AD // I’m a huge fan of scents and fragrance. Which I’m sure most of you are. A good scent can really finish off a outfit, add that pop of empowerment when we need it before a big interview and so much more. I’m sure we all have those specific scents that we relate to certain people; but WHY do we need a signature perfume?

If I was to pick my own signature perfume, it would probably be Lady Million by Paco Rabanne. This is the one I wear the most and have worn the most over the last few years. I think others would probably pick the same for me, too. I feel like this particular scent suits me. It’s not overly feminine or floral. To me, it smells like a power scent. Which makes me feel really good when I put it on!

It’s absolutely fine to mix up your fragrance every day of the week of course, if that’s what you want to do. But in this post, we’re going to look at the benefits and positives of having a signature perfume. There are plenty of places to buy perfume online, too. So when you’ve picked your perfume, you can go and purchase straight away!

If you’re new to picking a signature scent, don’t worry! There are plenty of things you can do to help yourself choose the perfect one. First of all, start thinking about what you want your signature scent to represent. Think about what you’re like as a person and which scents match up to your personality. For example, I’m not a “girly girl”. So something floral and rosy wouldn’t suit me at all.

Then comes the fun part! Test different fragrances to see which you feel most drawn to. When you know, you’ll know! Narrow down your choices and then take some on a test run. Which do you receive the most compliments on? Which scent lasts longer? Which do you feel more empowered in?

If you’re not convinced a signature perfume is for you, here are some additional reasons:

It can help us feel motivated and empowered

There are always going to feel days when we feel a bit drab and dreary. Even worse when it’s on an important day when we really need to be on our A game. Our signature scent can really help with that. Personally, I hate it when I leave the house without my perfume on. It feels like something is missing, so if you need that extra boost, this is where your signature perfume will come in handy.

Your signature scent is the last accessory to an outfit

And speaking of feeling like something is missing, your signature scent is like a carefully selected accessory. Like your favourite watch or pair of earrings. So it should be treated as such. There’s a reason why I feel like something is missing when I leave home without my perfume on. It’s the same feeling I get when I leave without my earrings! Like something is missing.

It take can you back to places and memories

I mean, in your head and within your sense of course. Unless you’ve just bought some magical transportation perfume. But seriously though, scent is an extremely powerful sense and tool for allowing you to remember certain times, people or places in your life. It’s quite magical, really. And a signature scent – one that’s very much attached to a certain place or feeling – is going to do this.

For me, there’s one very specific scent that sends my whole spiritual being back to Disneyland Paris. This particular scent I wore on two different trips to DLP so whenever I smell it, I am RIGHT back there. I can see the sites, smell the smells, feel the feels and all the things. It’s really quite outstanding what one sniff of that scent can do.

It can make you memorable to other people

Similarly to the above point about reminding YOU of people, places and memories, your signature perfume will do the same for others. And that’s a pretty powerful thing to consider. It can have an impact on the impression you make on the world and the new people you meet in your day to day life. It’ll leave people thinking about you whenever that scent hits their nose.

Having a signature perfume has so many benefits and playing around the scent is so much fun too. Our senses are wonderful things – so let’s use them! Remember to apply your signature perfume to your jawline, wrists (not too close to your hands), shoulders and chest as well as at the back of your knees!

Do you have a signature perfume? What is it? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. I don’t have a signature perfume but I do have perfumes that I’ve worn during certain times in my life and they always bring back memories when I smell it!

    Corinne x

  2. My new favourite perfume has become Estée Lauder’s Beautiful Magnolia so I’m trying to make that my signature scent! Definitely gives me a bit of confidence because it’s so empowering. Lovely post!

  3. I really enjoyed Luck by Avon.. but it got discontinued. So now I’ve been trying a bunch of random perfumes. I’m a consultant.. so I tend to try whatever I think smells good 😅😂

      1. Oh no! I’m so sorry. Do you remember the name of it? I wonder if it was around the time of me being a rep or before that. But I think depending what country you live in might even have different things.

  4. Great post Jenny 🙂 I agree that wearing things that make us feel good (whether clothes or perfume) is a massive confidence boost 🙂 my boyfriend recently bought me a Marc Jacobs perfume and now it’s my favourite scent! Thanks for sharing x

  5. My signature perfume would be Flora by Gucci. I got a sample years ago and bought a full size after, the first time I ever bought a perfume and totally in love with it! I should actually get a new bottle. Love the idea that it can be your last accessory and completely agree that it can bring back memories x

  6. I’m a total perfume addict- I have over 40 bottles and they’re all so different ❤️I’m a big lover of my Primark ones though, they don’t cost a lot but they smell amazing and they last for ages

  7. I’ve been wanting to discover my signature perfume but haven’t made it a priority yet. I usually use perfumes gifted to me by family and friends and always say that I’ll find my signature scent when I finish off my last bottle of perfume, but that hasn’t happened yet. 😂 Though after reading your post, I feel like I want to find my signature perfume more, and yes, so true that scents can bring us back to a specific memory or place. I loved reading this post 😊

  8. My signature scent is from Victoria Secret – I’ve worn it for years and it’s what I always have on. It smells so good and also reminds me of so many different memories too!

    Tash – A Girl with a View

  9. I’ve defo found my signature scent – it’s Decadence by Marc Jacobs! It’s my favourite scent ever and I feel like it really smells like me. The bottle itself is a vibe, it’s a gorgeous handbag! I am such a perfume addict, I have about 56 bottles all around my beauty room. I love Chanel but I save that for best!

  10. I am not a huge beauty person but perfume I adoreee! I have my “day” perfume which I use daily and then I have my “special” perfume which is for occasions or date nights etc. I love Marc Jacobs daisy (I think that’s what it’s called) and La vie eat belle Lancome is my signature! BUT I’m saying that I used to wear Beyoncé at uni all the time and that is what everyone I lived with and my boyfriend associate with me 😂 I definitely agree with it making you feel empowered though, I just feel like a boss lady xxx

  11. My signature perfume is by Ghost – I think it’s called Sweetheart, not entirely sure though. My sister bought it for me, for my birthday, it was my first perfume in a glass bottle. I’ve been through about 3 since then and I just love the smell so much. It is expensive but it helps me on those days where I’m feeling anxious and especially in lockdown when I was away from my sister. x

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