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25 lists (for the list obsessed)

Here’s a fact about me: I am obsessed with lists. I thrive off of organisation and lists are the main thing that keep my life in order. Or in as much order as the illusion of control can possibly give you. At this present moment I have lists on my phone of the following things; Blogging to-do’s, work to-do’s, things in the post, things I need to buy, payments I’m waiting to receive, Christmas presents I want to buy for people and more. I. Bloody. Love. Lists. But not only can they be extremely beneficial for “sorting shit out“, they can also be fun and therapeutic and a good way to be creative and unwind. They don’t all have to be boring old, “do taxes, do a good shop and put the bins out”. So I’ve concocted a list of lists (that is the most Jenny thing I could have possibly done) for you to try and get stuck in to if… like me… you’re obsessed with lists.

  1. A daily to-do list (let’s start small & basic)
  2. Monthly goals
  3. Yearly goals
  4. Yearly bucket list
  5. Recipes to try
  6. Books to read
  7. Films to watch that month
  8. Christmas / birthday wish-list
  9. Things you’re grateful for
  10. Places you want to go
  11. Things you like about yourself
  12. Areas of your life you want to improve on
  13. Restaurants to try
  14. Blog posts to write
  15. Things you love about your partner
  16. Christmas present ideas for loved ones
  17. Disney movies to watch
  18. Daily affirmations
  19. Your strengths
  20. Netflix shows to watch
  21. 5 year goals
  22. Acts of kindness
  23. Why you love “your favourite thing here”
  24. Boring but important errands
  25. Things to declutter

Are you a list person? Will you be doing any of these lists? What are your favourite types of types to write?


Jenny in Neverland

Twenty-something lifestyle blogger from Essex. Book lover, Slytherin, organisational wizard and enjoys Motorsport, Disney and Yoga.


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  2. ofbeautyand says:

    I’m always writing lists, they keep me organised x


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  4. Awesome list. Thanks.

  5. Lists – An Art Form  – Trailhead To… says:

    […] love lists. I make them constantly. Another blogger, Jenny in Neverland reminded me of that. As I read her article, “25 Lists For the List Obsessed” I thought back to my purse, my notepads at work, my journals at home, even my pockets as a teenager […]

  6. Trailhead To... says:

    Yes!!!!! Lists actually help me curb my anxiety. I love them. I haven’t read through all the comments yet but have you read any of that ancient Japanese empress that has a whole book out that is all translated lists? It’s incredible!

    1. Omg no! But that sounds amazing!

      1. Trailhead To... says:

        I cannot remember her name for the life of me! I heard about her on a stuff you missed in history class podcast episode a couple years ago. Googling Japanese Poets and List does not produce easy results to get through! lol

  7. I love these ideas! I’m such a lover of lists, I don’t think I could live without them x

    Jamie | http://www.jamies-corner.com

    1. I certainly couldn’t x

  8. themymanylovesblog says:

    I loooooove lists! Recently just filled a whole A4 notebook, not to mention the ever growing lists on my phone! X

    1. Omg queen! Xxx

  9. Oh my god, this is my dream come true. I am, like you, a huge fan of lists and also have a notes section on my phone full of them. But I just got a shiny new notebook and I’m so keen to try and complete all of these lists in it! Thanks so much for sharing this, I’m obsessed!
    Beth x

    1. Haha yay! I also have plenty of notes on my phone full of lists / I bloody love it! xxx

  10. I love this post! There are a couple of those lists I don’t have, I guess I need some more notebooks.

    A Sparkle Of Grace

    1. Absolutely! xxx

  11. Abbeylouisarose says:

    Oh Jenny, this is the absolutely ideal post for me! Like you, I’m list obsessed! My boyfriend often tells me that I just take on extra jobs and responsibilities just so that I can list them all down and check them off haha! It’s just a fantastic way to keep on track with you life, that’s what I say! A list of blog post ideas is something that I always have on the go, and acts of kindness are lovely to record too!

    Abbey 💖 http://www.abbeylouisarose.co.uk

  12. I love writing lists helps me to keep on task

  13. I frigging love lists. I have an excel list, a phone list, and a paper list- the best kind as theres nothing more satisfying than scratching off that boring item on one of your lists! I think I might add recipes to try to my listography needs to happen. I also write snippet lists though which are quite fun: write down phrases or funny things you overhear/ see all week and then make them into poetry. Its very geeky but also can be a bit heartwarming depending what you write down. One week almost everything I wrote down was people encouraging each other.

    Jen xxx

    1. Awh I love all these ideas! xxx

  14. Love this post 💜 I am a list person too

    1. Gotta love a list or two! xxx

  15. Lainey says:

    I too have a list of lists! I also said yesterday “A life without lists is a life unravelled”….lol. Luckily it was to a fellow list lover x

    1. I love that quote! xxx

  16. Kirstie Wheeler says:

    Ah!! This post is dangerous for me. I make so many lists its ridiculous, I don’t need any more excuses to write even more lists, ahaha!

    1. Hehehe whoops! xxx

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