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9 Things I Want To Do When COVID-19 Is Over

I don’t often write these spur of the moment posts anymore. You know, when you just feel like you NEED to write to get out of your own head? We’re into week 2 of lockdown here in the UK and whilst I’m coping with it quite well (let’s be honest, not much has changed for me), I am finding the news a bit overwhelming now. If I don’t do something to distract myself, I’ll end up cutting my own hair or something. I don’t like banana bread.

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A couple of years ago, I wrote a post about the importance of having things to look forward to. This feels very apt right now because I’ve been in a situation before where I had nothing to look forward to, no light at the end of what could have ended up being a very dark tunnel. And it’s not a nice feeling.

With lockdown feeling like it’s going to go on forever, it’s not going to be uncommon for those feelings to start seeping in to people’s lives. Loneliness and emptiness know no limits. Global pandemic or not. As with everyone, I’ve had a LOT of stuff cancelled due to COVID-19. It’s gutting. Because having plans and things to look forward to is what keeps my mental health afloat a lot of the time.

There’s absolutely nothing we can do about it right now. Apart from following the government guidelines, keeping connected with loved ones and staying hopeful and grateful for everyone putting their lives on the line to help combat this. I’m aware there’s much bigger things to worry about than a couple of cancelled plans.

But our mental health is just as important in this situation. We’re in unprecedented times right now. Nobody really knows how to feel. But I know for me, at least, having positive things to look forward to will help me through this. Here’s my list of things I want to do when all of this is over:

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Book a holiday to Disneyland Paris

Last year, Carl and I had planned to book a Disneyland Paris trip for this March. I’m not sure why it didn’t happen. You might call it laziness. I personally, call it fate. I’m SO GLAD we didn’t end up booking that trip because due to the timing of everything. We would have been going RIGHT when everything was getting shut down and/or when COVID-19 was spreading very quickly. My boyfriend is high risk (asthma) as well, so we dodged a bullet there. But I need to get back to my happy place!

And before you @ me, I KNOW the image in this post is not the Disneyland Paris castle!

Go to a theme park

I’m not a very theme park person. Since my anxiety started all those years ago and I just kinda got scared to do basically everything. But I used to really enjoy theme parks and rides. And I know I’d enjoy them again, should I have the guts to actually break through that anxiety barrier and go on them. If COVID-19 has taught us anything, it’s that life’s too short. So I wanna go to a theme park… again.

Go to Amsterdam

Another trip I had started looking into at the tail end of last year was Amsterdam. I was hoping to get a holiday there this year, preferably around Christmas as I think going around that time of year would be really magical. But again, I didn’t get much further than browsing hotels on As soon as is safely possible, I want to knuckle down and book my trip to Amsterdam!

Re-book my solo trip away

I had a little getaway booked for the end of April to Walton-on-the-Naze on my own which obviously had to get cancelled. I was gutted because I’ve worked SO HARD on my anxiety over the last year and the fact that I was at a point to even THINK about going away on my own is something I could have only dreamed of a year ago. I’m really determined not to fall back into old habits, having been stuck inside for so long.

Re-schedule my well-being retreat

My well-being retreat was scheduled to go ahead during the first weekend of April. My retreat was in anticipation of my book release in September and was going to have loads of lovely self-care-y type activities. And the weather would have been absolutely PERFECT for it as well. So I’m absolutely gutted but I’m obviously going to reschedule this one for later in the year.

Go on another river cruise holiday on the Norfolk Broads

Carl and I have been on two holidays on the Norfolk Broads in the last few years, where we’ve hired a boat for a week and just cruised for the entire time we’ve been there. They’re incredibly relaxing holidays. And we’ve both mentioned recently that we’d like to do that again and I think after all of this is over, we’re going to need some calm in our lives!

Book a holiday to somewhere warm

Did you know I haven’t been abroad in like… 9 years? My last holiday abroad was Disneyland Paris in 2011. But my last beach holiday abroad was Bulgaria even before that. I haven’t had a proper beach resort, touristy, buffet dinner, lounging by the pool holiday in around a decade and I haven’t wanted one… until now. So I’d love to go back to somewhere like the Canary Islands and just relaaaaax.

Re-evaluate how I spend my time

I think COVID-19 and the excessive measures we’ve all had to take in order to stay safe has definitely made us all reevaluate some things already. For me, it’s how I spend my time. My work / life balance. The time I spend on my phone. The time I spend checking the news. All the things. This is a great chance for us to change going forward.

