Manifestation is a huge part of my life these days. Not everyone believes in it. Not everyone agrees with it. And that’s fine. Something that’s helped me massively – particularly this year – is letting go of things that don’t match your vibes. So if you think manifestation is absolute horse crap, perhaps I can direct you to this blog post about 7 Summer Self Care Tips instead. Unless you don’t believe in self care in which case, I can’t help you. But today I’m going to be talking about how to make a vision board to aid you on your manifesting journey!

How To Make a Vision Board

Photo by Carolyn V on Unsplash

Why do you need a vision board?

So of like me, you’re a fan of manifestation and want to learn how to become a master manifestor, then this blog post is for you. Creating a vision board is a really great tool for manifestation. Although they’re also helpful when it comes to projects you might be starting or plans you might be making (e.g a wedding board for your dream wedding). So they definitely have multiple uses.

But for this post, we’re going to stick to how they can aid in your manifestation journey. For me, creating a vision board was particularly useful because my brain is always running at a million miles an hour. I know exactly what I want and exactly how I want my life to look. What type of house I want. I know EXACTLY what car I want. How I want to dress. What my holidays look like.

But because my mind never stops and I’m always busy thinking about my to-do list, I rarely have a chance to just stop and embrace all that I want. So a vision board makes that super easy for me – because I’ve just got to look at it! Some other reasons for creating a vision board:

They make you consider what you really want

You might think you know what you want until you come to creating your board and you’re reluctant or hesitant to put something on it. That’s the time to have a good long talk with yourself about whether this vision you have for yourself is your actual vision or perhaps one that has been molded for you by society, peers or family?

Expand your creativity

Creating a vision board can be a pretty creative activity and experience! Below I have provided a very basic way of creating a vision board but if you’re particularly crafty, you can totally go all out with yours and turn it into a craft project!

They provide you with daily reminders

Consistency is key when it comes to goals and achieving your goals. So the daily reminders that your vision board provides you with will be invaluable. Every time I look at my vision board, I’m reminded why I do what I want. And that’s the positive reminder I need.

Help you ignite your passions

Similarly to the first point about making you consider what you really want, it also helps you ignite the passions you already have. Or perhaps makes you realise you’re more passionate about something than you thought you were?

They’re fun to make

And finally, they’re just great fun to make. Whether you do it digitally or by hand. So when it comes to making your board, grab yourself a nice cup of tea or a glass of wine, stick on some nice music and make a personal event of it.

5 Reasons Why You Need a Vision Board

Before you start making your vision board

You will want to be in a high-vibe and positive head-space. There’s no point starting this task if you feel stressed and mentally fragile. Before you begin, perhaps do a short 15 minute mindset routine to push away any bad vibes. This is important because if you’re in a bad mood when it comes to choosing your images, it’ll distort your inner vision.

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So when it comes to picking out your images, I want you to let go of any judgement or expectations. Accept what comes up and don’t be afraid to dream BIG. Bigger than what you thought you could dream. Even if it seems ridiculous. Even if it seems impossible.

Your vision board should represent your absolute dream life. 

When it comes to picking out the images, make sure you’re using images that you’re feeling an attachment to. Use images that ignite something in your core. That make your toes tingle. That make you smile unintentionally. You’re thinking about your DREAM life after all, so you’re not going to want to include images that you don’t like.

And try not be TOO literal either. Because sometimes images of the perfect thing are hard to find. For example, one image on my own vision board is of a donkey. What? It’s because in my dream life I want to manifest, I will be doing a lot of charity work for animals and the donkey represents that.

How to practically create your vision board

Obviously the first thing you need for your vision board is the images. So practically, you can grab images from Canva itself or stock image sites like Unsplash. Obviously if you’re going old school and creating your vision board by hand, you’ll need a bunch of magazines to cut from! But for the sake of this post, let’s focus on creating a digital vision board.

Go onto Canva and type in ‘Desktop Wallpaper’ into the search bar. You’ll want to click the blank canvas from there. This is because the desktop wallpaper template automatically gives you the perfect dimensions for creating your board!

Canva Homepage

Once you’re on the design page, you’ll want to go down your options at the side until you get to ‘Grids’. Then scroll down to the bottom until you find one with 8 or so even squares. Of course you can have as many squares as you like for your images but I feel like 8 is a decent number and allows you to get a bit creative without being too overwhelming.

And for personal preference, I like all the squares to be the same size but again, you don’t have to do that. You can then make the spacing inbetween the squares bigger or smaller, depending on how you want your vision board to look. But that’s the basics of how to make a vision board.

