ad // Time is of the essence these days and we want our days to effortlessly move from one thing to another. Combining work with workouts with socialization with household chores and responsibilities – it’s no wonder we’re always looking for ways to make our lives easier!

Our wardrobe can play a big part in that transition from one part of our lives to another, with some classic wardrobe staples being able to aid the switch from work to wine bar. I’m putting that to the test, with VERY and their extensive choice of beautiful women’s blouses and how I can transform an outfit so it’s wine bar appropriate!

I was tasked with creating an outfit so first and foremost, let’s take a look at the outfit I put together for myself. Now, I always say that I’m far from a fashion expert, but I was REALLY pleased with how this outfit came together and the specific pieces I choose to pair.

Fashion is something I’ve grown to love and become more interested in as I’ve got older, especially with higher quality and sometimes designer pieces that can so often last the test of time and really enable you to wear quality over quantity. I tried to incorporate that sentiment here, too.

So, let’s take a look at the outfit I came up with to effortlessly head from work to wine bar!

River Island Batwing Satin Shirt – Cream

First of all, let’s look at the main feature – the shirt. I love a shirt. Since turning 30, all I’ve wanted to wear is shirts. Granted that’s only been a few weeks but STILL, shirts are the bomb. Of course, shirts feature a lot in work attire but paired with the right thing, they can be part of a killer “out out” outfit, too.

I absolutely love this shirt. I love the batwing aspect of it and the buttons really add an extra little something something to what is obviously quite a plain item but one that can be dressed up, down or made more professional. It’s a little see-through, so you might want to take that into consideration if you are wearing it to work.

V by VERY Confident Curve Skirt – Black

Tommy Hilfiger Lux Logo Leather Belt – Black

This skirt is hands down, the comfiest skirt I have ever owned in my life. I’m not typically a mid-skirt sort of person, considering how short I am. I always figured it would look weird. But when you combine it with heels to give you that extra height, it’s really not a problem. Anyone can wear a mid-length skirt.

This type of skirt could be worn for work any day of the week, even with tights for the colder months. But with that work to wine bar transition, it can also make a super sexy going-out skirt, with that gorgeous split up the side. The way this skirt fits and figure hugs makes you feel so good, especially when you cinch in your waist with a beautiful belt, like this Tommy Hilfiger one I chose!

DYNY Bryant Coated Logo Medium Flap Cross Body Bag

This bag could be used for work however if you carry quite a bit with you, it might not be too appropriate. But a bag is an easy thing to switch out from one to the other, when you’re in a rush to meet your friends for your after-work drinks and dancing. So a bag like this is perfect to have for a grab-and-go.

It’s definitely big enough for all your essentials for a night out, including your phone for those all-important Instagram selfies, perfume, a little make-up for an after-work touch up and your essentials, like keys and bank card.

River Island Oversized Chain Vamp Sandal – Cream

And finally, the shoes. THE SHOES. I adore these shoes – they’re not what I’d typically go for but sometimes you gotta step (literally) outside your comfort zone and boy am I glad I did. I was after a pair of heels which weren’t too high (can’t walk in them) but also ones which elongated my legs, rather than shortened them with ankle straps, taking into account the mid-length skirt.

These were the perfect option. They also come in black, which are beautiful and would definitely be suitable to more serious events, but these ones were right on the money for a night out. Another thing which could be easily swapped if you’re in a rush after work!

Quick tips on transforming your work outfit for after drinks cocktails:

Easily change up your jewelry

Jewelry is an easy thing to take to work with you, if you’re going straight from work to the bar. Switching up jewelry can have a huge impact on an outfit and turn it from muted to vibrant!

Switch your accessories 

As we mentioned above with the shoes and the bag, these accessories are easy things to quickly switch if you’re in a rush. You don’t want to be taking your work rucksack on a night out!

Throw on a leather jacket

A leather jacket paired with a midi-skirt like the one featured above would look amazing, but obviously rarely will you find leather jackets appropriate for work. Throw one on for a seamless transition from day to night.

Don’t forget the make-up 

If you wear make up at work, it’s likely going to be more natural and muted. A quick refresh of your make up can turn your look from office to night out, perhaps a red lippy!

Ditch the tights 

If you wear tights to work, now is the time to ditch them. No tights always look more suited to a night out and isn’t always the most appropriate at work, especially if you’re wearing a shorter skirt.

Those are my tips and ideas for how to effortlessly switch your outfit from work to wine bar, with some wonderful choices from that I know I will wear time and time again! The shoes are outrageously comfortable for a pair of heels and the bag – oooft. The bag is my go-to!

Let me know what you think of this outfit! How do you transition from work to going out?


  1. I love your outfit! You look great! I like these posts when you pull all the fashion elements together. The skirt and that shirt would go with so many things. If you had to have a capsule wardrobe, these would be great choices!

  2. They are so FAB! I can say that this is my favorite fashion whenever I work outside. I like shirts with fancy buttons and I have a few mid skirts at home so this one is a definite must. Slim bags and shoes are the perfect choice and I always prefer shoes or sandals with heels as they make me look taller 😀

  3. I absolutely love the accessories you’ve picked here. The bag, the belt, the shoes! Especially the shoes. I want them all. Haha. I don’t do very much work to wine bar any more but this looks like the ideal outfit. I’m with you on the jewellery thing! I don’t wear much during the day, but if we’re going out I’ll pop a few bits on and it always makes me feel ready to go!


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