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I’ve thoroughly enjoyed writing this confidence series on my blog – which came about completely by accident. But sometimes the best things do, don’t they? So the next post in this series is hopefully going to be a practical one for you that you can use to help in your own confidence journey. I’ll be sharing 30 positive affirmations for self confidence.

Cream Raunched Bust Frill Detail Criss Cross Strappy Crop Top

I love affirmations and incorporating them into my daily life. And the great thing is, is that you can really get creative with what you do with them. You might want to repeat them to yourself every morning, set them as your phone wallpaper, stick them on your fridge, write them in spaghetti letters in your dinner. Literally, there are so many options.

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But sometimes we might need a little helping hand to think of the right affirmations to say. Not all affirmations will resonate with everyone and we all need them for different areas of our lives. For me, confidence and self worth has always been a struggle, so that’s where I find affirmations really helpful.

But before we get into the actual affirmations, it’s time to share with you my recent pieces from Femme Luxe. The first piece I received was the Black Bardot Elasticated Crop Top & Cycling Shorts Co-Ord which is without a doubt my favourite piece from this little haul. I’m a big fan of Co-Ord Sets and this is my second one from Femme Luxe so it seems like they’re a winner for me!

Black Bardot Elasticated Crop Top & Cycling Shorts Co-Ord

Black Bardot Elasticated Crop Top & Cycling Shorts Co-Ord

The top half is a little baggy, so I could have done with one size smaller however if I did that, then I’m worried the cycling shorts would have been slightly too small. The slightly bigger top is no problem at all though – it’s actually incredibly comfy and perfect for a lazy day at home. The cycling shorts fit me perfect – which is a surprise because nothing fits me perfectly on the bottom half! They have a huge range of Black Loungewear options!

Cream Raunched Bust Frill Detail Criss Cross Strappy Crop Top

Cream Raunched Bust Frill Detail Criss Cross Strappy Crop Top

The second piece I picked up this time was the Cream Raunched Bust Frill Detail Criss Cross Strappy Crop Top. Bit of a mouthful! This top was like a riddle to get on as it’s very criss-crossy – as you can see! But once it was on, I was very happy with it. It’s very cropped, so certainly not the sort of top you’d wear to the super market. But for somewhere dressy, this would be a great option, paired with some skinny jeans and heels!

And finally, the last piece I picked up was the Tan High Waisted Pleated Ruffle Bodycon Mini Skirt. Although this says mini, it’s not really THAT short, which I actually really like. This is a really cute skirt for the Summer which could be dressed up or down and in a number of different styles and ways, which is really exciting! It has a small zip at the side, so is easy to get on and off and it’s a really comfortable and soft material. This comes up small, so I’d suggest sizing up!

Tan High Waisted Pleated Ruffle Bodycon Mini Skirt

Tan High Waisted Pleated Ruffle Bodycon Mini Skirt

So, let’s get stuck into the affirmations, shall we? Feel free to take any of these you need and use them as you wish!

  1. My confidence grows every single day
  2. I am worthy of everything good in my life
  3. Confidence is a choice and I choose to be confident
  4. I choose to see failure as a lesson instead
  5. I trust in myself
  6. I have everything I need to feel confident in myself
  7. I am superior to my negative thoughts
  8. I am smart and resourceful
  9. I am amazing at what I do
  10. I am a beautiful person, inside and out
  11. I release all self doubt and embrace myself
  12. I am enough
  13. I embrace every part of me – even the parts I’m not sure of yet
  14. Confidence is my superpower
  15. Magic happens when I reach into my confidence
  16. I am powerful beyond measure
  17. I deserve to be confident in every aspect of my life
  18. I was born with confidence
  19. I am grateful for this beautiful body that keeps me alive
  20. My body is sacred and beautiful and nobody can tell me otherwise
  21. I might see flaws but the Universe sees a magical being
  22. I am a good, kind and loyal person
  23. I am open to learning more wonderful things about myself
  24. Nobody can take my confidence away from me
  25. I am confident in my abilities
  26. I fully embrace what confidence means to me
  27. My confidence might not look like yours and that’s okay
  28. I am always learning how to become more confident
  29. There will always be someone better at something and that’s okay
  30. I am magic

Do you like using affirmations in your daily life? Let me know which of the above you resonate with the most!


  1. I absolutely love these affirmations and I truly believe in the magic of positive affirmations. I absolutely LOVE the white top as well.

  2. I think that these outfits look great on you! I especially like the athletic/lounge wear 🙂 I wish I could wear these clothes… most clothes do not look good on me despite my size, and I struggle with body dysmorphia.

    Ever since the crop top trend started I noticed myself spiraling downhill in terms of self confidence and feeling good about myself. To be honest, I don’t feel good about myself. I love the concept of positive affirmations, but I still feel like crap internally. It got worse after having a baby and baby weight is so hard to lose. I keep telling myself that “next summer” I will wear crop tops.

    1. I’ve struggled with body dysmorphia too, it sucks. Crop tops have gone a bit mad lately – I like them but not everything needs to be cropped! Affirmations won’t fix anything if you don’t do the internal work, they’re a great addition but not a quick fix for sure x

      1. Yesterday I saw a cropped spring jacket at a sports store. Like how does that make sense?! Everyone, literally everyone, is wearing crop tops here. Except me because I cannot…. it makes me feel so miserable about my body 🙇‍♀️

        Yes, you are totally right! I feel like this isn’t something that they teach us on social media. Everyone seems so happy and so content with life, and how they look. It’s as if everyone is sunshine and rainbows everywhere I go, both online and offline, except I’m under this dark cloud that refuses to go away 🌧

  3. I gotta say I am in love with that crop top and mini skirt. On a bold summer day I would be bold enough to wear them as a set with a pair of clunky heels I only recently picked up.
    I love how you weave the clothing into your continuing journey and share a beautiful list of affirmations to help anyone along too.
    Thanks for sharing!

  4. Some great affirmations, I love how kind the reminders are. This is definitely the kind of post I want to keep in mind when I’m having a down day! Thanks for sharing.

  5. Affirmations are great to feed our brains positive things after all of the negativity we are constantly feeding it from social media and news outlets. I loved the top with the bike shorts, I think the oversize look at the top balances nicely with the bike shorts.

  6. I love this one “I deserve to be confident in every aspect of my life“. Such a beautiful post! I love affirmations but definitely don’t do them enough!

  7. I adore the mini skirt so much! I love “I am magic” & “There will always be someone better at something and that’s okay” – I really need them to build my self-confidence. This is such a lovely post to start my day Jen. Thanks for sharing x

  8. I think I really needed to read this post today. I am not self confident AT ALL but I’ve realised over the last few weeks that I need to shake it off and appreciate myself. These affirmations are lovely, I’ll be writing a few of these down on post it notes and planting them around my house for me to stumble upon


  9. Great Post Jenny. Love the outfit pieces. I love that affirmation ‘my confidence might not look like yours but that’s okay’. As humans we compare ourselves to others but we are all unique which is amazing x

  10. Hi Jenny. The two piece looks super comfy – perfect for lounging at home! Anyway onto the affirmations: “I am worthy of every good thing in my life” resonates with me because I’m really bad with talking myself out of good opportunities.


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