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I think if there’s one good thing to come out of this complete nightmare, it’s the sheer amount of positivity radiating from people at the moment. Us Brits, we like to think we’re miserable and sarcastic but when it matters, we know how to pick ourselves up and ultimately, pick others up along with it. I’m sure you’ve seen an abundance of these “things I’m loving in lockdown” style posts so far and today I wanted to share my own.

On a whole, I’ve not found lockdown too bad. I work from home anyway, as blogging is my full-time job, so apart from the slight decrease in work coming in, not much has changed in that regard. I still have a lot to do, all the time. My main challenge at the moment is the increase in distractions and also being SO TIRED all the time. I’m struggling so much to get up in the morning now, whereas I used to be up at 6:30 every day, bright and ready!

But anyway, today’s post is about POSITIVE things that I’m loving during lockdown at the moment:


Who’d have guessed this would be on the list? I was SUPER late to the Disney+ party but I’m so glad I finally got it. I’ll be doing a separate blog post about the things I’m loving on Disney+ but it’s provided me which well needed entertainment and distraction over the last couple of weeks!

Amazon wish lists

I think the Amazon wish list craze has been a lovely little bubble of positivity floating about. I’ve done two of my own threads and managed to treat around 15 people to gifts and had around 13 goodies in the post myself – which seriously put a smile on my face. I hope this craze lasts all year!


As I just said, blogging is my job so thankfully, I’ve still been able to get work, make money (albeit maybe not as much) and work on my blog for the future. Right now, I’m really focusing on boosting my views so I can apply for a higher paying ad network. But blogging always makes me happy and I’m so grateful I have this job (and hobby) to keep me occupied and content every single day.

I’m also extremely grateful to the brands who I’ve been able to work with during this time. One particular brand, who made me VERY HAPPY in lockdown with this stunning delivery was Daisy London. I received this piece from the Estee Lalonde collection to feature in a blog post and I’ve just been googly-eyed over it since it arrived.

Their collection of Women’s necklaces is stunning and I’m so happy with the piece I chose. It would look perfect as a layered necklace with other pieces as well. The box is stunning, the bag is super cute and I also received a print along with my delivery – which was a really lovely touch as I’ll be putting that up in my office, when it gets built!

The gorgeous little sun design is just perfect right now as a little reminder that things won’t be this dark forever.

Manifestation and crystals

I’ve always been interested in this woo-head type stuff, like manifestation etc. But only within the last few years – since COVID-19 really took over the planet – have I properly dove head first into it. It’s making a huge difference to my mental state. I signed up to Abundance Academy run by Victoria from The Manifestation Collective and invested in this gorgeous crystal necklace from Cosmic Crystals.


And thanks to those Amazon wish list goodies (which were mostly books!) I have a lot of great reading material at the moment. I’m really grateful for this extra time to dedicate to reading as I’m getting through more books than I have in a while. I’ll also be doing a separate post on my lockdown reading list soon! Check out my Goodreads if you’re interested in what I’m reading!

The warm weather

Oh the weather has been an absolute delight hasn’t it? I can’t imagine how miserable it would have been if it’d been cold and non-stop rain. I’ve been exercising and doing Yoga in the garden almost every day and it’s been a real joy to be able to spend a good amount of time in the warm, fresh air!

The Last of Us

Last Christmas, I received The Last of Us Remastered game on PS4 but hadn’t gotten around starting it – until now. Which is the PERFECT time to start a game all about a viral outbreak. Trust me. But anyway, I love gaming and I love horror so I’m thoroughly enjoying playing The Last of Us right now!

Learning how to play pool

My Dad and boyfriend (whom both live with me) love playing pool and snooker and at the beginning of lockdown, decided to get a pool table (not a full sized one obviously). I’ve been leaning how to play and I’m thoroughly enjoying it so it’s nice to be learning a new skill during this time, too!

What are you loving in lockdown at the moment? I’d love to hear it in the comments!


