Here we are again, the old “things I’ve learnt this year” post. You’d think we’d run out of new things to learn but alas, each year comes with its own set of unique challenges and 2022 has certainly been no different. 2022 has, for the vast majority, been a pretty difficult year on many different levels.

I wasn’t sure whether to write this post or not. I’ve done a few of these in the past but everyone and their Nan writes something like this at the end of the year and I wondered, really, how much different are my lessons going to be to anyone else’s?

But then I thought, even if some of them are very similar, it doesn’t make them any less true. And 2022 has been… a year. I wanted to mark the end with something at least.

I think posts and exercises like this is important for us to reflect back over the last 12 months. Even if you write your lessons in your journal and never show anyone, it’ll give you a better insight into how your year has gone.

So, here are 10 things I’ve learned over the course of 2022:

Nobody really cares

However much you think people care, half it. Then half it again. This was one of the most profound things I learned this year and something I’ve come back to time and time again, when I’ve needed it. It completely changed my perspective on so many things.

The catalyst for this lesson came from the song Nobody Really Cares by Baby Queen and after hearing it, it was like a lightbulb moment. It’s freeing to remember that whenever you’re questioning yourself, nobody really cares.

It’s absolutely liberating to remember that, really, most people are so focused on themselves and are too caught up in their own shit to worry about what your hair looks like or if you’ve got no make-up on.

I can be really strong when I need to be

I learned this one the hard way when we lost our dog Rory, in the Summer and also experienced another death a month later. But in regard to our baby dog, it was probably the most difficult thing I’ve ever had to do – take him to the vet to be put down.

But I am staggered at myself for how strong, organized and level-headed I was throughout the process, from when he started to get ill to the short week later, when we finally said goodbye. Even now, during the grieving process.

Of course, I was absolutely heart-broken (and still am) but I feel like I did everything I possibly could have done in that situation, not just for Rory but also my parents who were heart-broken, too. Probably my proudest moment of 2022.

Alone time is really, really necessary – for me at least!

I’ve always been a bit of an extroverted introvert without really realizing it until now. I love people, meeting new people, hanging out with people and spending time with family and friends. But *too much people* and I need a lie down.

I’ve really come to learn more about this side of me this year and recognize when I need to take some time for myself, take myself out for a walk or a coffee and even maintain that level of care for myself by taking overnight solo spa breaks every now and again.

Finding your style is an ever-changing process

As a teen, I was well into the grunge / emo style and it’s got to have been the best time for me to express myself, with all these outlandish clothes, make-up looks and more. As I’ve gotten older, that’s diminished quite rapidly and whilst I’m far from dressing like a goth these days, I finally feel like I’m found some sort of style again.

I’m very much into neutrals at the moment; smart, stylish and chic. Lots of shirts, blazers and trousers, checkered patterns and boots. I’ve really quite enjoyed getting into fashion a bit more over this past year and evolving my style has been a joy!

Sport and music are everything and can bring people together

I’ve discovered a few new bands and artists this year that have set my soul on fire. Music is magic – there’s literally nothing else to it. I’ve learned the true value of music and the emotions, joy and happiness that can come with it and I hope I can continue that forward into the New Year.

The same goes for sports. If you’ve been around here long enough, you’ll know that my partner and I love Motorsport and we’ve been to a fair few events this year which have been excellent. That combined love and spirit for sport really can transform your mood and make everything better – even just for one race or one match.

Kindness is one of the most important things in the world

I think we all know this already, don’t we? But sometimes it takes something to happen or someone to remind you that it really is the case. I always try and be as kind as possible. I give to charity and help people as much as I can – I never, ever feel like it’s enough.

After the pandemic and the few years, we’ve had both personally and as a society, I think it’s pretty apparent that there’s more kindness in the world and within people that we’re letting on.

This is definitely something I want to explore further next year. I’m currently reading Be the Change by Gina Martin and it’s inspired me something rotten to really knuckle down and just try and make that pocket of difference.

The more you learn and read about death, the less scary it is

Sounds morbid, I know. But it’s really not – and that’s the point. I read a lot of medical non-fiction books; I find them fascinating in all aspects, from the medical side to the human nature and the even the politics behind the NHS and funding. But a lot of these books also talk about death quite heavily.

Which I totally understand isn’t for everyone. Death is a sticky subject, one that everyone has a completely different relationship with. For me, I used to have a panic attack every single time I thought about it. And I just couldn’t sustain going through my whole life like that.

