For keen gardeners, Winter can be a bit of a nuisance when it comes to flowers, crops, style and colour. After the vibrant Summer full of pretty, bright colours then onto Autumn with the gorgeous oranges and golds, we’re just kinda left with dull, colour-less gardens by the end of the year with the only thing brightening the up being the Christmas lights! Although you may have to adapt slightly, there’s still plenty of ways you can brighten up and improve your garden in the Winter months!

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How to Improve the Colour of Your Garden During Winter

Sloane & Sons have created a handy guide (linked above) highlighting some of the ways in which you can prepare your garden in order for it to be bright, colourful and appealing even in the Winter months, some things quite as simple as introducing a new bench into your garden, such as the Sloane and Sons Garden Benches.

As well as some practical advice, you’ll also see in the guide a handy list of flowers that actually grow during Winter, including English Daisies, Erica, Iceland Poppy and The English Primrose. So just because it’s cold and dark outside, doesn’t mean the flowers in your garden have to be.

Winter can be one of the prettiest times of year; I absolutely love it and there’s nothing quite like a walk in nature and spending time outside when it’s cold, you can wrap up warm and you can hear the twigs crunching underneath your feet. But your own gardens definitely don’t have to suffer either!

Although it may require you to get a bit more organised with the timing of your planting and brush up on your knowledge of how to maintain it properly because it will definitely have different needs than in Spring, Summer and Autumn, it’ll definitely be worth it in the end.

The handy and informative guide from Sloane and Sons will definitely aid you in that! Gardening is a hobby I’d personally love to get into more. I can imagine it’s very relaxing and therapeutic and I certainly wouldn’t mind getting wrapped up and heading out into my garden in the Winter to do a spot of gardening.

Are you a gardener? What’s your favourite season to work in? Do you find it difficult to maintain your garden in the Winter?

* This post is written in collaboration with Sloane and Sons Garden Benches


  1. Gardening is one of my favourite things to do, I think spring and autumn are my preferred times for gardening (it can get too hot in the summer) but then in winter it’s too cold & rainy so I tend to be out there less during this time of year.

  2. I can’t wait to have a little garden of my own one day! I’ll have to refer back to this post for sure as I know nothing about plants in all honesty :’)

  3. Love my gardening it’s my therapy! We have winter ornamental cabbages, cyclamens and winter cherries and winter Jasmine adding lovely colour to the garden

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