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This past 18 months has shown more than ever the power of being online. The pandemic has caused all of us – even those who previously didn’t spend much time online at all – to adapt and change the way we do so many of our day-to-day activities. If we didn’t understand the value of the online space before, we certainly do now!

From buying groceries online, having meetings via Zoom, interactive teaching, online entertainment, even holding things like concerts and church services online – we really have done it all over the last 18 months. And whilst doing things online was popular before, I definitely think that even MORE people will be leaning toward the online platform now on.

Never did I think I’d be attending a The Darkness concert from the comfort of my own bedroom!

Teaching is one area that’s been hugely impacted over the course of the pandemic but teachers and students alike have worked together to find ways to make it work. Students are still learning. Teachers are still teaching. As humans, we just find ways to adapt and carry on. 

Whether that’s teaching because you’re at school or college or starting a new course online for your own career, lifestyle or personal growth, online teaching is an incredible resource, with endless possibilities of things you can learn!

Languages are one thing that are incredibly popular to learn online. And after the pandemic, will be growing in popularity in the online learning space. Before I get into the pointers about why it’s amazing to learn a new language online, I want to introduce you to one incredible online teacher, dedicated to helping all students learn Spanish at a comfortable pace!

Efrain Castro is an experienced Spanish language assistant and Spanish tutor who is particularly enthusiastic about the teaching profession and has a passion for languages and the benefits that being multicultural brings. He believes that the key to being successful in learning a language is to reinforce the strengths of students rather than focus on their weaknesses and the fact that every student deserves attention as well as a fair treatment according to their needs

Efrain has spent many years working in the UK in Leeds and Scarborough, providing language tuition and support to college students. He provides strategies for differentiation in teaching and learning, as well as adopting a creative and imaginative approach to teaching, to ensure students get the maximum out of their lessons and enjoy the process of learning a new language along the way.

Including conversational practice sessions within the lessons provides students with a helpful way to put what they’ve learned into practice, with someone who can guide them and give them a clear indication of where they can improve. He makes his conversation sessions motivational, enjoyable and interactive and adapts the content of the lessons and sessions to different learning styles and individual needs.

When teaching and learning anything, I think this is really important and a fantastic thing for a teacher to do. It’s been a long time since I was in a classroom setting but there’s nothing worse than when a teacher just powers on and assumes everyone is at the same level and going at the same pace. It can be really disheartening when you need a bit of extra help but the teacher is too focused on getting through material to provide that. 

Taking private Spanish lessons online would be an excellent way to enhance your skill set, boost your personal development, gain new experiences and challenge yourself. There are so many benefits to learning a new language, something I desperately wish I had done and taken more seriously when I was younger. It can open doors and opportunities you never thought possible for you – especially if you’re interested in travel or within the travel industry itself!

So now let’s look at 7 amazing benefits and reasons for studying a language online:

It can help your career prospects

Learning a language can seriously help your career prospects, depending on what industry you’re in or you want to go in. It can open up so many opportunities for you in business and travel and it an extremely helpful skill to have on your CV and in your back pocket for when you need it!

It’s more accessible

Language study online specifically is much more accessible than having to go to a class. This is obviously brilliant in the case of a global pandemic – which we’re all familiar with! – but also for people with disabilities which might make getting to a physical classroom more difficult. It opens up the opportunity to more people.

It’s helpful for when you travel

Even if your career isn’t in the travel industry, learning a new language is obviously helpful for when you travel, even just for leisure purposes. Perhaps you have family in another country that you visit a lot or there’s a particular country you go back to over and over again. It can help you connect with the locals and have a more authentic experience.

You can continue learning amid a pandemic

Aside from also being accessible, learning a new language online with a certified language teacher – like Efrain – can ensure that you can continue to learn, even when circumstances change. When you move house or perhaps to another part of the country, if you’re bedbound after an accident or, as we all know, if you’re in the middle of a pandemic and can’t leave the house!

It’s interactive in a comfortable environment

Learning a language online can be a totally difference experience to learning face to face in a classroom setting. It can provide you with different ways to learn, different tools, different tasks and allow you to experience learning that language in a different way. It also means that you can learn from a comfortable environment in your own home.

It can boost your autonomy

If you’re not in a classroom setting and you’re learning one on one online, then it has lots of benefits but it’ll also force you to improve your autonomy and self-motivation. If you’re already autonomous, then learning a language online would be perfect for you. But if not, then it’ll certainly be a rewarding challenge!

It’s a challenge

Which brings me nicely to my final point, with it being a challenge. Learning a language in any situation is going to be a challenge as learning a language is potentially one of the hardest things you can learn! But it can also be incredibly rewarding and as we’ve seen, has a ton of benefits. So here’s to a positive challenge!

Have you ever learning a new language? Did you do it online or in a classroom? I’d love to hear your experiences!

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  1. I love the idea of learning languages online with a tutor. Funnily enough, Spanish is exactly the language I would like to get some tutoring for. I already speak and read, but with a private tutor I could work on the aspects I’m not doing great at.

  2. Hi Jenny, I’ve never though about learning another language online but it looks super fun! I have no idea what I would want to learn but it’s something I will now look into. Thanks for sharing a great post! Alicia

  3. Great post! I already know a little Spanish but I’d love to learn both French and Italian one day, they’re both such beautiful languages and for places I’d love to travel to as well! Thanks for sharing x

  4. Learning a language is so rewarding. I lived in France for a year as I did a French degree and it was so much fun! I’d love to have time to study another language!

    Au revoir! 😉

  5. I plan to start learning Japanese (again) or France later on – I love to learn language online! Thanks for sharing this Jen x

  6. I don’t know how to speak another language and I haven’t really thought about learning one online. I will have to consider that. Thanks so much for sharing!

  7. I love learning French at school, I took it for GCSE and got an A*. My school wanted me to continue it for A Level but I didn’t. I’d love to polish off my skills and relearn some bits online. This sounds fab!

  8. My original thought was that it would be difficult to learn a language online, but I love the idea of learning online with a private tutor. That would be so beneficial to have the focused support. I’ve only ever tried to learn a language in a classroom setting. I like the philosophy of focusing on a student’s strengths. I think that would make a huge difference in the process!

  9. This is a fab post, there are so many benefits to learning a language! I’ve started to learn Italian as I’ve wanted to learn it for ages (I’m part Italian) and loving it so far x

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