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I’ve been in a long-term relationship with my boyfriend for 6 years now and it’s only really been within the last year or so that we had made an effort with date nights and going out for a date night once every couple of weeks. Of course, this also coincided with COVID, so we didn’t make many before we were stuck at home. Again.

We got to lots of places together. In fact, we go most places together. We’ve been on plenty of staycations all around the country from Shropshire on the Severn Valley Railway, boating holidays on the Norfolk Broads, visiting Cumbria and The Lake District – which is an absolutely beautiful place and perfect for Cumbria dating – and much more.

But neither of us are particularly romantic types, so that’s why date nights didn’t really become a thing for us. But after a year of basically nowhere to go, I am absolutely DYING to go anywhere. Literally anywhere. McDonald’s would be a banging date night right now because I am that desperate. 

So today I wanted to share some of the restaurants, establishments and general places that I can’t wait to visit again for a date night, date day, date weekend – date anything! – when COVID is over. Carl, I hope you’re reading this! And if you’re single, you can find someone on match me happy to give these subtle hints to as well!

Côte Brasserie

We’ve visited the Côte restaurants a few times in the past and I’ve always been blown away by the food. But because it’s a little pricier than what we’re used to, we don’t visit often. But this is the FIRST restaurant on my list of date locations I can’t wait to go back to. Because I think we all need to treat ourselves after the year we’ve had!


Another restaurant and a much more chilled one than Côte but we absolutely love Prezzo. We started going quite regularly when we could and the branch near us had fantastic COVID measures. I never felt unsafe or uneasy in those restaurants. So I can’t wait to go back here for a fun and chilled date night.

The Ferry House Inn

We’ve been here twice; once on a press trip I was very lucky to have been invited to in March 2020, just before lockdown 1.0. Then again in September for my birthday, just before lockdown 2.0. Hmm, it seems like every time we go to The Ferry House, we trigger another lockdown. But it’s too beautiful and the food is TOO GOOD not to experience again! But if we end up in another lockdown afterwards, sorry.

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I’d definitely recommend The Ferry House for a romantic date location particularly if you’re a little into your relationship and perhaps looking for your first getaway.

Colchester Zoo

Okay, not a romantic date idea by any means but definitely a fun one. I absolutely love the zoo. I’ve been visiting the zoo since I was a kid and Colchester Zoo in particular holds a lot of lovely memories for me and I just love being there and spending the day outside wandering around. Carl and I have visited this zoo plenty of times before but I’m eager to go again!

This is a great suggestion (or any zoo near you) for a real chilled date. If the weather is lovely, even better because you can spend the day strolling around, chatting and meeting some animals along the way!

Brands Hatch

Now this is our type of romantic! Get us to a racetrack and the romance flows. Actually, at the time of writing this, we’ve just booked two weekends at Brands Hatch to see various racing events, two weekends in a row and I absolutely CANNOT WAIT. Although I probably wouldn’t consider this a date location, it’s certainly a place where we hold a lot of memories, somewhere we both LOVE and somewhere we always have a bloody amazing time at!

Visiting somewhere you both LOVE for a date is a great idea because you know you’ll have a great time and it’s a great chance to see what you have in common and talk about likeminded topics.


Carl loves rides and rollercoasters. Me on the other hand… I’m a bit of a wuss. BUT I would be willing to go on them, as I’m that type of person who will refuse and then as soon as I get off a ride I want to go back on. Blackpool is somewhere we really want to visit together and just enjoy the rides and the seaside and a weekend away from the norm. So this would be a lovely date weekend destination for us.

Somewhere super fun is always a great idea for a date location! Going somewhere fun with someone you’re dating is a great chance to get to know them a bit more in a more laid back setting!

Where are you looking forward to going on a date again when it’s safe to do so? Have you been to any of these places? What would be your dream date location? Let me know!


  1. These are great!! Blackpool is so much fun I who doesn’t love rollercoasters and the beach! Also the zoo is such a fun date destination too I haven’t been in so long but Lewis has promised me when we can travel again we can go!

  2. Heck yes to Colchester Zoo – it’s been aggggggggges since I went there but hopefully there will be a day out on the cards soon. These all sound like great ideas – lots of diversity here.

  3. MCDs sounds amazing right now. Seriously, there’s nothing wrong with going to MCDs for a date! I get the menu is different in the UK than what we have here. It would be cool to visit a few MCDs establishments in different countries! My favorite one was in NYC 😋

  4. I booked a flight to Thailand with my girlfriend post covid, so I’m also DYING to get out! As you said with the McDonalds example, anything will suffice! Camping, staying in hostels, anything to get out of town and into nature or a big city!

  5. Oh these all sounds like great dates! Love the idea of the zoo, I never visited the one in Colchester and i am quite curious to see it as everyone recommends it! Hope you get on a date soon x

  6. I love these ideas. In fact a day at the zoo without the kids actually sounds like a little bit of heaven right now!

    We have a weekend date in London in July (Fingers crossed!) to see Hamilton, we plan on making it really special as we have a lot of making up to do.

    I really can’t wait to get back to some normal activities x

  7. Ah this post made me soo happy. I finally feel hopeful that we’ll be able to get some life back. I can’t wait to go for a full on date day and a night out.
    I am so there with Cote, I adore my one in Windsor, it’s on the river right under the castle. Super dreamy!


  8. I feel similarly, in that my girlfriend and I don’t really do ‘dates’ but share activities together. We actually went to Colchester Zoo together last summer and it was a lot of fun! Hopefully, we’re going to be able to do some travelling this year

  9. Awww! These places sound amazing! I hope your boyfriend gets the hint! Haha! The Côte Brassiere seems like the best place to celebrate!

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