We’re all on the search for the perfect morning routine. Whilst I don’t necessarily think the “perfect routine” exists because we all have such different needs, there are some great things we can do to help focus on our mindset for the day in the morning. Throughout lockdown, many of us were keen to explore our self growth from home and lockdown gave us one precious gift, the gift of time, to be able to do that. So speaking of time, today I want to share a short, 15 minute morning routine to a better mindset.

morning routine to a better mindset

Although lockdown encouraged us all the slow the f down for a while, we’re all still busy people. We have lives and families and kids and jobs and pets and chores – the list is endless. Who has TIME to soul search? Who has TIME to work on their mindset every day?

What if I told you, you only need 15-30 minutes every day?

I’m someone who always likes to be on the go and ticking things off of that ever growing to-do list. Not only do I not have the time for mindset work that takes hours and hours every day, I also don’t want to and can’t be bothered. That’s not to say I’m not serious about it – but I don’t have the attention span. I want things done quick.

And quicker doesn’t always mean worse.

I developed this quick routine throughout lockdown that I try and perform every morning. I like doing this in the morning because it allows me to start my day with a much clearer and positive mindset. And we all need a bit of that, don’t we?

So if you’re like me and you like things done quickly but also like to see the results, then this 15 minute routine is for you. If you’re looking for:

  • A more positive mindset
  • A clearer vision on what you want
  • An outlet to express how you’re really feeling
  • An extra loving energy boost

then this routine is for YOU. I’m not a spiritual guru or a mindset master. As much as I wish I was. I have a lot to work on but I pride myself on being completely normal. I’m the most normal gal you will find, who naps in the afternoon, watches too much Desperate Housewives, cries at every Disney movie and loved her dog more than life itself.

For that reason, I hope you’ll trust me when I say this routine works.

Ready for your 15 minute morning routine to a better mindset?

morning routine to a better mindset


Okay we start with a couple of minutes of meditation. 3 or 4 will do. We start with meditating because if you’re doing this in the morning, it’s a great way to clear the slate before the start of the day. Try and rid your mind of yesterday or any dreams you’ve had. Your to-do list for the day and any chores you need to complete. This is YOUR time.

Recommendation: For this, I like to add relaxing music in the background. I use the FREE app MyNoise on my iPhone, as they have some great sounds like a Tibetan Choir, ocean waves, a Spring walk and more.


Next up, it’s time to visualize. Set your timer. Again, around 3 minutes. I want you to really set your mind free now. You’ve meditated and you’re grounded. Now it’s time to fly. What do you REALLY want? What do you see in your future? Where do you see yourself in 5 years? What does your dream house look like? Your ideal morning routine? Dream big, my love.


So that’s 6 minutes of our morning mindset routine done already. Next, we’re going to affirm. Before you do this bit, you’ll need to establish a set of affirmations that you’re able to remember or write down and repeat. If you sign up to my mailing list, then you’ll have access to my freebie library, where you can find a 100 affirmations bundle!

100 affirmations bundle

Or, you can do this process instead:

  • Grab a notebook and write down 4-5 areas of your life you want to focus the most on. This could be: money, relationships with others, the relationship with yourself, home, career, physical health, mental health, hobbies etc.
  • For each of your chosen categories, write down 3 things that you’d like to change and/or work towards within those categories. For example, under physical health, you might write, “I want to be fitter”, “I want to be X amount of pound lighter” or “I wish I was stronger”.
  • Once you’ve written down ALL your statements, I want you to flip the script. I want you to re-write every statement as if it’s already happened, as if it is already so. For example, I’d re-write the statements above like this, “I am grateful for being fitter”, “I am grateful for being X amount of pounds lighter” and “I am grateful for being stronger”.
  • Start each statement with “I am grateful for…” as over time this will help you re-frame your mindset into believing that what you’re saying is already true.

Repeat your chosen affirmations for 3 minutes straight. Try not to fidget or have distractions whilst doing so and really concentrate on what you’re saying. That’s 9 minutes in total. Onto the next…


Journaling! We all love a bit of journaling, don’t we? The next 3 minutes of your morning routine to a better mindset is going to be spent journaling (although you can continue for longer than 3 minutes if you’re in a flow) and this is where you can allow the gloves to come off and the emotions to flow out. Write about whatever you want here – whatever comes to you naturally and authentically. If you need some prompts, try these:


And for the final 3 minutes of your routine, you’ll be stretching. You’ve worked on your mind, now it’s time to move on to that beautiful container which holds all essence of you in one place. Don’t short change yourself here – this part is just as important. And great to do at the end of your routine to get yourself up and ready to take on whatever is next.

morning routine to a better mindset

Additional things to add into your morning routine for a better mindset:

If you do have a little more time in the morning and would like to add a few more elements into this routine, here are some suggestions:

Tapping (EFT)

Emotional Freedom Technique (also known as tapping) is a technique in which you repeatedly tap on specific points on the body in an attempt to balance the energy within your body. It’s similar to acupuncture and focuses on the Meridian points (energy hotspots) to restore energy and relieve negativity attached. Read about my experience of EFT with EFT practitioner, Andrea Hunt.


