I think we’re all pretty clued up on the fact that everything is energy. Human beings are energy. Animals are energy. Plants are energy. And so is the mug you’re drinking your tea out of, the chair you’re sitting on and the device that you’re reading this post on. Energy interacts with other energy – and not all energy will match. So it’s important to know how to protect your energy.

how to protect your energy

It’s likely we’ve all experienced an encounter with a person who we just don’t *vibe* with. There’s nothing wrong with them and they’ve never done anything to us to make us dislike them. Heck, we don’t actively dislike them at all, we just don’t vibe with their energy and whenever we’re around them, we feel our own energy shift.

Or perhaps you’ve entered a room and something feels off. There’s a shift in the air, as you’ve stepped from one room to another and you just know in your gut that your inner voice is telling you that something is wrong.

With so many co-existing energies, we’re always going to encounter people, places and things that are a negative energy influence to us. It’s all about how we manage those situations, to ensure that it doesn’t bring our own energy down to such a low level that it starts to negatively impact our mental health.

how to protect your energy

I’m very in tune with energy and the energy around me. There’s been multiple occasions in my life where I’ve known something bad has happened before I’ve been told. Sometimes even in the middle of the night, whilst I’ve been asleep. Or I’ve stepped into a room and known something was off before anyone has said a word.

And being an empath as well makes me EXTRA sensitive to energy – especially negative energy. So although we can all get affected by other energy, some are just generally more sensitive towards it and that’s okay. 

So there’s no avoiding it; we’ll all experience negative influences in our lives that drain our energy. Whether that’s a person, a place, an object or a situation. So let’s look at some easy ways that we can all protect our energy from negative influences.

7 ways to protect your energy from negative influences:

how to protect your energy

Practice creating an energy shield

It’ll take a little visualization practice but next time you’re in the presence of something or someone which is negatively affecting your energy, try imagining a shield in front of you or an invisible wall in-between you and it/them. See their energy knocking into the wall or shield and flying away – thus not ending up near you.

Physically remove yourself

If you an physically remove yourself from the negative influence then you absolutely should in order to protect your energy. There could be a ton of different situations which might require you to do this but remember that whatever the situation, you are ALWAYS within your right to protect your energy and move away. Some examples of this might be:

  • Overhearing a conversation that’s triggering you
  • Sitting near people in a café who make you feel uncomfortable
  • Talking to someone who’s draining your energy
  • Being somewhere that’s making you feel anxious (that you CAN leave, if you want to)

Do something to release your own energy

Exercise, Yoga, swimming, running, screaming, meditating, playing an instrument, gaming – whatever it is for YOU, do that. We all have our own methods for releasing energy and it’s important to lean into these things when we’ve been exposed to someone or something that is a negative energy influence on us.

Practice self care in abundance

This point is on every single damn list I make because it’s SO important and I will preach self care until I am blue in the face. But when you have someone or something in your life that negative impacts your energy, then you NEED to take it upon yourself to be as self compassionate as possible and self care is a great way to do that. Here are some self care posts that might help:

Focus on what you CAN control

You cannot control their energy. That’s a fact. You can’t control how they decide to portray themselves and the vibe that they give off. Some people are generally more low vibe or others can be more eccentric and high vibe and if that isn’t your type of energy, then that’s okay. We’re all different.

But you cannot change their energy frequencies, so at this point, it’s important to remember to focus on what you can control, which includes everything I’ve mentioned in this post, including limiting your time spent with them, removing yourself from situations and creating an energy shield.

Limit the time spent with them – if you can

Some people are just energy drainers. Even if they’re your friend, sometimes, people’s energy just doesn’t match up to yours and spending time with them can leave you feeling drained and deflated. If they’re someone that you get on well with but can only manage in small doses, try and limit the time you’re spending with them to what YOU can manage.

Curate your online space to avoid them

Our online spaces, especially social media, are a WONDERFUL place for making our energy feel really low and crap. Don’t get me wrong, I love social media and the online world and the opportunities that can come from it but it’s so easy to get sucked into a negative rabbit hole if we allow ourselves. Use the mute and block buttons, de-clutter your Facebook friends and limit your screen time.

Remember, if you have to take some measures in order to protect your energy, that’s absolutely okay. It’s not selfish – it’s vital for your own mental health. There will always be people that take things the wrong way but knowing that your energy doesn’t match with someone else’s isn’t a bad thing – it just is. And the sooner people realize that we all have different energy frequencies, the better.

Over to you! How do you protect your energy from negative influences? Any tips to share?

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  1. I’ve been connecting with my crystals more to help me with yucky energy. Also recently did reiki healing and I’m starting a whole new holistic approach towards my diet and fitness that will fit me and my energy. It’s so important to not always be allowing negative energy to land on you.

  2. This is such an important topic! I used to think walking away was rude or weak, but as I got older I learned that sometimes, it’s the only real solution. Otherwise you’ll become the one putting out negative energy and that’s not good for anybody. I think for me, this is still easier on social media.

  3. I so love this fantastic wellness post, especially as I am integrating myself into university life and meeting more people in a day than it seems I have in my life!

    Removing myself from an influence is definitely helpful, but looking out for me at home too is equally important. 🙂

  4. Yes! This is so important! Thanks for sharing how to protect your energy! Negative influence can be so draining for sure

  5. What excellent tips! I’ve restricted my Facebook friends to be only people I feel in tune with, and spend much less time on social media to protect my own energy.

  6. The idea of physically removing yourself is definitely a great strategy, I think it’s definitely something I try because it’s always important that you’re comfortable in all your situations! Thanks for sharing Jenny! ☺️

  7. This was such an interesting read! I tend to notice energy a lot too – a few of my friends and I’s energy just doesn’t match and I always find myself limiting time with them. I’m very much a ‘step away’ type of person! Thank you so much for sharing x

  8. I love the idea of creating a “visual” shield to protect yourself. It’s such a simple concept but seems like a really powerful tool.

  9. I’m an empath as well so just close friendships in general can be challenging for me emotionally. I try my best to set boundaries for myself and step back a bit when I need to.

  10. A big one I’ve been learning to do is focus on what I can control and so far, I’ve learned that it takes more energy to worry and try to fix everything, as opposed to letting it flow and trusting that it will all work out. Another way I protect my energy is by recharging from all interaction. As an introvert, I often feel burnt out after many social interactions. And when I do, I take a few days to myself and truly disconnect.

    Thank you for sharing!

  11. I certainly notice people’s energy more than before. I can sometimes come away from being in their company totally drained. These are some really helpful tips to help protect my own energy. I definitely want to learn more about it, so if you have any other blog posts or tips on where I can learn more I would really appreciate it.

    Thank you for sharing such a great read Jenny!

    Lauren x

  12. Thank you, perfect timing since I also needed to hear/ read this right now. I will try to focus more on what helps stay in my positive energy, and spend time with positive people. ♡ Thank you!

  13. Jenny, another post I really needed to read today. This is so useful, thanks so much for sharing. Yoga and meditation help when I have time to do it. The mute button has been a game changer and will try the energy shield. Jade MumLifeAndMe

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