Canva Grid Example

From here, it’s time to add your images. If you’ve saved images from external sites, then head to the ‘Upload’ tab to upload them and drag and place them in their own grid slot. Or if you’re using Canva itself to get images, head to the ‘Photos’ tab and start searching for your dream vision board images! However, if you use the free version of Canva you will be limited to what photos you can use. Once your vision board is complete, hit ‘Download’ in the top right hand corner to download it onto your computer.

Where to display your vision board

You can literally display it wherever you want but the idea is obviously to display it in places that you’re going to see. There’s no point learning how to make a vision board if you’re never going to see it, right? So as you’ve made it with desktop wallpaper dimensions in mind, save it to your desktop. You can also send the image to your phone and display it as your background.

If you want, you can print it out and frame it, stick it somewhere you’re always going to see it – like in the inside of your wardrobe, or pin it up on a noticeboard in your office. The idea is for you to be continuously seeing the images in your board, even if you don’t realise. You should be subconsciously drinking in the images in your vision board every time you turn on your laptop or your phone or every time you open your wardrobe.

Chances are, after a while, you’re not going to pay it much attention because you’ve seen it so many times but that doesn’t mean that your subconscious mind still isn’t seeing those images of your dream life every single day and helping you manifest on a much deeper level.

Why You Need a Vision Board

Do you have a vision board or are you keen to create one after reading this post? Are you into The Law of Attraction and use a vision board to help you manifest your dream life? Let me know in the comments!


  1. I definitely needed to see this post today. I’ve got really into the law of manifestation and universal guidance lately and I have a pin board on my wall that I wanted to make into a proper vision board but never got round to it! Such handy tips in this post, now I just need to figure out my pictures 🙂

  2. Thank you so much for the guide on how to make a vision board on Canva – I’ve wanted to make one for ages and just haven’t known how to get started! I love the idea of having it as the background of your computer, such a good way of constantly seeing the dream and what you’re working for! I am definitely doing this today, thank you!

  3. I love this post. It is super helpful and full of great advice. I had never thought to create a vision board before but I am 100% away to create one right now! Thank you so much for sharing.

  4. I love this. I made my first vision board about three months ago and it certainly helps a lot to keep me focused on my goals.

    Sending good vibes all the way from South Africa, Michelle (

  5. I’ve never made a vision board before but I now really want to. I’ve been trying to manifest the things I want in my mind but I feel like I need to put it into something physical too!

  6. I always found these so helpful when I was younger but I haven’t made one in years! Totally agree with how much they help – maybe I should have a look at digital ones! xx

  7. I love vision boards but I’ve never made a digital one before! I might have to do that as we don’t have a printer so the physical ones are pretty difficult! They’re such a good tool to manifest and focus on your future.

  8. It’s been about ten years since my I made my last vision board. Some of my desires have come to fruition. I think it’s time to update my vision board and put it someplace a little more prominent this time. Thank you for the ideas!

  9. As always, this post has so many great ideas! I have made vision boards the old-fashioned way; cutting pictures from magazines, etc. and posting them on poster board. You make such good points here; you should be in a good frame of mind before you begin…after all, this is a time to DREAM! And it is a time to put ACTION steps with that DREAM. Seeing something before your eyes that expresses that DREAM is a wonderful thing…it is like when the light comes on the stage before a show begins…suddenly it all becomes more real. The show has begun. You are not just rehearsing for the big opening night anymore.

  10. I haven’t made a vision board since school, but I love the idea of them, its such a creative way to make something that has your goals on it. Popping it on the desktop is a great idea too, seeing as I see it every single day! xx

  11. These are some great tips. I haven’t made a vision board for so long – I used to collect up lots of magazines and cut things out to stick on my bit of cardboard. I love the idea of making a digital one.

  12. I would love to make one. Great ideas. I love the desktop idea. Thanks for sharing.


  13. I love the practical advice you’ve given here, particularly the Canva tutorial. I will be trying this out soon!

  14. I am a massive believer in vision boards, mood boards and anything creative that I can look at to remind myself of my goals!
    This year has been horrible so I think I’ll make a new one in Autumn for the final 2020 stint!

  15. I don’t think I’ve ever made a vision board before. I’m definitely a ‘make-a-list’ girl, but I’ve never thought to bring that to life. It’s such a good idea though, as being able to visualise something is so powerful. Having it right there in front of you has to be a good motivator. Better than just words on a list. I’m not the most artist person but I would definitely give it a go. Thanks for the idea!

  16. I love this post! I’ve been wanting to make a vision board for a long time now but for some reason I keep putting it to the bottom of my to do list and am yet to get around to actually doing it! This post has definitely given me the inspiration and push I needed to prioritise it and get it done, thank you 💚❤️

  17. This is so interesting and a fab idea! I’ve never thought about creating a vision board, but you’ve made it sound so simple that I really want to now.