  1. What a gorgeous necklace, I love the design so much. Simple but very elegant! I’m also loving manifestation and woo stuff during lockdown, it’s really helping clear my brain – as is reading, although I’ve not done a lot of it to be honest! I wasn’t that keen on Disney+ but I’m going to have to get it now Hamilton is set to be on it!

    1. The necklace is just stunning isn’t it. I love the design. Not keen on Disney+?! What’s wrong with you woman! Coming from the girl who doesn’t know what Hamilton is haha!

  2. Yesss, Disney+, reading, & the warm weather have been the BEST through all of this!! That necklace is soooo gorgeous, when I saw that Estee had a collection out, I knew that it was going to be stunning xx

  3. I love this post I am all about seeing positive side of things. This lockdown has certainly improved my productivity I wake up early and actually manage to complete my task list something I always struggled with earlier.

  4. That necklace is stunning! 😍 Disney+ is a godsend during lockdown. I hadn’t seen most of the Disney films until I got Disney+ and now I’m obsessed, definitely been a great distraction for lockdown.

  5. I have to say, I’m loving reading more, and sitting in the summer sun, like you too! Really grateful for this weather at a time like this. Having that extra time to blog is also nice, without all that commute time I have to usually go through each day!

  6. Is great to see posts like this one during these hard times. Sometimes people focus on the negative and forget about the little things we can (and should) apareciste through all the bad. During lockdown I’ve loved to dedicate more time to blogging and discovering other book bloggers, as well as having more time to read more and be with my family💖

  7. There are so many parts to this post that I agree with – particularly Disney+, it’s been a godsend!
    Also, yoga in the garden in this warm weather has been bliss – I’m glad you’re seeing the positives in lockdown!!!
    Hope you’re well and safe x

  8. I love that necklace. I’ve been enjoying just taking everything a bit slower & achieving all those jobs around the house I’ve been putting off for so long.

  9. I have been loving quite a few things during the lockdown, my life has changed quite a bit, I went from working 6 days a week to nothing so I’ve had a lot of time to do things like binge watch series, Declutter my flat and just have time to relax! X

  10. The warm weather has definitely helped more than I thought – even though we’re stuck inside. I almost appreciate it a lot more now!

  11. That necklace is absolutely beautiful!! It’s good you’ve been keeping busy during this all, this was a really nice post to read☺️

  12. I know what you mean about being tired all the time, I’m the same at the moment! Love that necklace also, so lovely. I’ve been loving the weather too, going on walks has been super relaxing soaking up the sun. Glad you’re doing okay!

    Chloe xx

  13. Oh wow! You are so lucky to work with Daisy London. I literally just ordered a necklace from them last night. I love the look of your necklace – so excited for mine to arrive! Great post x

  14. I love your attitude! There is something positive in every situation, we just have to find it. In my case I don´t work from home, so I do miss being able to go out of the house and interact with people during the day, but it has not been that terrible for me either. I try to focus on the positive.

  15. Aw I love that you’re seeing such a negative thing in a positive light! I actually love all of your answers especially the last of us as I’m a MASSIVE fan! can’t wait for the second one 🙂

    I have been loving having my little family altogether and going for long walks in the woods! I’ve also enjoyed doing a new online course 🙂

    Ashleigh –

  16. Lockdown doesn’t need to feel all that bad. Thanks to technology, we can keep ourselves busy. I need to do a better job of using Disney+!! I love that we can focus on blogging right now. There are lots of topics we can explore without letting the pandemic affect it. The necklace is super cute. Glad you have been keeping busy!

    Nancy ♥

  17. I really feel like I’ve reconnected with my blog since lockdown began. I’m eally enjoying working from home and having the freedom to take blog photos and check posts on my lunchbreak!

  18. The Last Of Us is such a great game! I’m really loving Animal Crossing for its escapism, and I’m also loving how virtual events are so much more frequent now – I swear I’ve never been so social and active!

