’ll say it again for good measure… I love personalised gifts. Any occasion, be it Christmas, a birthday, Mother’s or Father’s day, I’ll always try and include at two personalised gifts. Something that the recipient would never have received before. And certainly something they wouldn’t expect. So I’m delighted to be featuring Max Photo and their personalised photo books, a truly special and personal gift for that special someone.

Personalised Gifts

These photo books from Max Photo are an amazing gift idea for any special person in your life. You can truly cherish the moments from your best friend’s wedding, the new arrival, the holiday of a lifetime or a mish-mash of all the special memories you have together. Which is exactly what I did with my photo book.

With my boyfriend’s birthday coming up, I figured it was the ideal option for a really special gift for him. I was offered a photo book of up to £45 in the hard or soft cover and given completely free reign of what to do with it. Max Photo offer standard delivery or delivery to a local store / collection point, which is free and really handy.

What’s included in the photo books?

They offer two different editors, an easy editor and an advanced editor. As I’ve made plenty of personalised things online before, I opted for the advanced editor. It was easy enough to use anyway and they also offer a little tutorial as well.

The large square hard cover book I chose measured around 29x29cm and come with a standard 20 pages (but you can add more for a little extra, if you wish). You have the option to add text, colored backgrounds, different photo layouts and stickers to make it look more scrapbooky (which as you can see, I chose to do).

What I included in my photo book

Like I said, it was my boyfriend’s birthday coming up so I decided to create one for him. Each page or double page spread was dedicated to a different place we’ve been together like holidays and days out from the 5 years we’ve been together. Obviously I couldn’t included every single place we’ve ever been but I chose the stand-out occasions.

Also I’m very aware that the cover photo is more me than him. Despite it being his birthday. But let’s overlook that.

My favourite page

My favourite page has to be my page about Donington Park Museum. I just thought it came out really nicely. Donington holds some fond memories for both of us. It was the first time I’d ever seen an F1 car up close and we often would visit twice a year – it was kinda a mecca for us! So we were both really sad when it closed it’s doors.

Although that’s my favourite, I’m absolutely delighted with how the entire thing came out. Every page looks exactly like they did on the computer. The cover and paper used are great quality too. A few of my photos were low quality images. They tell you this during the creation process and warn you that they *may* not print brilliantly because they’re low quality but all my low quality images came out absolutely fine.

These photo books are definitely something I’d order again when I’m next looking for personalised gifts for someone. They make amazing keep-sakes and are actually really fun to make too!

Personalised Gifts

* Items in this post were gifted in return for a feature. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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  1. This is so cute!!! It’s such a special gift & an original way to commemorate some lovely memories. After seeing one of my friends use a similar service for a similar product as a gift to her boyfriend, I’ve wanted to try something like it! This is such a fab idea xx

  2. The best gift I ever received was a wedding present from my maid of honor. She gave us a personalized quilt embroidered with our names and wedding date.

    Personal gifts are the best in my opinion. Great idea for a photo book! My sister in law did something similar with her engagement photo book and got us to sign it.

      1. She has a side business renting out customizable art easels for people’s weddings. I think it’s called Easily Yours on Instagram.

  3. Photo books are such a great idea. Especially with a lot of family living overseas, I find it a great way to send a personalised gift. They are really great fun to make and so easy.

  4. This is such a cute gift idea! I know a lot of people think photo books are girly, but honestly, my mom made one for my dad about him visiting this famous air show, and he LOVED it. Memories are universal, and who doesn’t like to look at wonderful photos from great experiences? I’m sure your boyfriend loved it! <3

    xo Emily

  5. This is such a cute gift idea! I love personalised things – I wish I would’ve done something like this for my boyfriend’s birthday. xx
    El // Welsh Wanderer

  6. I love the layout and how the colors of the pages go well with the images. This is definitely something I would use as a gift or for putting together a memory book after a trip!

  7. this is such a cute gift idea. i always like a personalized gift. it shows the person was really thinking about you and appreciates you being in their life. i hope your boyfriend enjoyed his gift xx

    mich /

  8. This is a beautiful idea. I’ve been meaning to get more photos for the house, and start using photos and memories as meaningful gifts for others.

  9. On Monday it’s my boyfriend’s birthday and you just gave me the perfect idea for a present ❤

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