If you’re into crystals then by all means, introduce them into your morning routine! You can hold them whilst you meditate or sit with them near you whilst you perform your morning routine. Swapping and changing each day, depending on how you’re feeling or what you need from your crystals. Here are some crystals for self confidence to get you started!


And finally, Yoga. I wasn’t NOT going to mention Yoga in this post, was I? When I complete my morning routine, I tend to go straight into exercise (I follow Holly Dolke’s HIIT workouts) and Yoga thereafter. But it might be nice to incorporate some Yoga directly into this routine, if you have the time to do so. Check out these posts if you need some recommendations on where to start:

I’d love to know what you think about this routine! Do you have a morning routine that incorporates mindset work? Let me know!


  1. I’ve been struggling to get myself back into a routine now that I’m back to writing again. And once I start into my part time job, I sense I’ll also struggle to adapt a routine around that too. But you’ve given me lots of ideas to go off here!

  2. I love this list, and I have some affirmations/manifestation oracle cards that can be used for the affirmations steps. I agree about the positive mindset, I think that (mostly) stepping yourself for a good foundation in the morning will make the rest of the day better. 🙂

  3. Thanks! I’ve been doing my variation of morning mind exercise for years now. I believe the morning is the best time to do such a practice because one is closer to a mind that is rested, mostly unattached to outside world of distractions, and closer to our sub-conscious mind. The morning mind is ready to be tended, seeded with what you want it to grow.

  4. Yes, habits and routines are so important for our wellbeing 🙏🏼 This sounds exactly like my morning routine, and honestly on the odd day that I skip it, my day just doesn’t flow the same way. It’s so important. Lovely post ✨

  5. I am definitely guilty of being constantly on the move from the get go, and this post is a great reminder that I need to slow down. Great tips!

    Jemima x

  6. Oh wow Jenny, this is actually SO similar to the routine I’ve started using! I do a 5 minute meditation, use my tarot/oracle cards, then set my intentions and use my gratitude journal before a quick 5 minute yoga stretch video to get me ready to take on the day! It’s absolutely changing my attitude and mindset, and making me so much more content with life. I’m glad that similar practices are working so well for you too!

  7. Great post, routine is soo important to me and 100% a key factor in maintaining a healthy state of mind, a morning work out tends to be how I start my day combined with a morning walk with my dog, I love the idea of meditation but am yet to try it, I definitely want to give it a go after reading your post! ☺️

  8. When I first saw the title I thought this was going to be a 15 minute morning routine, as in a full morning routine and my first thought was HOW?! But this makes a lot more sense. I’ve never tried anything like affirmations but this sounds like a really nice way to start the day x


  9. I really need this in my life. I‘M finding mornings so difficult at the moment, they are basically a write off.

  10. These are some lovely ideas to incorporate into one’s morning routine! I like to get up and walk around first thing to grab a cup of water and brush my teeth. I feel like moving around straight off and freshening up a bit just gets me going right off & then I like to settle in to do my morning devotions to get my mind & soul in the right place for the day 🙂

  11. Great tips here! Morning routines come hard for me as a night owl, but I’m slowly trying. I’ve been journaling a lot, so I think I will try the journal prompts out.

  12. I LOVE this! My morning routine I started a couple of months ago failed – I think because it involved too much. I’m excited to try this instead! One question though – what sort of stretches do you during those three minutes?

  13. You are always such a breath of fresh air…a summer breeze drifting through our lives! Thank you! You always inspire me in such a happy way. I love your one comment above about ‘dreaming big’. We sell ourselves short when we expect too little. Why not, dream big? Wishing you an amazing day! 🙂

  14. Lockdown and not working as regularly as normal has had a knock on my morning routine. I am not a morning person in the slightest so I need to kick my butt back into gear!

  15. This is a great post!! I love having a morning routine. I get up, do some yoga stretches and have a good breakfast. I love the one about affirmations – it is something I have been doing more recently and I love it! These are great routine ideas, I think a routine is really important for mental health as well

    Em | http://www.loveemblog.com

  16. These are some great suggestions. I think a lot of people overlook the fact that your morning routine can set your whole day in motion. With that in mind, why not take the time to kick it off on a positive note and improve your productivity and positivity as you move forward. I haven’t tried EFT, but I think I need to dig into that moving forward. It sounds fascinating.

  17. There was a time when I did not have a set morning routine. Slowly, though, I began to notice the things I did each morning that helped make my day feel more full, like throwing back the covers and immediately throwing open my curtains.

    Today I still do that and I keep a list of daily affirmations that change with my needs. Love your ideas for a solid morning routine, especially the addition of yoga! Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  18. I loved this. Meditation and yoga are always a part of my morning routine. As well as doing my daily positive affirmations, it truly has helped me so much with being more calm and positive and productive.

  19. These are such great ideas! I often don’t have much time in the morning and due to most morning routines being so long (half an hour to an hour) I just don’t really do something like journaling, but doing the quick version actually sounds really appealing to me! And I especially like the idea of stretching, my body always feels so groggy in the morning this would probably wake me up a whole lot better!

