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Blurb: Being pregnant with her ex-boyfriend’s baby is the last thing on Cleo Jones’s Christmas wish list. Scott might have been the man of her dreams once upon a time, but things change and now Cleo faces a future as a single mum… Or does she?

Scott won’t let Cleo go through this alone; whatever their differences he’s vowed to be there, from antenatal classes to night feeds and nappy changing. The two agree to bring up their baby as friends – but as Cleo’s bump grows, so do their feelings for each other.

Cleo can’t be sure if it’s her heart of her hormones urging her to give Scott a second chance – but getting back together could be the best Christmas present of all!

Review: I read and reviewed Lynsey’s book The Season of Hopes and Dreams earlier this year and thoroughly enjoyed it. I loved the concept of story and as I don’t usually read Chick-Lit / Women’s Fiction anymore (no offence at all to those genre writers but I think it’s normal for our tastes to change and adapt), it was a nice change to the normal Thriller’s I was reading. So when the sequel came out, A Winter’s Wish Come True, I knew I had to read it to find out what was next for Cleo and Scott – two characters I came to really like. Whilst this book can be read as a standalone, now having read it, I would suggest reading the first one as well because I think it would make it a more well-rounded story with a bit more background info.

So A Winter’s Wish Come True picks up with Cleo and Scott a year after the first book ends. You last see them in a happy relationship, with Cleo’s previous mental health issues relating to food, eating disorders and body dysmorphia dramatically improving and everything looks like it’s on the up and up. Except it’s not. Their relationship turned sour when Scott flew off to Australia, leaving Cleo behind and a blazing row which they left on. Now, Scott’s back and spends one fiery night with Cleo but weeks later, Cleo finds out she’s pregnant and their relationship is about to get a whole lot more complicated. Can they give it another go? Or can Cleo cope with being a single mum? Add in competitive in-laws, old flames and enemies and a few pregnancy scares and Cleo and Scott are in for the 9 months of their life.

In theory, this book is everything I should hate. Romantic? Check. Sappy? Check. A sickeningly sweet happy ending? Check. But I didn’t hate it at all. And I’m not just saying that because Lynsey is my friend (and I’m not going into the whole spiel about how my reviews are unbiased – we all know that by now). It had a few things that I didn’t absolutely love of course but on a whole, it made me laugh (like, really laugh), it definitely made me cry and it made me just feel… warm. And fuzzy. And inspired. And I think all those ingredients make for a pretty solid novel. The first thing I should point out is that I instantly thought that Lynsey’s writing had matured in this book. Compared to A Season of Hopes and Dreams, the language and approach to the story felt fine-tuned, from a readers point of view. And if anything, this has just got me even more excited for what Lynsey’s going to be writing next.

One little gripe I had with it; Cleo’s reaction to Scott going off to Australia and then leaving her house the night after they slept together. I did feel she over-reacted a bit and was a little mean. For the first third or so of the book I thought their arguments about it was a little repetitive but… I can admit that in a situation like that, I would have been exactly like Cleo. I can hold a grudge like a good’un, so I totally understand why she couldn’t let it slide.

I really liked the whole story being around Cleo’s pregnancy because I don’t often read that in books. It was amusing, especially reading about how she has to juggle her relationship/non-relationship with Scott, plus her mum and his mum being at each others throats. There was a particularly hilarious scene where they all went shopping together and whilst it was all very over-the-top, I bloody loved it to the point where I had to ring Lynsey and tell her how funny I thought it was. You really get a little bit of everything in this book, as I said earlier, it made me laugh but it also made me cry a few times. One particular sad scene around halfway through had me choking back tears and Lynsey did a really great job at getting across Cleo’s emotions here and it was heart-breaking. So thanks friend for making me cry.

In the first book, Cleo was a shell of a character. She was insecure, had had severe problems with eating disorders and body dysmorphia which she was still battling and just generally felt like a broken person. But she was completely transformed in this book and I loved seeing that. She made a bucket list in book 1, a lot of which she managed to tick off. And in A Winter’s Wish Come True, she really stepped up as an inspiring role-model of a character. She felt very real and I’ve definitely come away from these books happy and satisfied with her story and looking at her as a friend. Whilst misery guts over here (me), might not like romance and sap and found some parts of the book a little too sappy (there’s only so much sap I can take you know), this book is just perfect for a cosy read, especially for romance fans, on a cold, Winter’s night. I’ve loved Cleo’s story and I’ll be sad to say goodbye to her.


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  1. I feel like I’ve been reading a few too many dark and intense books lately, and have been looking for a feel-good book for the festive season. I think I’m going to check these two books out as they sound right up my alley (I don’t even know the full context but I know I’ll agree 100% with Cleo being annoyed at Scott leaving haha!) As always, your review is perfect – in-depth, thorough and leaves me so intrigued!
    Beth x

  2. This isn’t my normal type of book but I can see how it would be a good light read, especially with it being a light christmas chicklit. Agree with the overreaction though but I guess she has issues did you say. Great review.

    Jen xxx

  3. This is the type of book that I wouldn’t mind reading its not my favourite type but I like things that are easy to read! I really enjoy the sound of the characters and it’s always amazing when you love the characters! X

    Kayleigh Zara 🌿

  4. When I read the blurb my immediate reaction was ‘yuck, no thank you’, but reading your review and seeing how another non-chick lit fan actually really loved the book may have won me round. It’s one I’d now keep in mind for a rainy day xx

  5. Reading christmasy books always gets me in the festive season! Last year I read ‘Let It Snow’ by John Green etc. and enjoyed it, perhaps this will be the book of choice this December! x


  6. This is the kind of book I enjoy reading!! I love easy reads like what this sounds like and I love that it made you laugh and feel fuzzy. This one is definitely one I’m going to keep an eye out for when I’m out and about as I know that it will be something I would enjoy reading… I keep saying this, I pick up books they go on my book shelf and I don’t get round to reading them for so long!!! But like I said in another comment, your posts are inspiring me and I’m gonna’ learn to love reading again, so thank you x

    1. I’m so glad! I’d love people to reignite their love for reading. I know that life can certainly get in the way sometimes and reading goes on the back burner – which is a shame. This book is eBook only but it’s available for super cheap on Kindle! (: xxx

  7. I enjoy books of that type. Maybe true life is a bit different and happy endings are not always happening but at least we can put a smile on our face reading the last page of the book knowing that everything will be all right 🙂

  8. I wouldn’t say that this book is my usual ‘go-to’ but you have made it sound really interesting from your review. I may have to give it a go.

  9. I’ve read a couple of reviews of Lynsey’s book already and I must say that I’m super impressed by the sound of her work, I definitely need to pick up a copy! I love the fact that although you don’t usually reach for books of this genre, you enjoyed this nevertheless! The equal amounts of giggle-worthy moments and romance sound like the ideal combo to me!

    Abbey 😘

  10. This isn’t my kind of book but it is something that I think a friend would probably really like. I’ll have to head over to Amazon and find the first one as well – sounds like both books would make a great Christmas present! x

  11. This sounds like the perfect book for me as I love lighter reads as I quite often fall asleep when reading – haha! I’d love to hear about Scott & Cleo’s story so may just pick up the first one x

  12. I love reading book reviews 💕. This isn’t my usual kinda book but this story has intrigued me now ☺️. Your post is really well written. I’m going to add this one to my Amazon Wish List and give it a go! Thank you for sharing 😘 xx

    Bexa |

  13. This isn’t normally my type of read, but it sounds exciting, and it’s always so much better when you fall in love with the characters!

    Claudia xo

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