I’m a pretty spiritual person but you probably wouldn’t know it. I don’t tend to talk about it much on my blog and my practices are all fairly private. You might have seen me talk about crystals, rituals and The Law of Attraction over on Instagram occasionally but apart from that, my spirituality isn’t particularly public.

And I am absolutely okay with that. Not everything is meant to be online. Not everything NEEDS to be online. But that’s a whole other post for a whole different day.

But I’ve had a bit of a journey with my own spirituality over the last year in particular. I’ve tried a bunch of things in the past; some have worked, some REALLY haven’t.

But it’s all been a huge learning curve.

I’ve always known deep down that I am a spiritual person. I’ve very empathetic and sensitive. I feel things quite deeply and that lack of spiritual practice and belief was almost bothering me.

I found The Law of Attraction through Victoria at The Manifestation Collective and have continued my education with various other influencers, such as Ashley Gordon and Kathrin Zenkina.

For me, spirituality goes hand in hand with personal growth. I feel like the more I’ve figured out about myself, the clearer my relationship with spirit has become.

I have a lot to thank my life coach for in that respect because we’ve covered my spirituality in our sessions and it’s been incredibly eye-opening.

I’ve had moments where I’ve struggled with my spirituality. I’ve felt like I’m not doing ENOUGH. I’m doing the WRONG things. I’m not FEELING it. That it just isn’t “me”. When I knew it was.

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There was a time where I was majorly confused and I needed clarity and vision and guidance that I was on the right path and doing the right things.

And I can’t imagine I’m the only person who has had those struggles either.

So today I wanted to delve into 5 things that I’ve learned lately which have helped my own spirituality and my relationship with spirituality TENFOLD.

These 5 things have seriously opened my eyes and allowed me to see spirituality through a new lens.

If you’re struggling with your own spirituality, read these 5 things to help you get clearer:

Figure out what spirituality means to you

The first thing you NEED to do is figure out what spirituality means to you. I don’t want you to look at anyone else here. Don’t influence yourself, based on what someone else believes.

You might want to consider what your beliefs are. Are you religious? Do you follow The Law of Attraction? Are you interested in learning about Ancestral trauma? Or spirit guides?

Whatever it is, it’s fine. Don’t judge yourself on what comes up here. And if you find something comes up that you’re not expecting, that’s cool too. Keep an open mind. A meditation session might be helpful here to clear your mind. Check out websites like Gospel Themes for additional tools to help you discover what spirituality means to you.

And remember that it’s okay if it doesn’t look the same as someone else’s

Once you’ve established what spirituality means to you, it’s time to avoid judgment and comparison. You probably follow various other people with different beliefs, practices and rituals.

And if yours doesn’t look like that? That’s OKAY. It doesn’t mean you’re not a spiritual person because you don’t resonate with using crystals and someone else does.

Realize that anything can be spiritual

This is something that changed the game for me. This point and the following one are probably the two that made the biggest difference in terms of my own spiritual journey.

Anything can be spiritual to you. ANYTHING.

A Yoga practice. A mediation session. A walk in the park. A candlelit bath. Listening to birds singing. Seeing a red squirrel. An amazing meal. Fresh flowers.

Honestly, anything that helps you feel connected; either to yourself or a higher being, can be spiritual. Anything that makes you stop and realize the beauty, can be spiritual. Anything that helps you see beyond the noise and the static, can be spiritual.

Focus on those little moments of magic

All you have to do is NOTICE.

This point follows on nicely from the last because yes, anything can be spiritual. But if we’re not actually NOTICING those things then it doesn’t really matter.

Learning to live intentionally and be present every single day can help here. There are plenty of practical things that you can do to help with this, such as limiting social media usage and not multi-tasking.

But this is really down to you and the more you practice this, the more you’ll notice. And you’ll be amazed at the results. Here are a few things I’ve come to notice over the last few months:

  • I notice the things I see in my future dream life more and more every single day (i.e the car I want and the dog I want)
  • During a Yoga practice, I was told to set an intention. My intention was making the first step towards my dream life. After the practice, I realised that the practice itself was called “believe”.
  • Someone has been leaving cute little painted pebbles in the trees around the park next to my house. On the day where I was actively trying to find them, I couldn’t see any. Then as soon as I stopped thinking about them, I saw one.
  • Small moments of happiness, such as a little boy learning to ride his bike over the park

These little every day moments of magic are incredible. It might help to start noting them down too. That’s what I do.

Remember that you don’t need to do ALL THE THINGS

This is a really important one because we’re told all the time that crystals can help us or certain rituals are what we need to do. Perhaps we need to meditate every single day or read this particular book.

Remember that you don’t have to do ANY of the things.

Sure, a lot of people find them helpful. But if you don’t, that’s absolutely okay.

Your knowledge of crystals has no relation to your level of spirituality. It doesn’t make you any less spiritual.

We won’t all vibe with all the things. And this is something I’ve learned recently which has really helped me. It’s great to try things and find what works for you. Because you might be pleasantly surprised at what you find.

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Something that’s been a game changer for me and allows me to really tune in to my spirituality is my end of the month ritual. This ritual contains some Yoga, a releasing ceremony, meditation and intention setting. You can find a full guide in my freebie library to help you through the ritual, just sign up to my mailing list for instant access!

We all are intuitive beings. We know when we’re not aligned with what we need to be doing.

So if you’re a spiritual person who’s been struggling with where they stand with their own spirituality, know that you’re not alone and there are things you can do to get back into alignment.

Do you struggle with spirituality? Will you be following any of these tips to help you get back into flow with your own spirituality?