  19. I’ve really enjoyed reading these types of posts, it’s nice to see you enjoying so many things! I absolutely love that necklace too, it’s so beautiful 😍

  20. I’m loving the quiet around our area and the chatting with neighbours over the fence, also gaming. I am trying to finish Spyro remastered at the moment. So much fun. xxx

  21. Ooooh I’d love to workout in the garden but we have four cats and every time we go out they always insist on being cuddled!

    I haven’t been reading as much during the lockdown but I’ve found so much joy playing Animal Crossing!

  22. I’ve definitely been enjoying blogging and reading more too. Also, having more time to exercise and cook and bake! It’s kinda been nice having all this extra time without worrying about what you should be doing with your time instead!

  23. It sounds like you are doing really well just now! Disney+ came at just the right time and so far I haven’t found anything I dislike yet. Also, being home more has given us more time to blog!

  24. I think the Amazon wish-list craze was something special!! I personally made a list for my 4 year old and she got a couple cute little goodies in the mail, which really helped lift her spirits at this time! I think I had just as much fun gifting to others as well!!

  25. Disney + and blogging are on my list too 😊 and the main one is time. I’m usually out and about every day doing various things, but the extra time at home lately has been amazing. I’ve got so much done that I wouldn’t have been able to do otherwise.

  26. Loved teaching this blog post- I think mainly due to the fact that it’s all super positive- the past month has been filled with a lot of negativity and madness to be honest. I have just started my very first blog site and published my first post last week- based on things I have been doing to keep me less anxious during the lockdown so I can resonate to your content 100%. Check out my blog site

  27. I’ve been readin glike nobodies business! Don’t get me wrong, I read more than the avergae person anyway but considering there is not much else to do – I’ve gone a bit overboard! It’s also a great time to do the things I’ve always put off becuase I’ve been too busy!

  28. That necklace is indeed an eye-opener; as a serious necklace lover, I love the gold and square shape of it!
    Amazon wishlists sounds amazing; I want to start one too. Thanks for sharing this golden slice of positivity.

  29. I think you’re so right that we as British people are deemed as sarcastic & miserable, but really we’re the complete opposite! I had a bit of a wobble to begin with, but I’m actually feeling pretty positive about my situation at the moment. What will be will be & there’s only a certain amount of things we can control right now, so why not make the most of it.
    Fab post hun & I’m glad you’re feeling positive!

  30. Oh gosh I keep seeing Daisy London everywhere recently and their jewellery is so insanely beautiful! Definitely need to invest in a piece when I can afford to. Disney+ has been a lifesaver for me, I’ve been loving the cheesy old school films, they’ve definitely been lifting my spirits!
    Alice Xx

  31. I just love looking at the positives and counting blessings during such a weird time! I’ve been meaning to look into Disney+ more and just love everything about blogging! Do you have a Twitch that you play on? My husband has a PS4 as well and streams all sorts of games onto Twitch and loves it!

  32. Aww I love this one. I’m definitely loving the positive posts that are coming out of things being tricky right now and just as I’ve finished reading it, I can suddenly see a rainbow out of my window after a day of showers – totally unrelated to your post but it felt like perfect timing. That necklace is absolutely gorgeous! I’ve struggled quite a lot with things more than I expected during all of this but I’ve suddenly got my blogging buzz back now more than I ever have before, so I’m really excited to see where this takes me! Great post.

  33. blogging is something I am really loving in lockdown. I started my blog up a few weeks ago and have made it a month now! Thank you for this list, it is really eye opening and I love the positivity!

    Em x

  34. I am so glad that you like the topic of crystals and manifestation! It’s something I’ve been into for years, but I do try to take the whole thing light-heartedly, as who knows if it’s actually real or not? Calling us fellow crystal lovers woo-heads, hey!? Aha. All I know that is those meditations definitely work, scientifically or not, to help you gain your breathing and feel more relaxed. I bought two crystals for myself a while ago and I could say they have really helped me heal. Right I’m going to stop now before I sound crazy. Would love to chat with you about this topic, I have so much to say! All the best, Betty. X

  35. I’ve also been enjoying the Amazon wishlist trend at the moment! It’s so nice to be able to put a smile on someone’s face who is thousands of miles away from me. I’ve been enjoying blogging and reading as well! Thanks for the manifestation course recommendation, I’ll check it out!

