Greece is a wonderful place to visit. With the culture of the locals, the fine foods and wines to taste, the plethora of beaches, and the nightlife, you’re sure to always have something to do when you’re visiting! If you’re planning a trip to the Greek Islands you might be wondering what to plan on doing while you’re over there. Luckily, here are the top 6 beauties in the Greek Islands that you need to see.

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Ionian Islands

It’s not as warm in the Ionian Islands, but don’t let that put you off as you’re still sure to have a fantastic time visiting this beautiful area of the country. This is definitely the place to visit for those of you that like to taste fine food, chill out on beautiful beaches, and those of you that like to really experience a country’s culture when you’re visiting. You will also have the thrill of seeing wildlife like turtles swimming in and around the wonderful caverns that the cliffs have formed into.


Elafonisi is a beautiful section of the Greek Islands that is full of a plethora of white and peachy beaches that you can literally walk from one to another from. If you’re the type that likes to see weird and wonderful plants and shrubbery then you’re in luck here because Elafonisi has over 100 different types of plants that will wow the eye. Not only that, it also has one plant called the androcymbium rechingeri which is super rare, so capturing a picture of that will be something to keep hold of and treasure. Basically, if you’re looking for pure tranquility, then Elafonisi is the place for you!

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Melissani Caves

Not too far from Karavomilos, the Melissani Caves are a display of natures’ true beauty. The cave itself is over 3km and it was fully formed by nature itself. Corrosion of rocks caused the roof of the cave to fall in, revealing turquoise and green waters below that’s just pure paradise. It’s definitely a sight to put on the bucket list, so why not book a villa from Villa hunters over at and find one close to this beauty so that you’re not missing out on one of the most spectacular sights in the world.

White Mountains

In western Crete you will find the beauties that are the white mountains. During the winter and spring months the mountains are typically covered in snow as you’d expect. Once the snow melts in the warmer months the mountains still appear white because of the fact the rock is limescale and the sun reflecting off them makes them look white. While there are a few roads leading to the mountains, there aren’t any that lead to a high altitude. So the hikers out there will absolutely love the delight of climbing these beautiful mountains.

Theatre of Dionysus

This place is literally the beginning of theatres and live shows around the world. Not only was in for drama, but Greeks held serious meetings, worships and business meetings in the theatre. While there isn’t much of the seating left, back in the day it could hold up to 1700 people, so you can imagine the atmosphere that happened in that beautiful stadium. Definitely something to go and see while you’re visiting the Greek Islands.

Mount Olympus

A brief history lesson here, many years ago the mountain was considered to be the throne of Zeus, the biggest and most powerful Greek god. Imagine climbing to the summit of this amazing mountain and sitting on Zeus’ throne with the whole of Greece at your feet. What an incredible experience to be sat above the clouds and knowing that the only things higher than you are planes and birds. Another one to put on the bucket list.

So there we have it, six of the biggest beauties in the Greek Islands that you should go and see. Rather than staying at home on a staycation, go big on your next vacation and head to the Greek Islands for a place of tranquility, beautiful sights and much Greek mythology. In the interest of going over there, why not document it through blogging. You could tell your readers about your experiences and share all of your incredible photos. Don’t forget to take your camera!


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