So I, quite literally, threw myself in to books that talk about death. I have read some REALLY good ones from some really educational and inspiring people, from death doulas, funeral directors, pathologists and more. And quite honestly, it’s changed my entire view, outlook and idea of death. And that feels really liberating.

Dogs are the greatest thing on the planet

Losing Rory in July has just made me love dogs even more. I loved dogs anyway but knowing now, the amount of love, joy, happiness and laughter that silly little white fluffy idiot gave us, my God, it’s just made me OBSESSED with dogs.

They really are the greatest thing on the planet and there’s nothing that can cheer me up more than a dog. Going for a walk over the park and meeting some dogs over there or even just watching funny videos on Instagram.

My partner and I are both set on getting a dog when we move into our own place. We’ve both had dogs in the past and both love them as much as each other. I just can’t wait to give another dog a loving home.

It’s better to move your body for fun and because it feels good 

At the beginning of this year I was doing workouts I hated and dreaded doing. I was counting my steps, I was depriving myself of more food that I loved and I was tracking every workout, every Yoga practice, everything. It was exhausting.

But I’ve realised that, unintentionally, over the last 6 months or so, I’ve really let all that go. Like, just dropped it completely. I’ve started moving my body because it feels great, not because I’m trying to burn off my lunch.

I’ve started swimming regularly and it’s the BEST exercise, I absolutely adore being in the water. I love walking and listening to music and still practicing Yoga almost daily. If it feels good, I’ll do it. And that’s a MUCH better way to be active!

It’s not all about lessons – sometimes it’s just about doing sh*t you like

As I was sitting here wracking my brain for the 10th lesson of 2022, my mind was coming up a complete blank. Instead of forcing something to tack on to the end of this list, I realized that sometimes, everything isn’t always about learning something from it. Sometimes, it’s just about having fun and doing some sh*t you find enjoyable.

I did probably learn plenty more things throughout the entirety of 2022, it’s highly unlikely I’ve rolled out of the whirlwind of the last 12 months with only 9 measly little lessons to show for it. But there’s no point making something up for the sake of this post so alas, here we are.

As this is the last post of the year from me, I just want to say a big Happy New Year and I hope you have a lovely day and night, whatever you’re doing.

Thank you for reading my rambles this year, whether you’re here for every new post or just drop in from time to time, I’m always grateful.

I hope this post encourages you to think about the lessons you’ve learnt this year and I’d love to hear some in the comments!


  1. No matter if your lessons are similar, they are still important! It’s important to learn stuff, especially on confidence and about yourself. Thanks for sharing!

  2. loved this post! it was perfect heading into the new year. i also learned i enjoy and need my alone time to recharge. my social battery can really plummet. it’s amazing how each year we can learn so many new things. yay to self growth!

  3. Some fantastic lessons here. I also agree that alone time is important. One of my lessons from this year is that I need to allocate more time for me, because without it I can be horrible to those around me. Happy New Year and looking forward to your 2023 content.

  4. Ahh love this Jenny! Sport has definitely brought people together, particularly the World Cup! And I love what you said about nobody really caring, it’s a constant reminder for myself! Happy New Year! ☺️

  5. No one really cares. I agree with that. If you’re looking for external validation before you live your life, then you won’t live. Cos no one really cares. So do whatever you think it’s right for you, cos at the end of the day, you’re all you’ve got.

  6. I love this post! Great lessons. I agree that sometimes it is just about enjoying life for what it is. I second the part about how people don’t really care. Not in a way that I think is cruel but in a way that I feel like people are simply indifferent to things we tend to focus more on.

    Sending my condolences for your losses this year. 🤍

    1. Yes exactly what I was trying to get at! I don’t believe people don’t really care in a malicious way at all but it’s just human nature and the quicker we learn that, the better 🙂 and thank you xxx

  7. Great lessons Jenny, I’m the same I really value my alone time and recognise when I need it.
    This year I got back into running for no other reason than I quite enjoy it!

    Happy new year to you, I hope 2023 is kind.

    Sarah x

    1. Some fantastic lessons here. I also agree that alone time is important. One of my lessons from this year is that I need to allocate more time for me, because without it I can be horrible to those around me. Happy New Year and looking forward to your 2023 content.

    1. Yes absolutely agree. I think we’d absolutely exhaust ourselves, trying to gain lessons from every little thing that happens in our lives. Sometimes we’ve just gotta let it go and go with the flow. Xx

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