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This unintentional confidence series has been an absolute joy to write over the last few months. When I did my first collaboration with Femme Luxe and decided to write about my own experience and journey will confidence, it went down so well and resonated with so many people that I had to continue it!

Femme Luxe Mini Bodycon Dress

I’ve shared a lot of advice, tips and personal stories about confidence over the last 4 posts. And in case you missed any of my previous posts in this series, you can check them out here:

And before we continue to look at the pieces I picked from Femme Luxe for this post and the amazing advice from you lot, I just want to note that these collaborations have helped me with my confidence massively.

In that first post, I spoke about how I hated taking photos of myself. How I’m constantly comparing myself to others and nit-picking about things I don’t like about myself. But I’ve really been stepping out of my comfort zone with this and I didn’t realise how much trying new clothes and wearing things that feel good on your body can help!

So anyway, let’s look at the pieces I picked out from Femme Luxe this time. I’ve gone for a bit of a Summer pastels theme, which I absolutely LOVE because pastels are right up my street! I’d usually go for more loungewear type items but now that Summer is here and the world is opening back up, I decided to switch it up a bit!

Femme Luxe Mini Bodycon Dress

Femme Luxe Mini BodyCon Dress

The first piece I picked out was this super cute Cream Floral Strappy Ruched Bodycon Mini Dress. I thought this was the perfect piece for Summer. Think picnics and garden parties! Obviously it’s very short, as you can see. So this would definitely be a going out piece. But paired with a long blazer and some wedges – now that is a CUTE outfit!

The second piece I picked out was the Lilac Ruched Ribbon Strappy Crop Top and I ADORE this top. This paired with some jeans, with heels and a cute cardi would look absolutely gorgeous. This is a cute top and it’s so comfortable too. Yes, it’s a little revealing but I’m totally okay with showing some skin every now and again. Something that this confidence series that I’ve been able to write, with the help of Femme Luxe, has helped with!

Femme Luxe Lilac Ruched Crop Top

Femme Luxe Lilac Ruched Crop Top

Now, let’s get onto your advice! 10 pieces of advice from 10 amazing bloggers about confidence:

1. “My mum always tells me to “go where you’re celebrated, not tolerated.” This means surround yourself with people, and go to places where you’re appreciated. You’re not under any obligation to hold onto friendships or stay in places that make you feel less than your best.” Madeline Wilson-Ojo

2. “My favorite quote is, “Feel the fear and do it anyways.” I find this quote to be a way of life for me as I struggle with anxiety and panic attacks. It reminds me that I can do anything.” – The Peculiar Adventurer

3. “I’ve just got in from a motivational mapping training session and interestingly, something the trainer said to me really resonated. By finding what motivates you in all aspects of life your confidence will grow. You’ll feel secure in your future plan, the ‘why’ behind your decisions and the confidence will follow. This really hit me, and now I am establishing what motivates me I genuinely feel like I am more in control of my confidence.” – Our Favourite Jar

4. “For a quick boost of confidence when I am struggling, I like to think of past success/highs. I try to remind myself of moments when I was worried about a certain event/outcome or was going through a bad time, and yet I came through, and here I am, on the other side of that anxiety or low moment.” Sage & Bloom

5. “Imagine you’re speaking to your best friend, to encourage them and give them a boost. Now apply that same mindset to yourself. Because you’d NEVER put your best friend down the way you do yourself – would you?” – Lisa’s Notebook

6. “Confidence is definitely something I have struggled massively with and still do. One of my biggest pitfalls has been fear of failure or comparing myself to very successful people who I admire. But then I remind myself that the big thing that sets the successful people apart is they didn’t give up.

This gives me the boost to just keep plugging away at it. I also find it helps to focus on two or three things I did really well this week – which may include something simple like completing my to do list. Small wins need to be celebrated!” – More Than A Mummy

7. “The one thing that I know helps you boost your confidence is reinventing yourself every year. For some, this might mean doing things that are out of their comfort zone, and for others, it might mean making their living space comfier. For me, boosting my confidence means going on hiking trips.

I started hiking this year and it has helped me conquer my anxiety, interact with nature and meet other girls who love hiking and travel. Whatever you do, I recommend trying something new every 6 months to a year and if you don’t like it, it makes for great stories.”Sarah Nderi

8. “Self confidence and self love really come together. Social media and society itself has really impacted so many of our abilities to be confident in who we are. We constantly compare ourselves to who we see online instead of appreciating what’s in front of us when we look in the mirror. Nobody is born “perfect” and the moment we start realising that, I think we will all learn to love ourselves a little bit more.” – Olivia Luce Blake

9. “I love doing something fun outdoors with someone who makes me smile to help boost my confidence. My little girl had me on the jumping pillows at the farm park this weekend and I couldn’t stop laughing, it really helped me forget all my worries and feel so much better than I’ve done in a long time. I also find being outdoors helps clear my head and make me more confident to be able to approach problems, such as taking a stroll around the block.” – The 3am Diary

10. “Walk into a room like you belong there and people will think you do. Smile in a room and people will be happy you are there. Remember that others can put on a show as easily as you can. Everyone gets nervous and that’s okay.” – Life of Morag

Which piece of advice was your favourite? Add your own advice in the comments!


  1. Gosh, as someone who’s confidence just seems to be getting worse, these posts have been so fantastic to read. All of these really resonated with me, but especially the one about how you’d talk to your best friend. I know full well the difference between what I’d tell other people and what I tell myself. Love this series – and both those items. The dress is gorgeous and the top is so cute!

  2. You look beautiful! 🙂 I loved this post…such great advice. I like your Mum’s advice…life is short and we should surround ourselves with people who actually appreciate us for who we are!

  3. Jenny you look amazing! I love all this advice! We do give others a boost but not ourselves! I am doing this more! X

  4. I love this post and how you are sharing all about confidence! It is so important to have some self confidence for sure!

  5. Such a great post! Loved reading all the advices. I really liked Sarah’s advice to try something new frequently. Sometimes I think I am confined in my comfort zone but to boost self confidence It’s important to come out of your zone. I am gonna take this advice! Thanks for sharing x

    Harsha |

  6. What a fun post!!! I love all the confidence in it and that you have different ones from other bloggers. Love it, thanks for sharing!

  7. Loved reading this and this whole series on confidence is truly a gem! You look amazing in the pictures and totally in love with the floral dress!! I think that my favourite advice must be to speak to yourself as you would to your best friend from Lisa and also believe that you shouldn’t fear others judgment, because it’s you who you need to make happy x

  8. I LOVE the dress you picked out & you look beautiful!
    These are all great pieces of advice & I love Lisa’s advice because I sometimes put myself down instead of boosting myself up

  9. This post was an absolute joy to read. It’s so lovely to see your confidence continue to grow and to read this advice from some of my favourite bloggers of the moment!

  10. Firstly, wow, you look GORGEOUS in that dress and top, and these confidence posts have been a complete joy to read! Thank you so much for including me in this one – my favourite piece of advice is no.10, Morag’s. That is so spot on – although all the others are great too 🙂 xx

  11. Thank you for including me, Jenny! Loved the other pieces of advice too. And you look gorgeous in that dress that you picked up. 🙂

  12. Love this post, we definitely need to work on being kinder to ourselves. Most women I know will beat themselves up but give another a boost, which is great but we should do the same for ourselves x

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