This is always one of my most looked forward to blog posts of the entire year, really. Despite the fact that I’m not a massive Christmas lover – I mean, it’s nice but I wouldn’t say it’s my favourite time of the year – I always love giving presents and I always greatly appreciate the gifts I receive in return. I like to showcase them on my blog, just to show that little bit of extra thanks. I know a lot of people don’t enjoy these posts and that’s all gravy baby, no offence taken here. But if you are one of the nosy sods (like me) who love seeing what other people got for Crimbo then keep reading! Enjoy.

So I’ll start with the gifts I got from my Mum and Dad, I won’t go into too much detail about each one, I’m sure my readers are smart enough to identify a pair of slippers when they see them.

So from the top down: a mustard Chenille jumper from New Look, a new pair of slippers, new leggings, a huge bar of Dairy Milk, Jack Wills cosy Winter kit, Jenson Button’s autobiography: Life on the Limit and Diamonique earrings.

The one I did wanna talk about briefly was this. My Mum wanted to get me “one last thing” but there was nothing in the world I wanted so I said I was going to adopt an animal from Born Free, so the money can go to a good cause instead. This was honestly one of the best decisions I made all year and I’m so happy with my adoption, the pack I received and the work that Born Free do is utterly brilliant. So for the next year, I have donated and adopted Kyriakos the Brown Bear who lives in a Bear Sanctuary in Greece. You can read more about him, here.

Next my friend Lynsey James (you might have heard of her, I reviewed her last book here!) got me a cute little Nivea lip care set and a box of shortbread and different types of tea from the Bumble Bee Tea Company. We set ourselves a limit of £7, so it’s always a challenge but I’ll definitely use all of these! And the short bread is definitely already gone.

Lastly, the gifts from my boyfriend. Unfortunately, I can’t tell you where he bought either of these because 1) he won’t tell me and 2) I believe they’re like ‘artist interpretations’ so not mass produced products that you can pick up in like, the Disney store. He went for a Beauty and the Beast theme because he knows how much I adore the new film. First up is this stunning canvas print with the silhouette of Belle and The Beast on. It’s so different from all other prints I’ve seen and I absolutely adore it. And secondly is this hand-made lantern with the stained glass windows from the original film in all the windows. You pop batteries in this so the stained glass illuminates and looks really pretty. These have both made wonderful new additions to my bedroom – I couldn’t be happier with either of them!

Please leave links to your own Christmas haul posts below! I’d love to see them. Or let me know what your favourite gift you received in 2017 was!


  1. That lantern is so cute! I’ve seen a Wicked one on the Wish App once and I’m curious to know who made it! I think lanterns like these are so neat!

    I had meant to make a Christmas Haul post but oh goodness is it too late to do that now?!

  2. You got such a lovely collection of stuff! I really love that jumper and the earrings, plus that gorgeous Beauty and the Beast lantern! But I am so excited that you adopted a bear, that’s such a good cause and I’m sure Kyriakos appreciates it! So cute.
    Beth x

  3. Your boyfriend is #goals. I mean what amazing taste and how well does he know you? You are a lucky lady, haha. And I love the idea of adopting an animal via Born Free, what a great thing to do. I’ll look into this for Flora, it sounds right up her street, thank you for the tip X

    Lisa |

  4. Cute stuff! The Jensen Button autobiography sounds like a good read. My Christmas haul wasn’t as big, but I got some nice stuff — a tablet/laptop combo from my parents that I’ve been putting to good use with the new blog, a couple of Star Wars collectibles from my SO and the girls, and a handmade picture book featuring photos of my family from the past year.

  5. I love the color of the sweater – it’s such a nice mustard and it looks so comfy! The Jack Wills mug is perfect for tea/hot chocolate (I’ve recently found a hot chocolate recipe and it’s essentially the only hot beverage I’ve been drinking and think about hahaha) That’s amazing that you decide to adopt an animal from Born Free – I haven’t heard of the Foundation before but after clicking the link, I think I’ll be reading a bit to learn more!

    The beauty and the beast print looks amazing – whoever painted it deserves an actual award, every detail is so precise and perfectly painted!!


    1. Awh thanks so much for your lovely comment! I’m so glad you checked out the Born Free website. They’re an AMAZING charity and when you read about what some of these animals went through, it’s difficult to NOT adopt one and help in that small way! xxx

  6. All of these gifts look lovely. It seems like you were spoiled. The adopting an animal gift is such a good idea. As you say there’s not really anything else we need once we’ve got cosy bits, some chocolate and a book so to get something that makes a difference is so nice.

    V <3

  7. You got some lovely gifts. Love the beauty and the beast things, and them earrrings are beautiful. I got a lovely personalised mug and two big fluffy dressing gowns and lots more little gifts 💕

  8. That Beauty and the Beast lantern is stunning! I love those slippers; they look like the cosiest thing ever! I had a pair of slippers too, but they don’t look quite as cosy as yours! And you can’t beat a big bar of Dairy Milk: BEST. CHOCOLATE. EVER!
    Gemma x |

  9. I’m a massive fan of beauty and the beast. I love the earrings. Who doesn’t love chocolate :). Some lovely gifts there. X

  10. That Beauty and the Beast art is GORGEOUS. As is your photography skills, as always. I hope you received lots of love this Christmas, Jenny. Whether it was presents, or a smile and hug, you deserve all the kindness in the world.
    ( Though those beautiful earrings might also help. xD )

  11. That looks like an amazing Christmas! Thank you so much for sharing info about Born Free – I’ve never heard of it before but I’m interested in helping protect wildlife!

  12. Wow! You were given some lovely gifts Jenny! How sweet and thoughtful that you adopted a bear! That’s amazing! I also love the Beauty & The Beast print and lantern, so beautiful! Thank you for sharing your Christmas presents, I love reading these posts! 💖 xx

    Bexa |

  13. I got myself Jack Wills products! Body Spray is amazing & body lotion. This present is amazing, and I’ve been craving Dairy Milk Chocolate!

  14. Oh wow, what wonderful gifts you received! Those earrings are absolutely gorgeous 🙂

    lots of love, Jasmin

  15. These are all really lovely gifts. I’m with you, I love Christmas but it is definitely not my favourite holiday. I had the job of celebrating Thanksgiving this year, and that was really fun!

  16. You got some lovely gifts for Christmas, that Beauty and the Beast print is stunning, I still have to watch that film. During Blogmas I found my love for baking and decided I wanted to do more on my blog in 2018 so my man got me a hand mixer for Christmas, I was so happy! It’s the little things that means a lot now as an adult I never expect much because I have two babies who Christmas is really for now but it’s nice when some thought has been put into something for me. (sorry for the long reply, I’m loving your posts rn)

    1. Awh that’s nice! And something you’ll definitely use as well, which is always a benefit! I’d highly recommend the film! It’s WONDERFUL. Without a doubt one of my all time favourite Disney’s. And thank you so much 💖

  17. You got such lovely things! All ready for a winter of hibernation 😀 I especially love the Beauty and the Beast items, they’re so gorgeous. Your boyfriend is a keeper.

  18. I love the Beauty and the Beast print and light! Such lovely presents. I think it’s great that you adopted a bear from Born Free too. I adopted a lion and a bear, it’s such a worthy cause.

  19. I love the beauty and the beast lantern! My boyfriend’s sister surprised me with a rose in a glass case and it even has fairy lights inside! 🥀 Hope you had a wonderful Christmas and new year! Loved the haul! 😊💕

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