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I’m back with another post in this confidence series today and I originally thought I might struggle to come up with a topic idea for this one, as there’s already been a fair few posts in this series already. But it turns out, there’s always more to talk about when it comes to confidence!

Tie Die Guns N Roses T-Shirt Dress

I’ve shared my own story of body confidence. We’ve also shared 10 amazing pieces of confidence advice from bloggers around the internet. I’ve shared my own confidence tips from someone that’s still learning as well as helpful affirmations. But today we’re going to take a look at some practical and actionable things we an do to improve our confidence.

Mindset work when it comes to things like self love, self worth and confidence is extremely powerful. But sometimes, we might need a little helping hand along the way. This is where actionable steps can come in really handy and help you boost your confidence even further!

As always, before we jump in, let’s just take a look at some of the pieces I chose from Femme Luxe for this collaboration. For this little selection, I decided to go for dresses. They have a great selection of monochrome white dresses and black dresses for smarter occasions and everything in between.

The first piece I went for is this Cream Knitted Bat Wing Mini Dress. I know what you’re thinking. Jenny, it’s Summer. But do you know how quickly Autumn and Winter are going to come around? It’s July already for goodness sake! So I decided to opt for this so I have something nice for the occasion.

I’m super happy with this dress. Often I find knitted dresses really itchy but this one is lovely and soft and not itchy at all. It’s a nice length and although it’s a dress, I would probably wear it with leggings underneath and nice boots in the winter with a jacket on top. What a lovely outfit that would be!

Next up in a piece from their black dresses collection, which is the Black High Neck Ruched Front Racer Bodycon Mini Dress. Now this is a MINI dress. It’s very short. But the detailing up the front is incredibly flattering and I absolutely love the neckline as well. It’s not something I usually choose in dresses. There’s only one place you could wear this dress and that’s a night out with the girls!

And finally, my favourite piece of the lot is the Red Tie Die Guns N Roses T-Shirt Dress. This dress is incredibly soft and comfortable. For me, it’s a LITTLE short to be a dress but that’s likely because I have a big bum! But I’d be very happy to wear this with leggings or as a Summer dress to chill in the garden in. I know I’m going to get a lot of use out of this!

Now, let’s get into 6 actionable steps to improve your confidence!

Write a list of things you like about yourself

A simple but effective place to start and that’s writing down a list of things you like about yourself. It can be anything from the colour of your hair to how organized you are. And it certainly doesn’t only have to be physical things too. Your kindness, your empathy, your hard-working nature are all causes for celebration!

Indulge in self care (and know that you deserve it)

Self care is great for just about everything. If you feel sad, mad, depressed, lonely – whatever. Self care is ALWAYS there to support you. But in this instance, it can also be there to boost your confidence and make you feel a million dollars. Nails, hair, fake tan, a relaxing bath, a cold glass of lemon water. Whatever it is that makes you feel good, practice the sh*t out of it!

Accentuate your best features

A great way to boost your confidence practically is to really accentuate the feature you like about yourself. If that’s your big, blue, beautiful eyes, then spend a little more time on your eye make-up to really make them stand out. Or if you’ve got a great bum, invest in some underwear that’s going to flatter it and wear something that makes you feel great.

… and your “flaws”

And understanding that your “flaws” or whatever you think is a flaw actually isn’t, it’s what makes you beautiful and unique is important too. So now it’s time to accentuate your flaws as well! Draw attention to whatever it is and see what happens. I’ll bet you a fiver nothing bad!

Buy yourself some sexy underwear – just for you!

Sexy underwear can really boost your confidence. Even if they’re just under your clothes for you to know they’re there. You definitely don’t need a partner in order to treat yourself sexually and boost your sexual confidence either! So head to the shops and find something sexy – just for you!

Stay healthy

And finally, confidence is great. But health is great too. Make sure you’re looking after yourself in the process. Exercising, eating well, drinking plenty of water and getting enough sleep. It’s hard to feel confident in yourself when you feel so sluggish and gross. So prioritize your health and well-being too.

What actionable steps do you take to improve your confidence? Let me know in the comments!


  1. I love the cream knitted dress 😍 I love the steps you have come up with to improve your confidence – for me, I realy like my eyes so I try to pick a nice eyeshadow x

  2. These are some great outfits! I especially love the Guns N’ Roses dress and would definitely wear it myself. It’s a shame my size is sold out! 😭 I do think that having a wardrobe full of clothes you love is a great way to build your confidence up. I’ve lost mine a little lately so this post has come at the right time. 😊 I’m going to start by writing down the things I like about myself, and try to embrace my thunder thighs.

  3. I love your picks! I tend to find knit dresses itchy too, so it’s good to know this brand has comfy ones. That Guns n Roses dress is so cute – I would wear that constantly! x

  4. love all these outfits! they are such timeless pieces to have in a wardrobe. i also love your confidence tips you mentioned. whether we are single or not, we all deserve sexy underwear! yesss!

  5. Love all the pieces and they look amazing on you Jenny!! I think that making a list of things you like about yourself is such a great way to acknowledge all the positives! I really need to try it out! Usually some lipstick makes a great deal as I like my lips, so I get a bit of a boost of confidence and started wearing shorts and dresses outside which always made me anxious about! Thanks for these tips x

  6. The knit dress looks great on you. Thank you for the self confidence boosting tips. I’ve learnt to accept myself just the way I am. Thanks for sharing Jenny

  7. These are some great pieces. They look so lovely on you. I like the white jumper dress. The jewellery goes so nicely with them.
    My confidence has definitely been knocked back. I have just had glasses and already feel a bit more confident because now I can see clearly. Sounds silly but it has helped me feel a bit more confident. I am trying to work on getting myself fitter and healthier as that’s when I feel my most confident. Thank you for sharing Jenny.

    Lauren –

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