ad collaborative post // Recent developments during the pandemic have led the majority of people to seek new solutions in their work, protecting their health and safety. There are also many who decide to work from home to raise their children properly and not miss many hours outside. Now, with the possibility provided by technology, more and more professions do not need to be in an office for many hours but instead work from home. Here are some ideas for working from home:


Do you know how to write and have a lot of imagination? Then turn on your computer and start typing. It’s not as impossible as you might initially think. Once your book is ready, contact a publisher (everyone is looking for fresh faces and new books) to get it published. You never know what might happen. Your book can be published abroad; it can become theatrical. Also, many authors sell their books online, where they also earn money since many choose to read stories this way.

Private lessons

Instead of running from school to school, set up a small office in your area so that your students can come. The other solution is to take private lessons online, something that is starting to gain more and more ground. You will definitely need a web camera.


There are so many websites now on the internet, and you can find work on one of them, especially if you are also interested in the subject. You do not need to go from there, as your work becomes a computer and it is good to have your comfort to be inspired.

Pilates and yoga classes

Make your own space in your home, and either do individual lessons or organize small groups. You choose the hours and days when you will do the lessons, and you do not need to run from gym to gym.

Make handmade jewelry

Design your own jewelry and sell it through eBay at affordable prices. You can also create an Instagram account and sell them from there.

Digital assistant

If you are very organized and like to help others, this is the job for you. Essentially, you do what a secretary would do but in the business profile of the company. Organize emails, meetings, send notifications and all this from the comfort of your own home.


Sales by phone or internet. You find a company that interests you and can start from home after a few lessons. At first, it could be a little embarrassing, but you will find it in the process. And, especially if you have to say it, you will do well!

Personal Trainer

You receive people at your home to work out with them by appointment or, even better; you can online. He wants good organization, but also to know the profession.

Voice actor

A voice actor is a creative professional. Each time, this professional must fulfill the requirements of each client through the production of quality audio material. Such a professional should be consistent and productive with his content, for which he will be paid. A good voice actor undertakes important work, even in the case of advertising a big brand.

It is a highly creative activity that can bring you much more money, compared to other works not only of entertainment but also of creation in general. If you want to take your first steps in the voice acting industry, you can turn to Voquent, which is looking for a capable voice actor who can meet a client’s requirements.

If you want to find more work-from-home jobs and apply for some of them, then go to Jooble. On this job aggregator, you will find many interesting remote open positions.


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