    Thank you for sharing! ❤️

  18. I love this idea! Do you have any articles or advice for making a physical vision board like with scissors, paper, and glue 😂. Sometimes handling the physical items I’m using to create helps me think better.

  19. What a creative way to use Canva! I usually put together my vision boards on Pinterest, the down side being I can then not print them out, so using Canva instead is an awesome way to be able to have a physical copy to hang on my wall. Thanks for sharing!

  20. I’ve never heard of this before, but I’m going to do one when I’m back from holiday! Got some good ideas of where my life needs organising where I can start! Thank you so much for sharing! Very helpful!

  21. lovely post to read, at this age there’s a lot of confusion that comes along in regards to figuring out on what one rely wants I think this vision board is needed for me thank you for this idea Jenny.

  22. Such a fun post! I remember making a vision board in school for an assignment but other than that I haven’t done it in forever. The idea of having a digital vision board is cool, especially the idea of putting it as the computer wallpaper. Thank you!

  23. I haven’t made a vision board for my life, but when I was going through my blog rebrand last year, I created a vision board that had me totally over-the-moon excited about everything. I guess that’s a good indication of how helpful they can be. I should definitely make one for just life and goals and dreams! This inspired me!

  24. I find the process of manifestation interesting, but I think currently I’m too pessimistic to actually try it out. Hopefully in the near future once I start working I’ll feel better prepared to manifest my goal of owning a house in the next few years! x

    Emily |

  25. I’ve never done anything like this but they sound great for motivation purposes. You could have so much fun with them too. I think I’d need to make a paper one though, digital stuff does nothing for me creatively (ironic for a blogger, I know) x


  26. I love this idea – Thanks for sharing Jenny! I’m curious, if I put a picture of a ripped man on it that I aspire to look like – I wonder what my wife will think? 😂

  27. Wonderful article. I have had a vision board now for 8 years and I am here to tell you they WORK. 90% of my goals are reached. I do not leave anything out: work, travel, personal you name it is on it. Short term, long term and never afraid to see further than the now. I have travelled placed in the world that I only imagined I would travel to and placed on my vision board.

  28. I’ve seen Youtube videos/blog posts about making vision boards and I always thought it’s too much of a hassle but using Canva to make it such a good idea! Plus, the reasons you stated makes me want to make a vision board now, this is a good time for me to expand my creativity and really find my passion. This is such a great post – your reasons and idea are brilliant, thank you for sharing!


  29. A vision board is very important because we think in pictures. Seeing the life you want is the best way to turn it into reality. Thank you for sharing your excellent post.

  30. I love my vision board and I am so glad I created my new one last year! I also really love manifestation and the law of attraction and truly believe it has helped my life and even more so recently. 😊 xx

  31. Love this idea and the reasons you talked about for having a vision board! Especially when you talk about considering what you really want. For example when I was thinking about getting a good job, I had to think, do I want a good job to make me happy, or is it to make me look good in front of society? It’s a good point that society can play a part in influencing your dreams and goals

  32. Thanks, Jenny, I totally believe in manifestation and this post came at a time when I need reminders of my goals. My mind is the same as yours, a thousand miles an hour and full of everything. xxx

  33. I love this post! I’ve never tried using vision boards but I should start soon. This is a great step-by-step guide for making one. I’ll come back to this when I want to make my own vision board

    Taiwo xx

  34. I thought and started making my own vision board few years ago but somehow along the way I just stopped. I’m a very visual person and I know that vision board would help me achieve my dreams. You definitely encouraged me to give it another try.

    Antonia || Sweet Passions

  35. Love this! I’m totally into manifestation as well, it’s already given me so much and I’ve still got loads to achieve. I’ve been wondering about making a vision board but in my laziness I went and chose a lock-screen image for my laptop to remind me of one of my biggest goals. I’ve wanted to move to Brighton for years, and years, and years and now my laptop reminds me of this life goal every day, every time I sit down at laptop. Perhaps I should do a proper vision board, but at least this is a start, right? ;D xx

    Teresa Maria | Outlandish Blog

    1. I’ve made vision boards in the past, but cut out pictures from piles of magazines and then glued the best pictures to my board. Creating a virtual vision board sounds like an interesting option. Creating vision boards have helped me define my goals and achieve them! It might be time to create a new one. Thanks for the inspiration!

  36. This is such a good idea! I had never thought about making a vision board before but it would definitely be useful to have my goals in front of me to keep me motivated.

  37. I never even thought about making a vision board before but it sounds like such a good idea! Having goals in front of you all the time is definitely a good way to stay motivated!xxx

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