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  1. Being a spiritual person myself, I really enjoyed reading this post. Besides this, I also got to know a lot of other important stuffs which I guess, I was missing all this time.
    So, a big thank you Jenny for this post.🤗

  2. This is a great informative post. I have been struggling with spirituality, however, this post has give me a boost. Thank you for the reminder.

  3. I really like this post and it totally resonates with me. I think people always think of hippies etc when they think of spirituality. For me spirituality includes Yoga, listening to Headspace in the morning and doing some 5 min breathing exercises, going for a walk and noticing what;s around me and so on.

  4. Ooh this was food for thought for sure. It’s not something I’ve ever really stopped to think about but was such an interesting read. I love the idea of being present and in the moment, I know I’m bad at that. Thanks!

  5. I really enjoyed reading this as I was actually clueless as to what spirituality meant. Everything I thought I knew about it was wrong – you cleared that up perfectly in this post. I need to stop and enjoy the beauty in things more and find the ‘quiet.’ Thank you for this!

    Coralle x

  6. This was a great read. I have always been into the Law of Attraction and I do have some crystals but I wouldn’t say I am a huge spiritual person. But I love that you say anything can be spiritual and can be different for everyone xx

  7. You make a number of great points. Spirituality is something different for everyone. I’ve been exposed to religion since I was a teenager, but spirituality and religion are different as you know. I think it’s part of life and growing up to explore all of these things more. Thank you for sharing your perspective. It helps to see things from other people’s points of view.
    ~ Andrea | acaponeconnection.com

  8. Great read Jenny! I’m not religiously spiritual, however I love culture and not only the culture closest to me but so many other cultures around the world. I’ve also always been good at appreciating the magical moments, small or big.
    Tuva | tuvasworld.com

  9. I haven’t really given spirituality much thought if I am honest. I like to think there are forces at work that can help create a positive mindset and environment. My partner brought me some crystals and I have been interested in learning more about law of attraction. This post is really interesting and has informed me on a lot of things to think about. Thank you for sharing your personal experience with spirituality, these are some great tips!

    Lauren bournemouthgirl.com

  10. Lovely post! Thank you for sharing this interesting post! I will definitely be using these tips for spirituality! I want to do more meditating and get some crystals to connect with spirituality!

  11. Hi Jenny,

    I really enjoyed reading your post as I too have struggled with ancestral trauma at times. My heritage is mixed British and Irish and those two things have a constant interplay and tension, socio-economically speaking. The recent “troubles” in Belfast have reminded me just how fractious the world we live in is (well, that and Coronavirus). Sometimes I struggle with the idea of self-worth but then I realise that I have many talents to draw on and that the universe gives boundless energy if we have the courage to ask for it. Your blog is so moving. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Tom

  12. Spirituality is such a hard one for me. I went to Catholic school, I teach at a Catholic school and know a fair amount about the faith–though not everything of course. And I resonate with many teachings, though others I raise my eyebrow at. I don’t even go to church. I also love crystal healing though I am not really super knowledgeable about it. I just do what feels good to me. So it’s like in 40 years I haven’t figured this out entirely yet.

  13. In recent years, I’ve realized that I have some big issues with the religion that I was raised with. But there is still a part of me that feels most complete when pieces of the religion’s traditions are present in my spiritual life. Remembering “that it’s okay if it doesn’t look the same as someone else’s” is everything.
    Still exploring what spirituality means to me, and this was a great post🌺

  14. I haven’t really thought about spirituality before, it’s not something I know much about. You’ve definitely given me a few things to think about, especially that spirituality is different for every person x

  15. There are some really good points in this post. For some, when you hear spirituality you instantly have an idea of what it is in your head and identify with it or not. We’re all spiritual in our own way!

  16. I feel like posts and conversations like these are so important to have. It can be easy to get lost or caught up in a spiritual journey and I feel like you’ve shared some really important things. I had someone tell me about walking meditation last year and some breathing exercises. Both things have become a part of a spiritual practice that might seem strange to others, but work for me. I appreciate your reminders that my practice doesn’t have to look the same as others and that little moments can be spiritual 🙂

  17. To be honest, I would probably never consider myself ‘spiritual’ but I love the sentiment of simple appreciating small moments or magic, or allowing time for peaceful reflection. Both are so important for staying positive, and it’s great to be able to reaffirm happiness!

  18. A great post! I have never been much interested in the religious side of spirituality, but I have seen lately that i tend to be more focused on the little things and that taking time alone to breathe and just think really helps me. I will read more about the law of attractions as I have read previously from your Instagram and it inspired me x

  19. I feel like the older I get, the more spiritual I become. I have a lot of faith in the universe and believe that whatever you put out there will come back to you one way or another!
    Love your tips!


  20. A lovely post, thanks for sharing your thoughts!! Spirituality is something I think about, along with mindfulness but never quite fully commit to. This post has given me some food for thought!

  21. Lovely post! I do struggle with my spirituality but it’s mostly because of my culture and our traditions which places a ton of rules. It became suffocating for me as a child and I’ve just been trying to not get caught up in those beliefs that don’t work for me. But I do want to understand what does work for me. It will mostly only happen if I spend a lot of time evaluating my definition and if I’m allowed to separate myself from the existing rules, which is hard haha.

    Sumedha | the wordy habitat

  22. This was genuinely eye-opening, I think I would have said if asked, No way am I in to spirituality but actually reading this, I’d say some of the things that I do daily could be seen as just that.

    I think you’re right though, this is such a personal journey that often its not shared on social media but I think how beneficial this has been for you, you should shout about it x x

  23. I really enjoyed this post Jenny. Recently I’ve been looking at the law of attraction and it’s been quite interesting so far. It’s helped me to think more positively and that’s really helping right now.

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