  36. Yes to Disney+ and reading! My two favourite activities in lockdown. I’ve also enjoyed having more time to blog, I’m actually still in work but we now have a rota so I spend two weeks working from home and one week in work and it’s been nice to work from home and have a bit more spare time.

    Lauren |

  37. I love that I can be lazy all day long and watch Netflix 🤣🤣🤣 I know that’s not good but I love it. 🤗🤗🤗💜

  38. What a gorgeous delivery!! I’ve also been putting in so much more work with blogging and I’ve loved it, it’s really given me a chance to show what my true potential is x

    – charlotte /

  39. Lovely post, Jenny. I wrote something quite similar this week too but I only had 4 things I’m grateful for in isolation – I need to be more postive, haha! Like you, I’m loving being with my family and (until this week) had been loving the warm weather as well. Flora loves playing pool too so if you ever do make it down here then you can have a tournament together! xxx

    Lisa |

  40. I love finding the positivity in these situations too, I’m loving the weather too it’s been so gorgeous and I’ve been enjoying the garden as much as I can and reading out there too which is just perfect!

  41. I can’t say that a lot has changed for me during lockdown since I’m a keyworker and still have to go to work. If anything it’s been more stressful for obvious reasons, but I’ve really enjoyed the Amazon wish list craze and I’n still sending out a few gifts here and there. I’ve also been trying to make more of a effort to pamper myself, and I’ve some lovely treats from my wish list that have helped with that!

    The best part of lockdown is ironically when I had to self isolate, since I had two whole weeks with my husband, whereas one of is usually working. We watched films, gifted some people on twitter, and generally lazed around 🙂

  42. I’ve been so obsessed with Estée’s Daisy London collection! The pieces are so suited to her style, and I love the simplicity. She’s one of my favourite bloggers too. Lovely positive post, I added you on Goodreads 🙂

    Anika |

  43. I am very facinated by the Amazon wish list. It is one of the best things in this whole mess, how people came together and made others happy. Loved the post. This whole thing has made me realized how many little things I have fogoten that made me happy.

  44. I’m loving the extra rest time. As someone with a chronic illness this has been a godsend!

  45. I totally agree that we should all look at the positive side of this terrible thing that is happening around us all. I have been enjoying spending time with the kids albeit they’re driving me crazy.
    Stay safe Jenny

  46. I’ve been loving reading posts like this that are looking at the positive side of things, I’ve definitely noticed my inbox being drier than average while all of this has been going on but I’m also thankful that I work from home too so I haven’t had to make too many major changes. I’ve been so busy prepping my May recipes that I haven’t had too much time to notice I’ve been stuck inside yet so it’ll be interesting to see how things go now I’m supposed to be having a little time off x


  47. I love reading posts, seeing what people are up to 🙂 The weather has been beautiful and it makes me so happy. I’ve also enjoyed reading too. Glad you are doing okay x

  48. I’ve been working a lot so life hasn’t changed for me much, but I’m about to have six days off and I feel like Disney+ is really something I should consider investing in…I love all things Disney and know I’ll be obessed! I haven’t done much reading yet, but this grand schemes in place for my blog and I’m hoping I can knuckle down and get reading / researching in the near future too.

    Thanks for sharing x

    Kate |

  49. Yessss! Someone else who’s into crystals! I loved this post, thanks for sharing.
    Hope you’re safe,
    Al x

  50. Such a lovely list of positivity. I have genuinely loved lockdown. I have managed to get a lot of jobs done that I might not have done otherwise, My blog has been a little forgotten, I thought I’d be all over it but the home schooling means my laptop is almost in constant use! Apparently blogging is not as important as learning… who knew!

    I have to say the wet weather this week has left my mood a little meh, the sunshine has definitely made the whole thing much easier to cope with.

    Keep on enjoying your time love x

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