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I’ve been blogging for over 7 years now and in 2015, I wrote a blog post about mistakes I made when I started blogging. One point I mentioned was that I didn’t share my blog posts and links and when I did, I clearly wasn’t doing it right because for the first six months or so, my stats were pretty shocking. Although there’s MUCH MORE advice available now for new bloggers on how to promote your blog, which is very lucky.

How To Promote Your Blog

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Learning how to promote your blog on social media is so important because is has a huge impact on your blog traffic which can affect things like ad revenue in the future. There’s a ton of things you can do when creating the post itself to help boost that traffic, like getting stuck into SEO and writing catchy blog post titles but learning how to promote your blog on social media will give you a huge jump up.

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So let’s look at 6 easy ways you can learn how to promote your blog effectively on social media:

Use different platforms for promoting your blog

First of all, don’t rely on ONE social platform to promote your blog. You need to be cross-posting across a variety of platforms to get the best results. Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest are a must but you can also consider Instagram and LinkedIn as well. Experiment with different platforms but make sure you try and keep on top of most of them.

Research the best times of day to promote your blog

I know it sounds obvious but your blog and Twitter followers are from all over the world so be sure to post your blog links throughout the day. If you just do it at a certain time, someone from the other side of the world could always be missing it. Research the best times of day for certain platforms, as they do differ. For example, Pinterest pins always tend to do better in the middle of the night in the UK as audiences are mostly from the US.

Spend time learning about Pinterest marketing

Pinterest is an absolute GOLDMINE for blog traffic and by learning about Pinterest marketing for your blog early on, it’ll benefit you hugely in the long term. This is one of my biggest downfalls. I didn’t get on the Pinterest bandwagon until well after 5 years into my blogging career and yep… I’m kicking myself for it!

Although Pinterest is technically a search engine and NOT a social media platform, I wanted to include it in this post on how to promote your blog because it’s such a huge part of that. If you’re totally new to Pinterest, I’d highly recommend this course > Pinterest With Ell < as it’s perfect for beginners!

Use relevant hash tags and RT accounts when sharing your blog posts on Twitter

I was pretty useless at for ages but using relevant hash tags on Twitter is important because believe it or not, people actually search for them! #bookbloggers, #lbloggers (lifestyle bloggers), #tbloggers (travel bloggers), #foodbloggers are some I use. Here’s a more extensive list of RT accounts and hash tags:

How To Promote Your Blog: RT Accounts and Hash Tags

Ensure you have sharing options on your blog posts for other people to promote your content

If you look at the bottom of this post, I have lots of sharing options for people to use; Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest etc. I know we’re talking about how to promote your blog on social media but you need to make your content accessible so other people can share it too!

Make your tweets visually appealing

The average shelf life of a tweet is 18 minutes. Yep. Just 18 minutes! So you can see the importance of making your tweets visually appealing when you think that the average user will have 18 minutes to see your tweet before it gets eaten up by the rest of their feed. Make sure you’re selling your blog posts, including images, emojis and a clickable description.

6 Tips For How To Promote Your Blog

When I was a new blogger, I had absolutely no idea what I was doing so I hope that someone can find this helpful! If anyone has any other tips, feel free to leave them below and share your wisdom!


  1. Again really useful post- thanks. I don’t participate in twitter chats and I don’t tag twitter accounts designed to retweet. Both now in my to do list! Thanks

  2. Some really good tips here, which if I ever get a minute I hope to make sure I follow. There’s so much to do it’s hard to keep up!

  3. Thank you so much for those tips!

    I just found your blog via Twitter and I had no idea those twitter chats etc. Will definitely search more about them, sounds so interesting!

    Also wanted to say that your blog looks so pretty, keep up the good work! You just got a new follower 🙂

  4. This is so helpful I’ve recently just starting using social media better but I didn’t know about all of the other things you mentioned.

  5. I am new to twitter so I am very glad you mentioned these tags! I never even thought of reposting the link more than ones. I will definitely use these tips!

  6. Thanks for this really helpful post! I’ve been blogging for a year, but I still sometimes feel a little unsure about how best to promote my posts. I always post my posts to Twitter and Google+, but I have never tried Twitter chats (they always look fun, I’m just too shy to join in!) or link-ups, so I might have to give them a go, as it would be nice to grow my blog a little, and meet some more bloggers.

    1. Oh you should totally take part in Twitter chats! They’re so much fun an not scary at all. Everyone’s really friendly and supportive and it’s a great way to find new blogger friends too. I’ve met tons of my Twitter friends through chats. They’re always so interesting too – seeing people different POV’s on different topics! xx

  7. This is a wonderful post! I’m sure it will help many bloggers and it definitely helps me. I have to ask though… How do you get the hang of Twitter? I just can’t keep up with it or get into the groove of it! Its like its another language to me! xoxo

    1. I’m really glad you found it helpful! It took me a while to get the hang of Twitter but it’s helped MASSIVELY with my blog. If you have any questions, I’d be happy to help out! I did feel like I was trying to learn a new language at the beginning too haha (: xx

  8. Great post Jenny! I’ve learnt all these things over the past 2+ years but wish I’d known a lot sooner haha!
    I think chats do make a big difference too as I’ve noticed since not taking part anymore, I struggle to attract new readers. Also – whenever I tag those RT accounts they NEVER retweet me! Nevermind 😛


    1. I wish I’d known sooner too, haha! I honestly didn’t have a clue! I agree with the chats too – I haven’t taken part in one in so long but I need to start again because they’re so much fun! Haha, mine don’t often either but it’s always worth a try, eh? (: xx

  9. Fantastic tips, I’m just learning the ropes of self-promotion on twitter, and this post is so helpful 😀

  10. Thanks Jenny! Some really helpful tips! Especially about the hashtags – I have been using more of them recently on twitter and instagram and I found it makes a real difference. Posting photos in tweets sounds like an excellent idea too, think I will give that a go next… 🙂 x

  11. If you want more interaction then ask a question at the end of your post.

    #FridayReads #BluSkyFriday #ArchiveDay (Saturday) #WeekendBlogHop #TuesdayShares are a few other twitter link ups I use.

  12. I think you MAY have missed out the most important parts of writing a good blog – ALL of which you do,

    1. Be Interesting,
    2. Be amusing
    3. Be entertaining
    4. Be lively.

    Just my 2p.


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