1. I love this list…it’s so perfect for when things feel overwhelming! Just reading this list has helped me to re-center myself and take small steps on a day when I feel like everything is out of control! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Such a great post, Jenny! I totally feel ya! Especially with the stress of social media and people only really sharing their good news. It gets tough sometimes. I love doing little things and celebrating the small victories everyday. Thanks for sharing x

    Lynn | https://www.lynnmumbingmejia.com

  3. I think this is a good list with some practical ideas on it! I suffer from some intense anxiety and am trying to get a handle on it. I think I know the root cause of most of mine currently. I find that doing yoga, walking, drinking more water, eating healthy food, keeping track of my expenses, journaling, keeping a calendar, going to community events, and remembering to pay my bills on time really helps me feel less crazy when I’m stressed out about the little things. Hoping everything in my life will settle down soon though.

  4. I meditate. I repeat a mantra that will make me feel comfortable or help me pull through the anxiety. I’m glad you managed to pull through the anxiety disorder. You’re a champion 🥳

  5. Oh this was such a great list! Over the last couple of weeks, I’ve definitely been trying to get my head back in the game and figure out how to feel back on track, and there’s some great suggestions here. Some might be more of a long term one but others I’m off to do right now. Thanks!

  6. Great post. Its those small things that we never really think about but they all add up. As I was reading through the list there were a few things that I knew I hadn’t done in a while so its kind of motivated me to get them done too.

  7. This is pretty relatable. And what I needed to read atm. I did have a haircut recently 🙂 loved almost all of your suggestion. Would try to incorporate as much as I can.

  8. My mom got me a signature perfume a couple weeks ago. I didn’t get to choose it but love the scent! She got me a roll on and a spray bottle so it’s my go-to perfume now and I really have no excuses for not wearing it!

    I’m going to start making my bed. I haven’t been doing this and agree that it’s the simple things like making your bed with can dictate your day.

  9. Great tips, Jenny! Making my bed every morning, looking after and painting my nails, and keeping a journal definitely help me when I feel like I need to get it together 🙂

  10. Yesss to all these ! I love that you have making your bed as the first one because I couldn’t agree more. Making my bed first thing in the morning always helps me to start my day feeling good ! And then of course staying organized with weekly planners, to do lists & all that !

    Just need to work on budgeting now instead of online shopping always, haha !

    Great post as always Jenny !

  11. These are great ideas, and I agree them! Making your bed is a must, and keeping up to date with medical appointments is one of the things I always drop when I’m overwhelmed- but it’s one of the most important things to remember. I am a bit of a plan killer though, I have to admit… x

  12. Really love this post! I needed to read this as I really don’t feel like I’ve got my life together at the moment ahah. I seriously need to learn to say no, it’s so hard but it’s something I’m working on slowly. Thank you for sharing this lovely Xo

    Elle – ellegracedeveson.com

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