I love spending time alone and I have a handful of things I like to do and actually prefer to do solo. In this post, we’re going to look at 40 hobbies for introverts – things to do for those who like spending time alone and why it’s important we all have our individual hobbies that we love!

Hobbies for Introverts

I think it’s SO important that we all have our own individual hobbies and interests.

Those things that we don’t need to share with anyone else nor feel the need to ask for permission to enjoy. Especially so if you’re in a relationship. 

So often we get into a relationship and all of a sudden, your hobbies turn into “our” hobbies. And whilst it’s always great to have things in common that you can bond over and enjoy together, it’s still just as important to maintain your individuality and not lose sight of the things that make you happy alone.

I feel like my own relationship is a good example of this. Before I met my partner, I had no interest in Motorsport. I had no knowledge of it, really. But he’s been a life-long Motorsport fan.

When we got together, he would watch things that piqued my interest and suddenly, I found myself absolutely hooked. Now, we thoroughly enjoy all things Motorsport together, from watching F1 races to going to circuits to watch live racing.

Hobbies for Introverts

It’s a nice thing that we do together and can bond over. But we both still have our own hobbies and interests that the other has no interest in. Mine being Yoga and reading.

There’s nothing I enjoy more than a Yoga practice or taking myself to a coffee shop to read my book. And I love doing those things alone.

I would say I’m an introvert. Although I love spending time with people, I very much need my alone time to re-charge and re-set. So finding hobbies that are good for doing solo is really important to me.

Doing things alone is empowering and I absolutely love spending time alone. I think it’s something everyone needs to prioritize a bit more so they can gain the wonderful benefits from it.

To get you started, here are 40 hobbies for introverts. Hobbies that are ideal to enjoy alone!

Hobbies for Introverts

Outdoor hobbies for introverts:

1. Try your hand at gardening
2. Go bird-watching
3. Take up outdoor photography
4. Dog-walking
5. Go camping somewhere beautiful
6. Try horse riding
7. Astrology
8. Have a go at rock climbing
9. Shinrin-yoku (forest bathing)
10. Exploring (beaches, caves, your local area!)

Creative hobbies perfect for those who like spending time alone:

1. Try painting
2. Write music or songs
3. Learn to play an instrument
4. Draw
5. Try candle-making
6. Learn how to knit, sew or do cross-stitch
7. Start writing a book
8. Create a blog
9. Scrapbooking
10. Learn how to make clothes

Intellectual hobbies for introverts:

1. Reading (obviously)
2. Start learning a new language
3. Sign up for a course
4. Visit museums
5. Watch inspiring and informative documentaries
6. Learn how to create websites
7. Learn how to play chess
8. Travel solo to experience new cultures
9. Attend theatre productions
10. Puzzles that entertain you

Wellness based hobbies to try:

1. Start practicing Yoga
2. Go for walks in nature
3. Go swimming
4. Meditate
5. Learn how to cook healthy meals
6. Do a course on a wellness based activity
7. Join an online dance class
8. Journal
9. Visit a spa on a solo spa break
10. Go for a run

There are so many great things that you can do alone and spending time alone is nothing to be ashamed or embarrassed about. I was very honest in this post about having no friends in your 20’s, so I’m sort of forced to do a lot of things alone anyway.

I’ve definitely come to learn, over the last few years, that if I want to do something, I’ll do it. I don’t always wait for other people to want to do the same thing so I have something to go with anymore. 

If there’s a film on at the cinema that nobody else wants to see? I’ll go on a solo cinema date!

If I’m feeling stressed and could do with a break? I’ll book myself a solo spa break to switch off.

If I fancy an iced coffee and lunch out? I’ll just go. 

There’s no point always waiting for other people to verify your needs and accompany you. Everyone is on their own daily timeline and sometimes, things don’t line up. But don’t let that stop you from enjoying things you want to do!

Are you an introvert or extrovert? What hobbies do you have? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. In the world of MBTI, I’m INFJ, so very much an introvert. I read far too much, if that’s possible! Thanks for this post.

  2. Love this post! I am quite happy in my own company. I’ve been on day trips alone as well as a solo holiday. I wish I had the confidence to have travelled alone when I was younger. I’ve recently started painting again, for the first time in over 20 years. I forgot how enjoyably and fulfilling it is 🙂

    Lindsay / https://thetravelvine.blog/

  3. These are some great ideas for hobbies! As an introvert, I find it’s so important to sit and be alone and have my own space to do things, but sometimes I end up scrolling IG or something silly. I have tried to dedicate more time to painting and journaling, as I find both of these things help me unwind.

  4. I’m such a big introvert and a homebody. Allthough I’m quite good at keeping myself entertained, there is never enough ideas of things to do. I used to love to paint so I might pick that up again. Thank you for this amazing list.

    Antonia || Sweet Passions

  5. I absolutely love this! It’s so important being okay with spending time with yourself. My absolute favourite thing to do is solo travel but I love reading and journaling on a more daily basis too. I’d love to get more into scrapbooking! Thank you so much for sharing x

  6. That is SUCH a brilliant line about not waiting for other people to verify your needs. Absolutely spot on, Jenny. And I LOVE that you put my number one hobby at the very top of your list, with my second favourite hobby coming in at number six. Thank you! x

    1. Absolutely! I spent sooo long just waiting for people to be free to come and do the things I wanted to do with me, so glad I managed to bring myself out of that (along with my anxiety!) so I can enjoy things along without anyone else’s permission!

  7. Fantastic hobbies for introverts like me. Hehehe. I like some of these activities, especially the creative and intellectual ones. I need to try some of the outdoor and wellness hobbies as well. Thank you for sharing.

  8. I never know if I’m an introvert or extrovert. But I do love doing activities on my own. I had a fear of going to the cinema alone but now I’ve done that and gone to a concert on my own. The next is to travel. But it’s so important to find things that we can enjoy by ourselves. Great post!

  9. I love this post so much, so many great ideas and tips! I think i’m a mix of introvert and extrovert but definitely lean more towards introvert a lot of the time as i love spending time alone doing my own thing.

  10. Ah, I love this! And I can totally relate, especially since the day I chose to become a Digital Nomad: no point in waiting for friends and family to come along on my travels because they could never get enough time off work to keep up with me 😀 Solo-travel can sometimes be lonely and exhausting but 90% of the time it’s just as great, if even better than traveling with someone. I’ve really started loving to take myself out for dinner as well. x

    Teresa Maria | Outlandish Blog

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