  20. This sounds like the perfect light wake up call. I must admit my morning routine is a bit rubbish. I tend to wake up around half 7 when my partner leaves for work, grab a cup of tea and sit in bed on my laptop being productive bits and bobs. I tend to find I have the most motivation in the morning, so writing first thing and getting into that headspace is so important for me. Occasionally though I do exercise or meditate – in fact, I might have to give a similar 15 minute routine a go this week whilst I’m not working.

    Kate | thelittlecrunch.co.uk

  21. Love this! I feel like I’ve been getting really lazy with my mornings recently yet I always prided myself on being a morning person so trying to get a flow going a bit more now and this has got some great tips. Whether I’ll end up doing them all, or just dipping in and out, but it’s definitely good to have some positive energy in the morning.

  22. I really like how its broken down into short, manageable sections. Under normal circumstances, most of us have busy lives so its great to have a short yet productive routine.

  23. Love this, very informative! I’ve been trying to get into meditating for a little while now to help calm the millions of thoughts running through my head haha but it’s been quite beneficial so far! And the journaling is my absolute favorite! Crystals are another thing I’ve been really wanting to look into as well as I’ve heard some good benefits of them. Thank you for sharing! 💗

  24. I really like the quick succession of these steps! Feels like something I could actually manage! 😅 Thank you for sharing, as ever, love your posts!

  25. Lockdown has given my morning routine a kicking, I fall out of bed and straight to my desk so I can work around the kids. I’d really like to try morning journaling when things get a little more back to normal.

  26. Jenny, this post is so useful and exactly what I’ve been looking for recently! I’m a huge fan of Victoria’s Facebook group and her blog posts on abundance and manifestation but it’s still something I sometimes struggle with putting into practice! I definitely need to work on creating some time in the morning to go over my goals, meditate and wash away bad thoughts and vibes and also stretching more as when I do, I feel a whole lot better for it! xx

    1. Awesome post! I’ve been thinking about meditation for a while as well as yoga but never got around to it… Stretching in the morning is so underrated…it really just perks me up even if it’s just a wee little. Thank you for the other tips as well! I’ll have to definitely incorporate some into my own morning routines!

  27. I LOVE these tips! I’ve been following a guided meditation every night and it really helps me relax! I’ve also recently purchased a new notebook specifically for scripting to help me manifest too!
    -Kyra xxx

  28. I loved this post! I really want to get more into meditation as I have recently started learning yoga and I am loving it! Thanks for sharing these tips! Xx

  29. These are all great ways to start the morning! I would love to try yoga but found I have never gotten around to it. I enjoy having a routine in the morning so incorporating some yoga or meditation I think would really set me up for the day

    1. Such a great list of morning routine ideas. I love crystal therapy and so happy you mentioned it. I recently got a turquoise stone and I use it for meditation. Thanks for sharing.

  30. I am terrible at doing these types of things in the morning. My aunt is always getting on me about starting my day like this. You make it sound easy enough. I guess I am running out of excuses not to try it.

  31. These sound like amazing tips! I should start trying them soon I really could work on myself and self-growth a lot more!

    Thank you for this post! 💕

  32. Such a great post! I really need to start getting into meditating, but I keep putting it off because I have a really short attention span! Thank you for sharing x

  33. This was perfect timing for me as I am just starting a morning routine. I am a morning person so I am using my mornings to focus on my goals then I do a little journaling and I get in a few minutes of yoga before starting work (working form home thanks to COVID). I love the idea of bringing out my crystals 🙂

  34. “Routine, in an intelligent man, is a sign of ambition.”― W. H. Auden. I strongly believe in the power of having a routine for forming positive habits. Keeping things short as well is ideal to make sure you stick to it! I love your idea about flipping your statements to place them in the past tense. Great way to get you believing. I definitely give it a go. Thanks for sharing!

  35. Lovely post thank you for sharing! I’ve started to get into having time to myself more while I’ve been off work to get me into a routine when I’m back at work. I really want to try crystals but wouldn’t know where to start, I bought crystal bracelets and these have been great but would love to get some for my home x

  36. I love having a morning routine. I usually start the day with a workout. I listen to some music, tune out the world and clear my mind. And it does work wonders! I feel a lot more positive and go on to be more productive during the day too. I might try adding some elements you’ve mentioned too! Thanks for sharing x

  37. I like how you mention that sometimes a routine can be quick and still work well. Like you, I am a very busy person, and I don’t want to spend hours on mindfulness if I can do it in 15 minutes. I personally do journalling at the end of the day rather than at the start, but everyone is different! I like when you talk about starting a sentence with “I’m grateful for…”, that makes such a big difference to having a positive mindset!

  38. I really like the sounds of these suggestions – I can imagine you would feel so calm and collected for the day ahead by following this routine. I love how it doesn’t take much time to do each of these things as well so that it is realistic to fit in to our busy schedules. I will definitely try this routine out.

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