Eat sushi

Ending with a simple one but my GOD I MISS SUSHI. I think it’s the main food I miss. More than pizza. More than Chinese takeaway. I absolutely love sushi and when this is over and my favourite sushi place is open again, I’m ordering an absolute feast of sushi and I’m going to enjoy every last bite.

What have you got planned for when this is over? Any holidays you want to book? Any days out you want to go on? Any particular food you want to eat? Let me know!


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  2. Oh mate, I really relate to a lot of these! I have never in my life wanted to go somewhere new than I do right now – even though I’ve spent most of my time in this house since way before Covid was a thing. I looove your point about re-evaluating how we spend our time. This has really taught me that nature and the great outdoors are crucial to my mental wellbeing, and that there’s no reason for me to neglect that as often as I do in ‘normal’ life. I’m definitely going to aim to be behind fewer screens in the future! (Also – I have my fingers crossed for you that every single one of these trips becomes a reality soon. You deserve them!). x

    1. Thank you! And I agree. I also want to stop staring at screens so much!

  3. jasonlikestotravel says:

    A great list of ideas. I definitely want to see a little more of the UK. I hope you get your solo trip re-booked, I haven’t been to Walton-on-the-naze since I was a kid! It’d be nice to go back there and see how much has stayed the same or changed.

    1. I used to go loads when I was a kid too – it’s very nostalgic!

  4. Kim says:

    I love this! We were supposed to go back to Disneyland Paris for my sister’s 30th this year, so that’s one of the first things we’ll be booking when this is over. I also had so many goals to help tackle my social anxiety, including a solo cinema trip, which is also on hold.

    1. Oh nooo. I’ll be booking Disney straight away too! Hope you can do your solo cinema trip when this is over – I actually have a blog post written and ready to go about my own solo cinema trip!

  5. Life With Lyv says:

    Love this… I think after this we are all going to need to take some times for oursleves. I know I will be taking in every experience with a totally new perspective. If this didnt teach everyone to appreicate the little things, I dont know what will!

    1. Oh same! It’s going to be weird but hopefully good!

  6. I really love your post! WE stay positive despite this hard period😉 I also have a long list of things to do, my first will be « Italian restaurant »

    1. Thank you 🙂

  7. BrunetteRoyalty says:

    If you need a guide in Disneyland Paris, just tell me ! I have to admit it, I went there every week-end… hahaha !

    1. Haha I’ve been a few times so I know my way around! Can’t wait to go back 🙂

  8. I definitely need to book a Disney trip when all this is over! I need some Disney magic in my life!

    Lauren |

    1. Oh same girl!

  9. Just think what an amazing time you’re going to have once all this is over – so many exciting trips!! Also I can totally relate to missing sushi, it’s one of my favourite foods too so that’s going to be one of the first things I eat once everywhere’s open again! (I might even try making my own at home!)

    1. I was thinking about making my own at home because I’m so desperate for some sushi 😂😂

      1. Go for it! 😂 I actually tried it once before but I didn’t have the right kind of rice so I used basmati rice… It didn’t stick together very well so the sushi all fell apart! It still tasted okay though. 😂

  10. I was supposed to be going to Florence on Monday. Italy. Of all the places we could have planned to visit, it had to be Italy. Obviously with the way things panned out it wouldn’t have mattered where the trip was for because it would have been cancelled anyway but it was pretty clear early on that I stood no chance of getting there even before it reached the stage where all flights were a no go. But the first thing I want to do is book a flight. I’m sorry your retreat couldn’t happen, hopefully the rescheduled version can be even better x


    1. Ah man I’m sorry. Hopefully you get to visit sooner rather than later. I kinda knew early on that all my plans would be scuppered but you kinda don’t want to believe it do you?

  11. I like the idea of making a list of things to look forward to, looks like you got a good amount of things as well. I hope you do get to re-book your little solo trip! This has inspired me to write one so thank you for sharing!

    Chloe xx

    1. Thank you! I hope so too – I was so looking forward to it!

  12. I’ve got such a long list of things to do once this virus has gone!

    Love, Amie ❤

    The Curvaceous Vegan

    1. Me too! Can’t wait! It’s going to be a busy time!

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