20 Things Anyone Obsessed With ‘To-Do’ Lists Will Understand

I am an avid ‘to-do lister’. In fact, I often wonder whether I could successfully get through the day without writing down everything I need to do. I know some people would hate this idea because we’re supposed to be ‘spontaneous’ and ‘live in the moment’ – which is all very well and good but on a working day, without my lists, I wouldn’t know which way was up. I know for a fact that there are fellow ‘to-do listers’ out there in the big wide world of the internet so I composed a list of things that I’m sure you’ll all understand.


1. Writing something on your list that you’ve already done just so you can immediately cross something off
2. Adding the simplest tasks such as, ‘brush teeth‘ so again, you’re guaranteed to cross at least 1 thing off that day
3. Writing your to-do list in your best handwriting and decorating around the edges and considering it progress
4. Doing all the easy tasks on your to-do list first so you feel totes productive
5. Then procrastinating like crap when it comes to doing all the long-assed jobs at the end
6. Knowing that if you don’t write a to-do list you will 100% end up watching Netflix all day
7. Adding something fun on your to-do list so you know there’s at least 1 thing to stop you dying of boredom
8. Writing to-do lists within to-do lists and going all ‘Inception‘ on your own ass
9. Writing your to-do list for the following day then crying into your wine when you see the length of it
10. The phrases, “I don’t know what I’m doing” and “I’ll play it by ear” just don’t make sense to you. You always know what you’re doing…  It’s written down…
11. Including “make a to-do list for tomorrow” on today’s to-do list is crucial for… Well… Your mental wellbeing
12. And if by some miracle of miracles you forget about a to-do list, you freak the fuck out
13. Lists make your world go round. Where I want to travel? List. Potential baby names? List. Books I want to read? List.
14. No matter how many supposedly “productive” apps you download for making lists, nothing will beat the satisfaction of crossing things through with an actual pen
15. Having a suspiciously short to-do list and panicking about everything you’ve probably forgot to add to it
16. Going on holiday? No problem, I wrote down everything we need to take like, before it was even booked
17. Notebooks. Notebooks everywhere!
18. It’s not all about spontaneity. Being organised can be fun. All hail Monica Geller.
19. Finishing a to-do list early in the day and wondering whether everything you did, you did wrong
20. Celebrating finishing a particularly long and boring to-do list by writing another list

Are you a ‘to-do lister’ like me? Or do you go about your daily tasks with an element of spontaneity? Do you have anything else to add to this list? Let me know!


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  2. Oh my gosh! Yes!! I’m dying laughing because I’m pretty sure all of those are me whenever it comes to list making!

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  14. I feel you haha this is me too 😂

  15. Haha I totally agree! When I’m in a rush, I’ll note my lists down on my phone but nothing beats a pen and paper!

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